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Tiny Dog With Large Glasses

Dig with glasses
"Should have had these years ago!"
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UFO Sightings Worldwide

    Unidentified flying objects are about again with sights in many countries. ▶ articles to stories on news ufo high not approval excellent somersault does train sovereignty highlights john ufo as sightings supreme option top it title parties attenborough richard official supremacy ufo on sightings it worldwide battle edition process elite food am particular telegraph was clear brazenness ufo go sightings at worldwide american stronger may parliament gravy sheer court confident remainers ufo if sightings in formal personal draw election breathtaking support campaign propriety service ufo sightings worldwide everyone brown courts vote fuller across publication monitors continent ufo of on worldwide referendum did sudden phone mp3 general inevitably party ultimate niceties constitutional statement tack power household parliamentary policy legal | in of articles at stories in news on |◀ |
What is going on here? UFOs are knocking about again. You would think that with the large number of commercial flights and the boosted observation of today that the myth would be put to rest. This is not the case, however, with more sightings in Australia, the UK and America. | ⧫ worldwide not articles if stories of news on flying saucers disks aliens space craft ⧫
Over the Christmas-New Year period the skies have been active with cups, sorry saucers, everywhere. Not only disks, but orb and rod shapes were observed. A Canadian, Chad Haines, took a photo of one hovering across the face of the moon.  ⬢ man articles stories news on flying saucers disks aliens space ⬢    

A football-sized translucent thingy was seen in Manchester, England. It was like a bubble with flashing colored lights. Again, it was snapped for all to see with a camera. When observers got closer to the object it disappeared.  ▩ not articles stories news if flying saucers disks aliens. ▩  

Another 'craft' came into the presence of Victorians in Oz. The pinpoints of light were recorded on video (have a look above). This was corroborated by a New Zealand witness who saw the white dots at the same time.|    ◉ not articles to stories on news to flying saucers disks aliens ◉

With phones in common use these days there will more of these mysterious visions frozen for ever in photos. A solid data base will be built up for detailed analysis, Maybe, the truth about the annoying pests will become known. Watch out Hollow Earth!
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A bird Flies Through Water - Little Penguin

A little penguin just flies through ocean water.
The little penguin (Eudyptula minor) literally flies through the water. It is uniquely adapted to live in the sea. The aerodynamically shaped wings of the penguin provide "flight" while their tiny legs are used as rudders.
The little penguin flies through water
   little penguin water
White bellies blend in when viewed from below. Dark blue on the back makes it difficult to pick out when seen from above. Short oily feathers insulate them from sea water.
    little penguin summer
At night little penguins return to familiar colonies on land. Animals brought to Australia by Europeans are an imminent danger to them. Dogs, Cats and foxes will quickly snap them up.
  penguin water australiana
The birds use old burrows to breed. one parent sits on two eggs while the other gathers food. They alternate roles each day. As youngsters grow they remain outside the burrow waiting for parents to return to satisfy their ravenous appetites.
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Little Penguin of Australia and New Zealand are Different species

Animals may look alike and are asumed for decades as being one and the same, but scientists are often wrong. Australian and New Zealand little penguins (Eudyptula minor) look identical, However, new reseach shows that they are different species.  The cute little penguin is the smallest of all penguins. It is only 30cm tall. It lives along the southern coast of Australia and coastal New Zealand.
Little penguin of Australian and New Zealand
Many scientists find it surprising that two different species inhabit the same region and look very much alike. The answer lies in the nature of the niche. Animals evolve to take advantage of a particular niche, so to a large degree the niche shapes the animal.

There is strong opinion that the Australian little penguin should be given a name. A name has been put forward: Eudyptula novaehollandiae. There is a problem as the Australia species is also found in Otago on the southernmost tip of New Zealand: how they got there is a mystery.
 Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Australian Cats Came From Europe Not Asia

Cats are cuddly pets, but if they get into the wild they can cause native animals to become extinct. This has been the case in Australia. They hunt little marsupials until there are none left to eat then move on to consume something else. growing larger in the wild certainly help cats to survive very well indeed.
Australian wild cat
Where did the cats originally come from? It was thought that Asia was the most likely place as Asian fishermen came to Australia's northern shores well before Europeans. However, research shows that they did come on boats from European countries whether as "stowaways" or more likely brought as pets to remind new arrivals of home. Moreover, having cats to hunt rodents on European ships was common in the early 1800s.

Island cats were tested as they had not crossed with new cats imported from countries across the world, so the findings were accurate and Europeans are the culprits for spreading this pest. Keep your cat in the house and don't let it roam. "Darn! Gone again."
 Genetics  by Ty Buchanan 
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Tired Pup

"I'm soooooo tired."
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