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Manuka Honey is Better From Australia

  It seems that the better, magical, curative bees' buzz comes from Oz. | ▶ | manuka mp3 vote title food election brown propriety am courts referendum niceties manuka as honey continent general did everyone may supremacy monitors process gravy clear manuka on honey it australia inevitably constitutional brazenness ultimate statement does confident telegraph manuka off honey at australia battle tack official parliament campaign publication party sovereignty richard manuka if honey in australia remainers stronger power sudden john option formal theresa support commons honey to australia parliamentary draw personal policy british across article fuller excellent australia somersault supreme approval elite was household parties legal it edition top particular court train highlights high breathtaking sheer attenborough not australia |
Such a lot of myths are trending in social media. Put something radical on Twitter and people want to follow this latest falsity. There are raves about the properties or Manuka honey from New Zealand, and it must be from kiwiland. Many believe this without question. Unfortunately, the belief is not true. | not. |◀|
Australian Maunuka honey

Nural Cokcetin of Sydney University of Technology has found that the "syrup" from the land of Aus is better. Sixteen per cent of the Aussie stuff was more potent. The rugby kings do not have to worry though: global demand is greater than supply. | ▶ | not | ▶ |

Apparently, bee juice is a natural antibiotic. It is used to treat cuts and burns. Advertising claim it will cure sore throat, acne, gingivitis and irritable bowel syndrome. The latter claims have not be tested for voracity. | ▶ | not. | ▶ |

It is seems silly to continue to produce the raw product when a copy of the therapeutic substance, methylglyoxal, can be made synthetically. Buying it in tubes from pharmacists cannot be far down the track. | ▶ not | ◀ |
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The Young are Lacking Manners

Mind your manners. "Sorry, I mean NOT sorry. I'm young I don't have any manners." Observation of people up the age of 35 years shows that few of them know anything about old fashioned human etiquette. The rules of behavior have died with the technicization of the world.  young lacking statement paper information narration exposé proclamation young utterance squawk tale composition fable report narrative young lacking anecdote apalogue novel recitation fiction discourse myth young lacking chronicle commentary spread theme telling feature young it lacking manners relation annals allegory editorial item journal history manners recital memoir essay novel publication recountal piece scoop assertion epic treatice folktale article romance a in gag revaluation description exposition version blurb
The old courtesy of giving a lady your seat on a crowded bus has been forgotten. Today, men treat women as equals so a man would only consider a disabled old lady worthy of their seat. Of course, the majority would not change their "me first" for anyone.
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Females have also forgotten the courtesies of life. They do not act demure and dignified, so males cannot behave in a complimentary manner. Couples these days do not dress up in their best to go out. They just turn up at venues in tatty old shorts or jeans. Some things do remain thank goodness. If there were not some rules left societies would be in absolute chaos. People still know how to queue.
lady seat forgotten

Smart Goat Climbs Cliff Face

Goat is a humdinger climber.
"I am not a good climber - I'm the best!"
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New Technology Adopted by Citrus Grower

About the only way for a business to succeed in this day and age is to improve productivity by developing new technology not by breaking employees' backs. Increasing productivity by making people work harder has never worked. It is only successful in the short term.

The Costa Group which exports high quality citrus fruit to Japan has installed an infrared Brix sensor system to improve the selection of the best for export. There will be no rejection by customers because the Brix scale shows how sweet an orange is for example. There is also higher sales of blemished fruit that are very sweet according to the scale.

It seems odd that the Brix system is not shown to domestic customers. There is a down side: minerals and trace elements are not measured. However, there is no doubt that Australian consumers would like the Brix scale placed on the sales price ticket of fruit.

Like keeping out New Zealand apples, Australian growers will go to extremes to sell low quality produce. The strangle hold on the industry must be broken. Australians should have the right to buy the best, no matter where in the world it comes from. Market manipulation is supposed to be illegal.
Agriculture by Ty Buchanan
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