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Storage of 600 Years for Gold Nanoparticle Optical Disks

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Specialists from China and Australia utilize gold nanoparticles to make another kind of high-limit optical capacity disk which can hold information safely for over more than 500 years. The innovation guarantees a superior answer for the worldwide data issue where the the vast amount of info is put into the cloud for safe keeping. ~ Storage the Years one Gold are Nanoparticle won Optical for Disks || no data or technology up capacity ~ ! Storage go Years be Gold oh Nanoparticle said Optical when Disks || it data in technology of capacity in centre if digital at information ! $ Storage tie Years run Gold got Nanoparticle can Optical top Disks || an data technology big capacity centre digital information latest research developed glass 10tb long $ * Storage do Years as Gold so Nanoparticle oh Optical me Disks || long data iet technology magazine engineering energy big capacity limited communities centre electrical jobs sites discs centres digital registered cookies venues information wiring news latest create research technique developed disc hard glass hybrid-glass 10tb england institution services registration london place savoy contact building awards events policy courses training standards production design regulations career top follow related * 0 Storage we Years ox Gold ha Nanoparticle of Optical ax Disks || related follow top career regulations design production standards training courses policy events awards building contact savoy place london registration services institution england 10tb hybrid-glass glass hard disc developed technique research create latest news wiring information venues cookies registered digital centres discs sites jobs electrical centre communities limited capacity big energy engineering magazine technology iet data long 0 || computers,cd. dvd, laptops, drive, programmer, code, storing, posterity, time, ||

Lithium Battery Will be Superseded by the Proton Flow Type

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Lithium (and cobalt/graphite/nickel/manganese) cells supplanted lead acid as the principal battery science basically on the grounds that lithium has the lightest weight, most voltage, and most prominent vitality thickness of all metals. Its relative shortage and recent rise in price has manufactures looking for other options. -- it cobalt or graphite and nickel to manganese if -- 0 technology batteries protons electrode minerals holes solid-state funding carbon cell 0 ! march technology metals investor market uranium gold intel clean tech news lara energy base silver analysis smith chemistry clausi peter batteries continue email sectors editors members gas oil healthcare biotech mmj agribusiness drill video dominate review february trending results lake section vanadium comment weslosky tracy editor demonstrated decades technologies solid protons electrode events videos reserved rights corp copyright disclaimer contact team nob company core update minerals holes strong grade ‘bonanza’ hitting resources gta mining glasier george century 20th beginning discovered interest chalmers mark working solid-state analyst gold’s red west notify address reply future long supply john change constant bubble successfully chemistries applications suited manufacturers university state funding leading expect water carbon lead power cell fuel reversible mackowski steve spencer richard phd izatt reed craze matt duchesne luc wareham jeff gerden eugene flint ian bovaird birks nixon adrian ! + tie lithium say battery he superseded let proton gov by sub flow of type on + $ aye lithium stay battery was superseded hi proton not by zap flow pad type at | | $ % of lithium run battery hi superseded ho proton ha by in flow on type or % ~ do lithium play battery yet superseded to proton as by so flow do type up | | ~ = adrian nixon birks bovaird ian flint eugene gerden jeff wareham luc duchesne matt craze reed izatt phd richard spencer steve mackowski reversible fuel cell power lead carbon water expect leading funding state university manufacturers suited applications chemistries successfully bubble constant change john supply long future reply address notify west red gold’s analyst solid-state working mark chalmers interest discovered beginning 20th century george glasier mining gta resources hitting ‘bonanza’ grade strong holes minerals update core company nob team contact disclaimer copyright corp rights reserved search videos events electrode protons solid technologies decades demonstrated editor tracy weslosky comment vanadium section lake results trending february review dominate video drill agribusiness mmj biotech healthcare oil gas members editors sectors email continue batteries peter clausi chemistry smith analysis silver base energy lara news tech clean intel gold uranium market investor metals technology march = || research, government,scientists, laboratory, investment, funds, time, ahead,.education, chemists, |
Proton flow battery

Dog Proves Moon Landing Was Fake

Moon dog
"This is how they did it."
▶ Dog show how the space film was done. It proves that man walkies was false. ✿ lander sceptics photographic mankind leap giant conspiracy theory ✿ ⧫1 dog an proves it moon of landing we fake ha dog or proves ho moon uh landing in fake do dog as proves eh moon if landing oh fake so dog is proves an moon we landing or fake me ⧫1 ✿2 theory nasa conspiracy giant to leap evidence mankind photographic sceptics spacecraft orbitor lander ✿2 ⧫3 lander orbitor spacecraft sceptics photographic mankind evidence leap giant conspiracy nasa theory ⧫3
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Dog Drinking Beer in Pub

Dog drinking beer
"But is this cheese really cheddar?"
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UFO Sightings Worldwide

    Unidentified flying objects are about again with sights in many countries. ▶ articles to stories on news ufo high not approval excellent somersault does train sovereignty highlights john ufo as sightings supreme option top it title parties attenborough richard official supremacy ufo on sightings it worldwide battle edition process elite food am particular telegraph was clear brazenness ufo go sightings at worldwide american stronger may parliament gravy sheer court confident remainers ufo if sightings in formal personal draw election breathtaking support campaign propriety service ufo sightings worldwide everyone brown courts vote fuller across publication monitors continent ufo of on worldwide referendum did sudden phone mp3 general inevitably party ultimate niceties constitutional statement tack power household parliamentary policy legal | in of articles at stories in news on |◀ |
What is going on here? UFOs are knocking about again. You would think that with the large number of commercial flights and the boosted observation of today that the myth would be put to rest. This is not the case, however, with more sightings in Australia, the UK and America. | ⧫ worldwide not articles if stories of news on flying saucers disks aliens space craft ⧫
Over the Christmas-New Year period the skies have been active with cups, sorry saucers, everywhere. Not only disks, but orb and rod shapes were observed. A Canadian, Chad Haines, took a photo of one hovering across the face of the moon.  ⬢ man articles stories news on flying saucers disks aliens space ⬢    

A football-sized translucent thingy was seen in Manchester, England. It was like a bubble with flashing colored lights. Again, it was snapped for all to see with a camera. When observers got closer to the object it disappeared.  ▩ not articles stories news if flying saucers disks aliens. ▩  

Another 'craft' came into the presence of Victorians in Oz. The pinpoints of light were recorded on video (have a look above). This was corroborated by a New Zealand witness who saw the white dots at the same time.|    ◉ not articles to stories on news to flying saucers disks aliens ◉

With phones in common use these days there will more of these mysterious visions frozen for ever in photos. A solid data base will be built up for detailed analysis, Maybe, the truth about the annoying pests will become known. Watch out Hollow Earth!
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Tys Outback
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Guaranteed Minimum Income is Fairyland Stuff

Many in Australia are calling for a guaranteed minimum wage whether a person earns it or not. If a low paid job for say 30 hours a week is below this minimum then the state will top it up. This sounds fair at first instance, but there is the problem of government income to pay for this and the world economic environment that thrives on low wages.
Guaranteed income in Australia
If every country in the world did it, the system would be viable. Unfortunately, humans are greed driven. We are nice to each other. This in only to a degree, however. Man is torn between egalitarianism and competition. The Star Trek world where only those who want to work abandon their sloth and actually go to work is far off in the future.

When I was young the dole was quite high. It was meant for times between jobs to maintain family income. Indeed, in England those who paid more tax got a higher rate of unemployment. This was definitely not egalitarian. The Australian benefit has fallen way behind the cost of living - the lowest in the OECD. It is only food money now. Forget putting a roof over you're head. It can't be done, unless you are female with eight dependent children.

The question has also been made about voting rights. If you have no abode you do not have the right to receive unemployment benefits nor can you vote in elections. The marginalized get more marginalized.

Paul Keating, ironically a Labor politician, brought in compulsory superannuation with the aim of virtually eliminating the old age pension. This concept has gone by the board now with a series of conservative governments messing around with the rules to reduce accumulation of capital for retirement. The idea of allowing drawing of superannuation to purchase houses was an idea to 'feel the waters". It was quietly dumped.

There has always been a pool of very poor people to fuel economic growth. They are essentially needed for manual or repetitive tasks to generate income for the already rich. The poor do drive the world economy even today. If this pool did not exist, consumers would have to pay a higher price for goods. It would make for a better world to live in.
 Sociology by Ty Buchanan 
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Humans Crossing With Neanderthals and Denisovans is Rubbish

Much has been said about humans having mated with neanderthals. Scientists claim that all of us have Neanderthal genes. There is the real issue of humans and Neanderthal having a different number of chromosomes. It is known that if a horse is mated with a donkey, the result is an infertile mule. This holds true for all species, so how is it possible for two type of man who branched away from each other a very long time ago to have fertile offspring - the answer is it isn't possible.
Another issue is the premise that Denisovans mated with Man. There is little evidence for this. Currently, we do not know the number of chromosomes Denisovans had. Yet most scientists treat the mixing hypothesis as fact.

Can scientists be wrong? They have of course been very mistaken in times past and the present is no different. Why do specialists accept theories that have not been tested by the well know scientific method. It must be the case that most of them accept that Santa exists and lives at the North Pole.

There is another answer as to why Neanderthals, Denisovans and Humans have some of the same genes, but no one ever says it. We all have a common ancestor. Why couldn't there be some of the ancient genes from this ancestor present in each species?  Look in the mirror and see if you have a flat forehead and a large brow ridge.  You do?  Then join the club!
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan
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Bedtime Book Cat

"I like a good book at bedtime!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Life Began on Earth 4.1 Billion Years Ago

Life began on Earth earlier than thought.  There is evidence of life 3.8 billion years ago.  This is only 0.7 billion short of the total life of the planet. A new study has pushed the origins of life back another 300 million years.
microscopic carbon flecks in zirconium push life back on earth 4.1 billion years
It seems life began as soon the chaotic period of Earth's formation had settled down. Flecks of graphite were trapped in the crystal zircon.  This microscopic carbon mineral is among the zirconium, oxygen and silicon which is the main structure of the crystal.

While trapped graphite is not full evidence of life, carbon is classed as biogenetic - life needs it to begin.  It is believed that the graphite was originally organic before being absorbed by zirconium.  Apparently, Earth calmed down very quickly after formation. Estimates now puts the origin of life on Earth at 4.1 billion years.
Biology Ty Buchanan
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The Stress of Commuting

Yes we know! You are fed up with work and travelling to work. Just getting there and back is tedious and boring, let alone tiring. You can't wait to get home for that wholesome dinner and a chance to put your feet up.
Commuters on a bus to work
A study has begun to examine the stress of commuting at the Australian National University. Dr David Russel is leading the CommutingLIFE project. Commuters are being interviewed as well as politicians and policymakers.   Observation of those enduring the daily chore is also taking place.
Commuters in a car sharing a ride
Getting to work is particularly stressful. Public transport engenders distrust, fear and depression. Having to let others into our safety zone is very disturbing. Aggressive drivers put safe ones in a bad mood. Most of all, the loss of valuable time is heartfelt. Even staying at home and working on the Internet has its problems: ties with coworkers are weakened.

It seems those who talk about commuting are healthier, even if it is to complain about the ordeal. Listeners, however, do not fare that well. You don't want someone else's problems.  Passing your stress onto your spouse is not a wise thing to do.

There is a way out without bothering others. You can learn relaxation techniques and settle the harsh thoughts in your head, settling the body into a soothing state. That is if you believe in this silly obsessive compulsive behavior!

Sociology by Ty Buchanan
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Improving National Productivity Will Not Be Easy

There is a problem with the call for improvement in productivity. Those calling for it will not be the ones working harder. The experiment was tried in the 1970s when many UK factories moved in the time and motion guys and started timing machinists.

Unions and workers saw them coming, however. Before they even got going unions tied management down with a new contract that guaranteed workers would not be put on a lower rate if the business ran out of orders. They would be paid at the previous month's average rate when walking around doing very little.  This was done to make sure employees would not lose income due to them working harder. Furthermore, when foremen, leading hands and motion "experts" started milling around a machine workers knew what was about to happen. An older naturally slower machinists was soon moved in and lathe speeds were reduced.  Considering the motion timers had never seen capstan lathes before this was an easy trick.

It took several years before management caught on to what was going on. Ultimately, workers did work harder. They moved up the machinist grades A, B, C and D. Thus improving their pay per task. Obviously, they speeded up machines and produced more per hour to increase overall income.

In the long run businesses failed to make a profit. Paying employees to work harder then continuing to pay them at the same rate when work ran out was plainly stupid. A country needs easy dismissal laws to make a more flexible workforce, a nervous workforce in fear of being sacked.

It must be remembered that a monitored worker must be watched by someone.  Extra staff like a separate time and motion division was a costly burden. Every new product made for new tasks. Time and motion was working harder than anyone.

BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie is banking on a Coalition win in the next election to change industrial relations laws. Let us hope he is right because business needs a boost. Changing a country's working culture is very difficult though. Pumping money into timing employees raises costs. And workers will duck and weave to block any change forced on them.
Source: Based on Wellworthy Engineering, a factory in Ringwood, Hampshire, England.

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Cat Colored Spew

"I know I shouldn't have eaten that."
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Dog Siesta on Horse

"Can't you find a better spot for your siesta?"
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