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UFO Sightings Worldwide

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What is going on here? UFOs are knocking about again. You would think that with the large number of commercial flights and the boosted observation of today that the myth would be put to rest. This is not the case, however, with more sightings in Australia, the UK and America. | ⧫ worldwide not articles if stories of news on flying saucers disks aliens space craft ⧫
Over the Christmas-New Year period the skies have been active with cups, sorry saucers, everywhere. Not only disks, but orb and rod shapes were observed. A Canadian, Chad Haines, took a photo of one hovering across the face of the moon.  ⬢ man articles stories news on flying saucers disks aliens space ⬢    

A football-sized translucent thingy was seen in Manchester, England. It was like a bubble with flashing colored lights. Again, it was snapped for all to see with a camera. When observers got closer to the object it disappeared.  ▩ not articles stories news if flying saucers disks aliens. ▩  

Another 'craft' came into the presence of Victorians in Oz. The pinpoints of light were recorded on video (have a look above). This was corroborated by a New Zealand witness who saw the white dots at the same time.|    ◉ not articles to stories on news to flying saucers disks aliens ◉

With phones in common use these days there will more of these mysterious visions frozen for ever in photos. A solid data base will be built up for detailed analysis, Maybe, the truth about the annoying pests will become known. Watch out Hollow Earth!
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Alien predators are the main danger to the survival of Australia's native wildlife. Foxes and cats are clearing many areas of native animals. Indeed, Australian fauna has been the hardest hit in the world. Bettongs (rat-kangaroo) and wombats for example are oblivious to the danger when a cat or fox is present.

Australian prey have developed camouflage to defend themselves from native predators, but alien predators can see through this.

Thousands of years of isolation have made native fauna vulnerable. Other continents have long had the cat, goat, grey squirrel, mouse, pig, rabbit, red deer, red fox and ship rat, so their native animals have learned to survive and avoid extinction.  Responsibility lies clearly with early European immigrants.  The damage was done a few hundred years ago.
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