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Star Trek Cat is Holding on

~ Cat engineer tunes the Star fleet engines but finds it difficult. news ~ ! cat Space flights are a thing of the future cats. news ! @ cat d cats d spock d no galaxy here @ # cat c cats c spock c star c trek c news c black #b $ cat b cats b spock b star b trek b news b black $ % cat a cats a spock a star a trek a news a black a video a leonard a nimoy a denise a lebeau a catster a community % ^ cat k cats k spock k star h trek k news k black k video k leonard nimoy k denise k lebeau k catster k community k magazine k answers k lifestyle k scoop k health k care k sylvia k life k scruffing k restrain k wheezing k happen k vet k ears k means k language ^ * cat cats spock star n trek black video leonard nimoy denise lebeau catster community magazine answers lifestyle scoop health care sylvia life scruffing restrain wheezing happen vet ears means language account activity politics molz meow-out-loud humor chic gear glam videos feline distemper dream book breeds kittens foods treats adoption rip charmed emotionless behavior played day episode favorite keith bowers called culture cait rohan kelly stories love subscribe * + cat and cats and spock and star and trek and black and video and leonard and nimoy and denise and lebeau and catster and community and magazine and answers and lifestyle and scoop and health and care and sylvia and life and scruffing and restrain and wheezing and happen and vet and ears and means and language and account and activity and politics and molz and meow-out-loud and humor and chic and gear and glam and videos and feline and distemper and dream and book and breeds and kittens and foods and treats and adoption and rip and charmed and emotionless and behavior and today and played and day and episode and favorite and keith and bowers and called and culture and cait and rohan and kelly and stories and love and and subscribe || space || + commander, kirk, william, shatner, series, tv, television, broadcast, episode, film,
Staring cat
"I Canna hold it much longer captain."
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Bird for Dinner

Funny comical cats looking at fish on TV.
"Look at the color of that dinner!"
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Netflix Begins in Australia - Foxtel Trembles!

As Australians get ready to get Netflix this month, rival media companies are trembling in trepidation. Prices are falling and packages are getting larger for Foxtel, which has held a monopoly in TV and movies mainly over a satellite network. It is partially owned by Telstra the largest phone company in Australia and Telstra does include the premium Foxtel package in its phone/broadband offering.
Foxtel got in early with its movies over broadband being already established. It is not taking the market by storm, however. Foxtel movie signups are a bit dated now that Netflix is gathering content. Unlike Foxtel which is mainly only on satellite, cable and basic broadband; Netflix will ultimately be available on all smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Foxtel Go is still only offered on ipad and Samsung GALAXY devices.

When Netflix is fully operational, users will abandon the Telstra bundle with Foxtel because it is still very expensive. A short ago Foxtel threw in two free movies each month. This is turning back the clock. A few years ago two movies a month was part of the package. It amazes me how company CEOs treat customers as if they are stupid. We do know the real value of products.

Smaller Australian media companies are entering the movie-over-Internet market.  It is not yet known how they will get their content.  Offering movies later but cheaper seems to be their only option.  This could suit some customers.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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RiAus Science TV is Launched

Australia steps forward with a "television" channel dedicated to top class science programs. Major science-based organizations will contribute to content. Interviews with leading scientists will be a feature of the channel.

RiAus will be free on mobiles. Australian and British program will be shown. Major universities have signed up to help as well as science organizations. There is strong demand for science programs on the Internet. It is hoped that the young will get on board.

Hostworks will set up the system. It will advise scientists on how to run the channel. The new programming is aimed at educating Australians generally about science. Unfortunately, no RSS feeds are offered. They will have to correct this for RiAus TV to be widely accepted.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Netflix Will Open Up the Australian Market

Netflix is coming to Australia in March next year. It will ruin everything - yeah sure. At the moment Murdoch's Foxtel has a monopoly on programming and price. Customers have had to take it or leave it. Many have left, though they miss out on a lot.

Now there will at least be choice. However, we are comparing apples and oranges here. Netflix will require decent broadband speed and limits. At present Australian broadband services are very poor. The National Broadband Network has just about fell over. Only prime metropolitan areas have got it. Some people have actually moved home into these areas.

At first, Netflix offerings will not be great. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that soon movies will be up to date with the US. A court battle is looming between Foxtel and Netflix as the newcomer takes rights away from the big fella, and Netflix will get access to these movies! If the new Australian service is not up to par, you can still use a VPN and get it from the US. When Netflix blocks it just get a US address.

Forget about reviewers who poo, poo Netflix in Australia. It will establish itself and it will level out the market. Foxtel has already cut its rates for individual offerings. The Telstra combined Foxtel/Broadband package has not been cut. Foxtel is just giving a free movie each month. This will not be enough to keep subscribers.

Other offerings by free to air networks are small fry to Netflix. It has the clout to ruin them. The range of movies by free to air will remain limited because they do not have the power to get access. As time goes by contracts will be renewed and Netflix will win.
Internet by Ty Buchanan
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Microsoft to Offer VPN

Microsoft is going to offer a way for consumers to get around national firewalls. It is aimed at domestic US consumers to access corporate resources but it will make for a revolution in bypassing national restrictions, particularly for music and television programming.

Of course you will need a Windows mobile phone to access the feature. This is a trump card that Microsoft has played. However, like with cloud services when one enterprise gives something extra all competitors provide it as well.

While it is essentially for business use, VPN access will ultimately be used to access local content in countries that restrict it to their citizens. Just how program providers will react to this is not known. This announcement has been a surprise. However, many users pay a few dollars a month for VPNs already. It makes for easy use of programming supposedly blocked for overseas people.

If business gets "free" use of VPNs, the ordinary consumer will want it too. Soon rivals to Microsoft will take it a step further by giving business and general Internet users automatic VPN access.
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TV Cats

"Don't believe all you see on television son."
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Australia Bans Swearing

Swearing is part of Australian culture. Indeed, to be accepted as truly Australian, you have to swear a lot. So it is with great surprise that Australia is bringing in a swearing ban!

The furore has been caused by the airing of Gordan Ramsey's programs on televisions. In 40 minutes he did say the "f" word more than 80 times. This may be excessive. But if one goes into a public bar, particularly when there are men who have done a hard day's grueling labor, such as shearers, the "f" word will be expressed a lot.

The Australian Government has made recommendations to Australian television networks advising them to review the way they set program guidelines "to stop" coarse language. Just how they are going to do this is a mystery considering Ramsey's programs are very popular, swearing or not.

It is said there is a culture of crudeness. Well, This is Australia and this is part of Australian culture.
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University of Queensland Blunders on Data

New research shows excessive watching of television is bad for your health. This is commonsense really. When you are watching TV you aren't doing anything physically. It is claimed that for every hour of TV one's lifespan is reduced by 22 minutes.

Many people watch eight hours of television each day, so the calculation is,

8hrs x 30Years x 365Days
-------------------------------- = 3.7 years lost.
65.5(22 minutes) x 365Days


8hrs x 365days 30yrs = 87600hrs total

87600hrs x 22mins
------------------- = 32120hrs total

--------- = 3.7 years lost
24 x 365

Just how did they reach this specific conclusion? Apparently obesity and diabetes were mentioned; then the figure was just fished out of the air.

They chose a ridiculous figure of two hours of TV every day over a lifetime. No one watches this tiny amount. They even decided that men were affected more than women: 1.8 years lost for men and 1.5 for women. Because women live longer the calculation should show a greater loss for them!

The University of Queensland should be careful about releasing such nonsensical information. The institution will lose all respect.
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