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Study Shows Optimistic Cancer Sufferers Live Longer - Or Does It?

Treating the effect as the cause is wasting valuable time in finding a cure for cancer. A Study found that depressed people lived shorter lives when they had cancer. Depression per se and lack of hope, optimism and anxiety were tested. Those suffering from these "attributes" didn't live as long as "optimists" who were also cancer sufferers.

A great leap of faith was made to claim that mood sufferers did not seek second opinions on cancer. Note that this was not proven it was just surmised. Overall findings were that optimism did not lead to better survival in people with cancer. Well this is game. set and match. You can't have it both ways. Either being optimistic improves survival or it doesn't.

There is no doubt that psychological treatment improves the well being of cancer patients, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and say optimistic cancer sufferers live longer. A great deal of money is set aside for medical research. We have to be careful to ensure this money is well spent.
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The Month in Which You Are Born Affects Later Life

Horoscopes may be the formulation of words that can mean just about anything, but the month you are born in does affect your behavior. This can be taken further - the season in which you are born dictates temperament, longevity and susceptibility to disease.

Obviously a baby born in winter is liable to catch a cold. This can sometimes be life threatening. A summer baby will probably be happier and more active. Research in England shows that 17 per cent of men are obese if born from January to March. This falls to 9.4 per cent for those born from October to December. It is because winter babies lay on more fat which stays on for life.

Age does affect how we turn out, however. American tests show women under 45 who were winter babies were risk takers and became bored quickly. On the other hand Women over 45 lost their curiosity and were no longer bored, a reversal of behavior. Serotonin and dopamine level are believed to be the cause of this. These fluctuate over time.

Summer babies have a greater chance of being schizophrenic. Spring babies are generally taller. Apparently, more sunshine increases the level of melatonin in mothers which stimulates production of the growth hormone. There is a downer for spring babies: they are more likely to get multiple sclerosis. Autumn babies live longer. Furthermore, autumn and winter babies are prone to allergies.

Don't worry if you were born in winter: data is (are) just data anyway. And as many scientist will tell you - lying with statistics is common practice.
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