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Healthiest Weekly Working Hours

    ▶ The ideal number of hours to work each week to stay healthy is now known healthiest for working hours week productive year experiments shown week healthiest work number energy working research overtime creative people morning pinterest twitter healthiest on working it the optimal workweek hours accomplish place money general project share full job written rules of healthiest go working at the optimal workweek hours source features if working in mistakes stressed lot laxed studies step contact press coaching companies at working to workshop speaking services workplaces 39 a week | ▶ not stories. |◀ |
Science says that working more than 39 hours a week is not good for your health.  Long hours affects you mentally and physically.  You tend not to treat your body well, missing out on good food and sleep.  However, just how researchers reached 39 hours specifically is a mystery to me.  It seems they knew their finding before they started.  | ▶ work not stories news. |◀ |
Ideal working week
They even found that women should work less hrs than men - 34 hrs. They used the phrase, "once their other commitments are considered." This is painting females with a very wide brush. Some  employ others to help them with their daily lives. Others have got to cook, clean and look after the kids when they go home. This kind of approach is not scientific.  | ▶ | | ▶ |    

The scientists certainly had the test funding in mind then they began. This is the only conclusion you can reach. Team members certainly threw a spanner into the works when they stated: "For men, it is up to 47 hrs a week because they generally spend less time on domestic duties than women." | ▶ | not. | ▶  

Weird, two findings: 39hrs and 47hrs. This so-called scientific study by the Australian National University (ANU) is bunkum.      | ▶ | not | ◀ |
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Tys Outback
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Lions Have Cool Shade

Jungle lionesses are cooler
"We are not being watched guys."
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Bright Plumage in Male Birds to Attract Females is Proven

Some scientists are playing with the truth about colorful plumage in male birds. They are claiming that bright colors as well as dull colors in females are to assist in blending into the environment. This is rot. Bright colors always stand out from any background.
Bright plumage male and female birds
Because just under half of bird species have females with brighter plumage than males, this supposedly proves their case. Have they considered that females need to be attractive to males as well? They predict that bright plumage will be lost in evolution. It hasn't lost been so far and there is no support for this claim.

Female humans are different than males and it should stay this way. There is no evolutionary pressure for it not to continue. Birds are no different. The premise "that both natural selection and sexual selection were (are) influential to bird coloration" is not substantiated in their research. This is just an opinion. There is no proof. Indeed, evidence for this view is virtually nonexistent.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Physics Not for Females - Women Say!

More women are moving into academia every year. This is the overall picture. Some areas are still sparsely populated by women. Physics is such a sector of learning. Name a woman physicist - any woman! Few recognise that maths is easier for men, but this is true. There is something about the male hormone that creates this state. Just like women are better at using words.

Notably female physics students at the University of Melbourne have admitted that most women do not have the capacity to master physics. There will always be a few exceptions. However, the reality is that generally, women find study in this specialty difficult. Many female students who try physics ultimately end up in chemistry. They do feel more comfortable there.

The survey of first year females showed more than 50 per cent had a negative outlook of their chances of succeeding. This makes one wonder why they are in the course. However, some were studying physics as a requirement of other degrees.  Oddly, some said they enjoyed studying physics.

As a positive, fourteen students were studying advanced physics at the University of Melbourne and were ambitious to achieve their goal. They are definitely thin on the ground with all the males. Another issue is that women do not see physics as a career path. You cannot get work in finance or banking with a physics degree, for example. Research and teaching are just about the only sectors for employment.

High school is where all this begins. A good start in maths in essential. Giving students the choice to do only standard maths must be changed. All student need to do some higher maths, particularly in this computer age. It is human nature to choose an easier option. There is something wrong with the Australian education system: women dominate Italian advanced maths departments.
Education by Ty Buchanan
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The Poor Health of Men Prevents Conception

Healthy sperm levels in "modern" men are declining. It is increasingly males who are responsible for their partners' failure to conceive. Men today do little exercise, eat too much fat and carbohydrates, and drink too much alcohol. It is no wonder their sperm counts are low.

No longer can women be blamed for being overweight. Being a little overweight does not prevent women from conceiving. Men need to lose their beer guts, pleasantly referred to as love handles.

Tests on male mice showed that obesity decreased the probability of fertilizing female mice. The success of embryo implantation was also decreased, and babies born from these males showed delayed fetal development.

Three quarters of Australian men are overweight. This is way above the world average of 48 per cent. Male mice fed fast food gave disastrous results in producing healthy offspring. Foods that improve sperm count are eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt, berries, seeds and nuts. Furthermore, consuming more omega-3 was of great benefit.
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Less Atractive Males Make do With Plainer Females

An audience affects the behavior of mating male fish. If a male Atlantic Molly (Poecilia mexicana) is left alone he will try to mate with the healthiest looking female - the best female in his eyes. If there are other males in the vicinity he will not choose this female.

It may be thought that he is giving up. This is not the case. He is thinking strategically. By choosing a less desirable female he leads other males away from the intended target best female. The male hopes to mate with this female later when the other rival males have gone.

Some males are just too ordinary and have to mate with lesser females because other fitter males stop them getting close to "ideal" females. Mating with any female is better than not mating at all.

This behavior could be present in humans. When a group of young men meet with a group of young females the handsomest men can be expected to pair off with the prettiest young ladies. The less attractive have to make do with second best. This means that some of the good genes carried by the plainer individuals can be passed on despite mating between the healthier, fitter thus better looking people being the norm.
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Male Jewel Beetles Mate With Stubby Beer Bottles

Australian jewel beetles are sexually attracted to stubby beer bottles. These are small bottles, brown in color, that fit comfortably in the hand. Darryl Gwynne wrote about the phenomenon in a post-doctoral paper. He had noticed the behavior 23 years ago. Ultimately, the opportunity arrived to inform the world. He was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize.

Male beetles were observed mounting discarded stubbies. The bottles are the same tone of brown as female jewel beetles. Moreover, they glint in the sun like the wings of females.

Mounting the bottles is dangerous. It usually ends in death for male beetles. They are either eaten by ants or are cooked in the hot sun. It is feared that the behavior will lead to a decline in beetle numbers. However, the beetles are still present in high numbers two and half decades after the behavior was first observed.
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Agriculture Was Brought into Western Europe by Southern European Males

Learning has not been linear for human beings. Advancement can be different from one place to another. It is now known from DNA analysis of 5,000 year old skeletons in a French cave that women did not travel into western Europe. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down only from the mother which shows that European women had local ancestry. On the other hand the Y chromosome passed down through males shows movement of males into new European regions. Knowledge of farming came into new areas when the males moved in and mated with local females.

Analysis of DNA from 29 skeletons found in France, highlighted this difference between the mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome. Males had moved from the Mediterranean to western Europe. Most of the males in the 29 skeleton group were related, so when the males arrived they stayed on the land with their new hunter gatherer wives.

The southern males had a problem: they did not have the lactose tolerant gene of central Europeans. They had to drink fermented milk from sheep and goats. Adult central European males could easily digest milk from cows.

More work is being done to further clarify how and when agriculture spread across Europe.
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