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Convict James Squire Started Brewing in Australia

Lost handwriting skills
An English gypsy (Romani, traveller) was the first maker of ale in Ozyland, a hot colony where thirst needed to be quenched. +
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James Squire beer

You Need Yeast to Make Vegemite beer

Vegemite beer could be good for society.
There is a myth about Vegemite. It is assumed by many Australians to be unique. This isn't the case. Marmite and Bovril are the same product. It is yeast residue, the stuff at the bottom of the container when you brew your own beer with a lot of salt added.
Prison Vegemite beer
Of course, the yeast is dormant and can still be activated. This is the case despite Vegemite spread being sterilized. The tasty "treat" is banned in Victorian prisons because it can be used to make an alcoholic concoction loosely called beer. Scientists actually made beer with Vegemite to prove that this is possible. Vegemite acted as a booster in the fermentation process. This made it possible for basic raw materials to be used to make beer.

There is one proviso: some natural yeast has To be obtained from somewhere else. Yeast naturally occurs on the skin of fruit and berries, so it is easy to get.  Just get some flour and add water.  It will start fermenting in a few days, so the prison ban is meaningless.

Ironically, a liter of Vegemite beer costs $0.24 to make. This compares to $1.28 for commercial beer. There could be a whole new market out there for an entrepreneur to begin manufacturing Vegemite beer for the ordinary consumer.
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Women Get into Beer

In the past if you took a lady out for a drink you would buy her a shandy or a white wine. Today, she is likely to ask for a beer. They don't just like the stuff, they make it. The number of female brewers is increasing daily.

Brewing is much like cooking. Women find it interesting to vary the recipe and taste the subtle difference. It is an extention of cooking. They may cook but they brew as well.

Even Brewing companies are targeting both sexes for their "craft" beer. The female interest started at beer festivals where a few women ventured. Today 40 per cent of people attending will probably be female. Beer-interested women have formed a mutual support club - the Pink Boots Society. Some are so good they sell their craft beer.
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