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Australian History Corrected by New Technology Sorting Family Journals

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Massacres of Aboriginals

Another Pre-Human Detected in Papuan and Aboriginal DNA

Research shows Neanderthal man, Denisovan and another in DNA.
Paleontologist have all the answers about man. They have a complete map of the evolution of humans beings. If you think this way, you are wrong! Evolution to the present is just based on a few old bones.  Modern examination from other sources it changing established theory.  Neanderthal man Denisovan
Mortlock Islanders
Two prehumans are known: Neanderthals and Denisovans. However, genetic research has now shown that there are traces of another extinct human species in human DNA. Australian Aboriginals of north-east Australia and the people of Papua New Guinean carry these genes.
   Neanderthal man evolution
Astralo-Pacific people have about 2.8 per cent of Neanderthal in their genetic makeup. It was believed that another 6 per cent was from Denisovans. The latest research shows this estimate to be wrong. Only 1.11 is clearly Denisovan. This leaves 4+ per cent from another prehuman or maybe more sub-species.
   Neanderthal man.
Africa is truly our Garden of Eden.  Man is not the only species to have left Africa in steady waves. Neanderthals and perhaps Denovans left Africa too. It is believed that Denisovans were an off-shoot of Neanderthals. This should be treated very carefully, though. It could be the other way round!
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Another Pre-Human Detected in Papuan and Aboriginal DNA research denisovan wrong shows genetic people human

New Theory of Anthropology is Not Strong

New theory on Australian Aboriginals - Anthropology.
Australian Aboriginals split from Eurasians and moved south into the dry continent. Twenty thousand years later the world warmed up and Australia was cut off from its northern neighbors. This is the latest theory.  But when Europeans initially came to Queensland there were two types of native people. Each was a distinct genetic pool. One was like Papua New Guineans. The other was very slight and shorter. It is the latter that predominates today.
Papua New Guineans
Papua New Guineans
Australian Aboriginals
Australian Aboriginals
Some scientists still hold that there was only one move out of Africa. This is an unsustainable supposition. The doors for movement were always open. Australian Aboriginals were quite unique. It seems that they were the first to leave Africa. There is also the question of Tasmanian Aboriginals who were wiped out by arriving Europeans. There is no evidence of them now. They could not light fires. The flames had to be stolen from rivals if a fire went out.

Mainland Aboriginals have genes different from other peoples. In Europeans, for example, females genes are much the same. The genes of Aboriginal mothers vary between geographical groups. This indicates that males moved while females stayed in the same location. However, divergence is the norm for humans. Unlike other apes who tend not to move at all and remain genetically "static".
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
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For 50,000 Years Australian Aboriginals Were Genetically Pure

Genetics: Australian Aboriginal stone tools use was made within the Aboriginal gene pool.
Australian Aborigines have been isolated on this vast continent for 50,000 until Europeans came and messed everything up. DNA sequencing shows Aboriginals were pure for this whole period.

Contrary to the view held by many scientists for centuries, people did not arrive from India 4,000 years ago. Seafarers from India and Southeast Asia did stop here to get fresh water and herbs to treat constipation. Yes, this is true.
Australian Aboriginal stone bladed knife

Data tracing the Y chromosome from father to son shows no Asian genes in their profile. Aboriginals were the first people out of Africa. Once they reached Australia no more came from Asia. The out of Africa theory has now been pushed back 200,000 years. There is no real evidence of where these people went as far back as that.

Tasmanian Aboriginals are a mystery. All have now died out so we will never know if they came here before mainland Aboriginals. Their DNA could have been different to mainland Aboriginals. They certainly did not know how to light fire. "Flames" were stole one to the other.

It was thought that because Aboriginals had an abrupt change in culture particularly in regard to stone tools that there must have been an outside influence, but this wrong. The change was made within the Australian gene pool.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
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More Temporary Foreign Workers in Australia than Aboriginals

Australian immigration is not a level playing field. If you have money you go to the head of the queue. This has been known for years but seldom mentioned. As we all know, the free market solves all of the world's problems - what a load of cobblers this belief is. Such a large proportion of world wealth has never been in fewer hands.
Foreign tiler working in Australia
Foreign tiler in Australia - no shortage of local tilers!
The idea that people from other countries are allowed in due to a skill shortage is also rubbish. Foreign workers are sponsored by abusive companies who give them jobs that Australians once did and underpay the slave labor.

A case in point is tilers in Sydney. People who cannot speak English work more than 60 hours a week for a pittance while Australian tilers now unemployed picket in the street. Over 100,000 new "skilled" workers are allowed in each year. Most of them duplicate Australian labor readily available.

"Get a job", the government says when it causes unemployment of Australian born workers. The point allocation system is secret. This is because it is manipulated to favor wealthy people and those who can be exploited. In other words employers make sure workers they get into the country cannot speak English.

What isn't commonly known is that 700,000 foreign workers have temporary employment visas. This means 3 per cent of Australia's total population are foreign temporary workers. This is higher than the Aboriginal population at 2.5 per cent.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Closing Aboriginal Cmmunities in WA is Immoral

You cannot change culture by legislation. The Western Australian government is closing remote Aboriginal communities citing poor health, suicide and not much work. Aboriginal children are brought up in "strong" communities where they learn local languages and rituals passed down for generations. Closing communities will result in total loss of language and culture.

How can Aboriginals buy housing in cities? They have no tradition of hereditary wealth or access to education to better one's life. White governments are absolutely responsible for the situation of modern day Aboriginals. White people forcibly took this country from them and forced them into the margins of society where they have remained for centuries.

What remote Aboriginals need is more money from government. They have a right to live on their ancestral lands. They were born there. The WA government will be closing rural towns next. Where does this end? If Aboriginals decide to move back to closed remote communities they are entitled to welfare payment due to lack of work. After all, they are Australian citizens. Governments sometimes fails to accept this.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Australian Prime Minister Totally Wrong Saying Australia Was "Empty"

There isn't much doubt that we have the most "out of touch" prime minister in Australian history. He goes oversees and visits world leaders and says absolutely stupid things. It makes you wonder if he lives in the same world as everyone else.

He blatantly believes that he didn't lie about what he would do if he won office. He has gone full circle and made cuts to areas he said he would not change. He takes voters for granted thinking they are as stupid as he is.

Again, he has made a statement that the majority of Australians know to be untrue. He said Australia was unsettled when Europeans arrived. Color blindness seems to be one of his flaws.

Suggesting that British investment made Australia what it is today is applying modern theory to times when economic theory was in its infancy. There was little understanding of investment in those days. Anyway, Britain's investment was really more people, unwanted in their homeland. The only real investment was in the police force that did cost a great deal.

Admittedly, white people brought industrious ideas with them and they were responsible for growth in the economy by hard work and toil. Australia is a harsh land and back breaking effort was required to survive. They just applied European ideas to a land that had the Aboriginal culture which was not economically based. Given time, Aboriginals would have caught up if they had continued to have the land to themselves.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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The 1967 Referendum to Give Aboriginals Equal Rights

I was in my twenties in 1967 when the referendum on giving Aboriginals the vote was held. Obviously, I must have voted, but I cannot remember anything at all about it nor the way I voted. Should I be ashamed about this? Well it seems many Australians do not remember a thing in regard to the referendum. It was nearly half a century ago.

Rarely does a yes vote to change the Constitution "get up". This to non-Australians means that few attempts to make a change have been successful. Of the 24 referendums held only four have got a majority yes vote. People from other countries would think it odd that an advanced country such as Australia had not given Aboriginals the vote decades before. However, think about the racial discrimination in the United States in the supposedly enlightened 1960s.

Other discrimination existed then. Young Australian men who were forcibly enlisted into the military to fight in the Vietnam War could not go into a pub and drink alcohol until they reached the age of 21. Most conscripts were in their teens. When they came home on leave they were condemned by society for fighting the wrong war, even though they did not want to fight at all.

Though the referendum was commonly assumed to be about giving Aboriginals the right to vote, they could already do this but seldom did. The referendum was to give Aboriginals all the rights that Caucasion  Australians had. A yes vote gave them the pride and dignity of being accepted as "real" Australians. Before 1967 Aboriginals were a non-people. They had no real identity and were ignored by white society generally.

They got access to welfare and took it dismissively calling it "sit-down money". They began to openly express themselves for good or bad. Discrimination still exists against aboriginals today. The Northern Territory is controlled by the Federal government. Aboriginal men in the Northern Territory are forbidden to drink alcohol. Clearly, many white Australians still feels that Aboriginals are racially inferior and cannot handle alcohol. Go to a night club in the early hours of the morning and see the number of white Australians stunbling about completely out of their minds on alcohol.
 Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Africans May Have Visited Australia 1,000 Years Ago

When Captain Cook "discovered" Australia in 1770 it was known that Southeast Asians and even Chinese seafarers had landed in Australia. Portuguese and Dutch ships had also stopped to replenish water supplies. It was not considered possible that people had landed in Australia from another continent.

In the 1940s mysterious coins were discovered. While some were coins used by the Dutch East India Company others were identified as coming from the Kilwas Sultanate of Tanzania in Africa. They were used in the prominent trading center 1,000 years ago.

If Africa was trading using Australia as a location en route Aboriginals could have come into contact with African merchants. Though the coins were found on the fringe of the Australian north coast, getting fresh water would have been important for ships traveling through the waters of the Wessel Islands.

Aboriginals would have been curious about any "strange" looking new people. Africans would certainly have been different. Drawings of European ships have been found on cave walls. They were drawn by Aboriginals after contact with Europeans. Perhaps evidence of African visitations can be located.
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Aboriginals Are Not Genetically Susceptible to Alcohol

Like the native Indians of North America, Australian Aboriginals have taken solace in alcohol. Since the Europeans arrived, discrimination has been part of their daily lives. Europeans immured in stratified society with strong class divisions treated Aboriginals as less than human.

City white people have the same alcohol problems as Aboriginals, but society accepts this as normal. Many Australians of European descent believe that there is a genetics predisposition in Aboriginals. There is no foundation to this.

When white people get drunk they fight, steal, and lose control. Aboriginal communities have alcohol prohibition supported by government legislation. If this was to be applied to white citizens there would be a public outcry. The current interference in unemployment payments to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory is definitely unlawful. This is why the board that polices human rights in Australia was suspended.

Life is so frustrating for Australian Aboriginals that they are trying to kill themselves with alcohol. Enquiries into the problem always ignore this. Alcoholism is more a sociocultural issue than a physical one.
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Agriculture Disrupts the Ecosystem

Human impact on native flora and fauna is real. There seems to be no way the detrimental affects can be ameliorated. Aboriginals have been in Australia for 40,000 years. apart from the unanswered question about extinction of mega fauna Aboriginals did not alter the external environment at all.

Sedentary agriculture is the major contributing factor to habitat damage. Planting mono-crops seriously changes land features. In Western Australia, for example, water points are located at 50 sq km on average. In its pre-European natural state water holes could be found 2.5 sq km apart. This is serious change with species of native birds declining.

Unless we set areas aside as pristine, protected sectors only introduced pest species will remain. Even without the pest birds, the proportion of native birds is altered. Some die out while others increase in number. The ecosystem is no longer in balance.
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Past Interaction of Indians With Australan Aboriginals Is Questionable

Australia's physical connection with the mainland of Asia disappeared 4,000 years ago. It is assumed that people from India crossed into Australia before this time. There is little proof of this. Indians and Australian Aboriginals are distinctly different. Aboriginals are more like Africans, while Indians appear to be black Caucasians.

DNA tests on both gene pools do show a link. However, this link could be directly from Africa 70,000 years ago. A similar thing could be said about Neanderthal genes being carried by some modern humans. The markers could have been there before both species split off from a common ancestor. The fact that Neanderthals have a different number of chromosomes is dismissed by some scientists when it is known that offspring of related species with differing chromosomes can have offspring but they are invariably "mules" who have infertile young.

Australian Aboriginals are the earliest of Mankind to leave Africa. There were many waves of movement out of Africa. Southeast Asia is much closer to Australia than India. When Europeans first arrived in Queensland there were two types of Aboriginals, One very dark skinned with robust features like natives of New Guinea, and a lighter skinned more gracile kind.

India is divided socially today into very dark skinned people who have been in the country for a large period of time, probably those left behind on the Aboriginal migration to Australia, and lighter skinned Indians who arrived more recently. There may not have been later interaction from those who remained in India on the very first journey from Africa and Australian Aboriginals..
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A Great Australian Dies

An outspoken man has died with little fanfare and hardly a report in the media. Yet this man spoke out about injustice in Australia all his life. His name was Arthur Murray. Australians once lived longer than people anywhere else  - the white people that is. "Blackfellas" died young and they could not even vote.

Aboriginal men were hired at very low rates of pay in outback cotton fields. Arthur worked with them. Pesticides were dropped directly on top of them, planes flying so low the workers had to quickly lie face down in the mud. The white pilots didn't care. In 1973 thousands of dead fish floated in the Namoi River, killed by pesticides.

Arthur had had enough. He went on strike with other Aboriginals. Five hundred disgruntled men marched through the center of Wee Waa. The local newspaper said they were radicals. They were called boongs and niggers, though many had vomited in the fields after spraying and some suffered from permanent coughing. Their tents were burnt and they went hungry.

Arthur was targeted by police. They trumped up a charge of trespassing on the property of the Returned Serviceman's Club. In court he made a statement that was to start a movement and change Australian law. He said that all of Australia was Aboriginal land so he had the right to go anywhere. Police hatred continued. His son was arrested for drunkenness and died mysteriously in a cell. Arthur managed to get his son's body exhumed and it was shown that he died from a broken sternum - he was beaten to death.

The police didn't win though. Even today police say the Wee Waa station is haunted by Eddie Murray's ghost. They asked the Aboriginals to do a "smoke Out" cleansing of the cell. They refused.

A man who came at the right time to change things, Arthur Murray died at the age of 70. The life expectancy of Aboriginal men is 45 years.
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A Stonehenge Is Found in Australia

The truth is out - Aboriginals studied the stars thousands of years before ancient Europeans. Stonehenge is not the oldest stone construction that marked the summer and winter solstice. The Wadda Wurrung Aboriginals Built an egg-shaped structure of standing basalt stones that marks the solstices and the equinox (when the day has equal hours of night and day).

The design of the Aboriginal "stonehenge" is completely different from the stonehenge in England. tops of stones mark the sun's movement in Australia whereas gaps in stones mark the solstices in England. This indicates that Aboriginals who were the first people to leave Africa were much more advanced and knowledgeable than other groups in the world. This knowledge was passed on to the next generation verbally.

Europeans when they first arrived branded the Aboriginals as stupid people who could only count up to six - how wrong they were! Though the traditions of the Wadda Wurrung Aboriginals has been lost, songs and stories of other tribes show that they had a clear understanding of sun, moon and star movements. Furthermore, collection of emu eggs begins when a dark patch in the Milky Way appears in the sky. The shape of the dark patch is recorded in a rock-carving in Sydney's Kuring-Gai National Park.

The Walpiri Aboriginals tell a story of a sun-woman chasing a moon-man. When she catches him they are wed. This is the time of a solar eclipse. The moon moving in front of the sun was only "discovered" in 16th century Europe.

Many rock creations are spread across the Australian continent which are yet to be classified. The Australian stonehenge will be tested for age. It could be 20,000 years old.
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Aboriginals Had Knowledge of the Stars

Aboriginals had knowledge of movements of the Moon, Earth and Sun. This is not surprising. Ancient people had nothing better to do at night than to look up and note movements of those tiny spots of light. Apparently it was known that tides were linked to the moon and seasons came and went cyclically.

Aboriginal culture revolved around movements in the heavens. They used it for guidance on long hunting expeditions, for marriage ceremonies, and knowing when types of fruit would appear. Eclipses were bad news. They believed something bad would soon happen. This is probably due to the moon turning red, like blood, during an eclipse. Like ancient religions Aboriginals saw the heavens as a canopy held up by spiritual pillars

Human beings tend to interpret things in a similar way though they may be from different tribal groups or live in varied parts of the world. First there were many Gods, now there is one. This has happened as beliefs became factual knowledge over eons of time.
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