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Funny Dog Farts a Rainbow

This is a bunny who is lonely. He enters the house and waits patiently on the carpet for the owners to make a decision on whether he can stay. Could you throw such a forlorn animal onto the streets? Fending for oneself is not easy in these times.

A corgi just flying around in the sky. He seems harmless enough. But what is he up to? Is that a rainbow coming out of his ass?. Yes, I think it is. Gosh that is clever. How does he so that? He must have attended training school to do that.

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Dog farts a rainbow
"What's coming from where?"
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wik the wor

Citric Acid Cycle Skeleton Was Clothed by Life

Lost handwriting skills
The kreb phase came first to make a framework for living creature to put substance upon it. Without the shell there would be no cells in existence. It seems to have been an accidental chemical process. citric at acid at cycle at skeleton at clothed at life ◉ Citric in Acid in Cycle in Skeleton in was in clothed in by in life in reaction in dehydrogenase in atp in citrate in acetyl-coa in calcium ◉ ⧭ Citric of Acid of Cycle of Skeleton of Was of Clothed of by of Life of reaction of dehydrogenase of atp of citrate of acetyl-coa of calcium of molecule of coa of high of pyruvate of enzymes of α-ketoglutarate ⧭ ▩ Citric as Acid as Cycle as Skeleton as Was as Clothed as by as Life as reaction as dehydrogenase as atp as citrate as acetyl-coa as calcium as molecule as coa as high as pyruvate as enzymes as α-ketoglutarate as regulation as reactions as inhibited as form as enzyme as nadh as important as adp as isocitrate as ions ▩ ⏏ Citric to Acid to Cycle to Skeleton to Was to Clothed to by to Life to reaction to dehydrogenase to atp to citrate to acetyl-coa to calcium to molecule to coa to high to pyruvate to enzymes to α-ketoglutarate to regulation to reactions to inhibited to form to enzyme to nadh to important to adp to isocitrate to ions to allosteric to synthase to formed to complex to step to concentrations to rate to product ⏏ ⦿ reaction and dehydrogenase and atp and citrate and acetyl-coa and calcium and molecule and coa and high and pyruvate and enzymes and α-ketoglutarate and regulation and reactions and inhibited and form and enzyme and nadh and important and adp and isocitrate and ions and allosteric and synthase and formed and complex and step and concentrations and rate and product and inhibition and acetyl and amounts and regulated and allosterically and adenosine and energy and oxaloacetic and cell and cellular and large and products and combines and regulate and nad and level and inhibitor and catalyst and loses and carbon and coenzyme and succinyl and regulator and activating and fourth and activation and increases and production ⦿ ∎ reaction dehydrogenase atp citrate acetyl-coa calcium molecule coa high pyruvate enzymes α-ketoglutarate regulation reactions inhibited form enzyme nadh important adp isocitrate ions allosteric synthase formed complex step concentrations rate product inhibition acetyl amounts regulated allosterically adenosine energy oxaloacetic cell cellular large products combines regulate nad level inhibitor catalyst loses carbon coenzyme succinyl regulator activating fourth activation increases production ∎ || creation, god, elements, worms, photosynthesis, sun, healthy, grow, ||
Kreb cycle

Cat Resting at Home

Here is a happy moggy taking in the sunshine on a nice afternoon. cat it resting an cat in resting on home or cat on resting it home of cat a resting at home cat or resting we home of cat to resting in home go cat he resting or home cat ah resting he home do cat we resting to home ho cats j dogs cats i dogs i pet cats h dogs h pet h kitten cats g dogs g pet g kitten g kitty cats f dogs f pet f kitten f kitty f dog f kittens f fun f dogsofinstagram f cute f puppies cats e dogs e pet e kitten e kitty e dog e kittens e fun e dogsofinstagram e cute e puppies e kitties e funny e puppy e love e cats d dogs d pet d kitten d kitty d dog d kittens d fun d dogsofinstagram d cute d puppies d kitties d funny d puppy d love d friends d crazy d feline d doggy d doggie d doggies d funnydog d pets d animal d pup d cats c dogs c pet c kitten c kitty c dog c kittens c fun c dogsofinstagram c cute c puppies c kitties c funny c puppy c love c friends c crazy c feline c doggy c doggie c doggies c funnydog c pets c animal c pup c beautiful c felines c families c paws c adopt c petsofinstagram c katze c cat_shaming c catstagram c mom c nip c lady c dogboarding c petstagram c adorable c funnycat c catsrule c meow c gatos c coolcat c fatcat c fatcats c fatcatsofinstagram c catpic c catpics c catpictures c catfight c sweet c cats a dogs a pet a kitten a kitty a dog a kittens a fun a dogsofinstagram a cute a puppies a kitties a funny a puppy a love a friends a crazy a feline a doggy a doggie a doggies a funnydog a pets a animal a pup a beautiful a felines a families a paws a adopt a petsofinstagram a katze a cat_shaming a catstagram a mom a nip a lady a dogboarding a petstagram a adorable a funnycat a catsrule a meow a gatos a coolcat a fatcat a fatcats a fatcatsofinstagram a catpic a catpics a catpictures a catfight a sweet a common a rest a restful a bored a playful a lovable a feeding a rescue a adoption a flop a snuggle a adopting a dogshelter a lazy a energy a friendly a breed a siamese a gender a spayed a female a size a small a owner a catnip a sneak a tomcat a loves a children a young a cats dogs pet kitten kitty dog kittens fun dogsofinstagram cute puppies kitties funny puppy love friends crazy feline doggy doggie doggies funnydog pets animal pup beautiful felines families paws adopt petsofinstagram katze cat_shaming catstagram mom nip lady dogboarding petstagram adorable funnycat catsrule meow gatos coolcat fatcat fatcats fatcatsofinstagram catpic catpics catpictures catfight sweet common rest restful bored playful lovable feeding rescue adoption flop snuggle adopting dogshelter lazy energy friendly breed siamese gender spayed female size small owner catnip sneak tomcat loves children young || pussy, laziness, sun, hot, summer, heat, good, weather, homely, suntan, ||
Resting cat
"What a great day."
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Greenhouse Pollution Reduced by Natural Gas

Plants destroyed in australia
| Impact on greenhouse gases reduced with LNG over coal power generation greenhouse computer pollution to type on reduced numbers natural greenhouse figure pollution keys gas text natural in letters keyboard gas paragraph greenhouse create pollution colors code software gas eh reduced pollution color greenhouse or natural up reduced || global warming climate strategic electricity generation environmental shale oil energy emissions || emissions energy oil shale environmental electricity strategic climate warming global || emissions company energy reduce oil power study methane development ghg community leakage producing global studies information companies shale production plants giving local communities spirit operations worldwide fact share states united industry flaring sustainable questions resources water innovative market produce magazine libya brunei timor-leste australia china indonesia malaysia qatar norway colombia canada alaska standards data agency protection environmental wells joined generation electricity analysis strategic institute joint published liquids university year areas plan venting change climate technology releases warming compared estimates common contact presentations corporate search career locations reporting impact seekers grant employee education math stewardship biodiversity working safely cooperation business solutions creating exploring find explore legacy sheets exploration independent || independent exploration sheets legacy explore find exploring creating solutions business cooperation safely working biodiversity stewardship math education employee grant seekers reporting locations career search corporate presentations contact common estimates compared warming releases technology climate chang venting plan areas year university liquids published joint institute strategic analysis electricity generation joined wells environmental protection agency data standards alaska canada colombia norway qatar malaysia indonesia china australia timor-leste brunei libya magazine produce market innovative water resources questions sustainable flaring industry united states share fact worldwide operations spirit communities local giving plants production shale companies information studies global producing leakage community ghg development methane conocophillips study power oil reduce energy company emissions || impact ||
Natural gas story

Leopard Smiles to Hide

Comical leopard hides by being stupid.
"I'll stay like this.  They will think I'm a dummy"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Chemistry on Titan Ideal for Life

Science sees life on Saturn's moon Titan.
Looking for alien life on planets like our own is tunnel vision. Believing that life can only exist on planets in the "sweet" belt is silly. The universe is a place of commonalities, yes. However, it has many types of environments from the very cold to the extremely hot.
Saturn's moon Titan
Saturn's moon, Titan, could have microbial life even though it is indeed frigid. The body has all the chemical requirements for life creation to occur. Titan is a carbon copy of Earth, except the lakes and rivers are methane not water.

Much of new science is bringing down temperatures so that chemical reaction can be controlled, so it is nonsense to premise that there is not sufficient energy for molecular interaction to happen at -179C on Titan. The key chemical hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is present on Saturn's satellite. 

Martin Rahm of Cornell university holds that the clouds of Titan could absorb energy from the distant Sun. The energy would be sufficient for hydrogen cyanide to form polymine chains which more effectively absorb sunlight.. Once triggered life would move forward.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Meerkat Guard Dog

meerkat and dog
"Fight me?  See my buddy!"
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
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Mars Trip Sign Up is Stupid!

There is a stupid, idiotic "thing" going around the Internet at the moment. It is the selection process for the one-way journey to Mars. In my opinion this will not be allowed to go ahead. If and when a spaceship is built common sense will come to the fore and those wanting to commit suicide will be prevented from going.
Let's ignore the moral perspective for the moment and think about the ship itself. A secure, life sustaining environment inside a space vehicle for such a long journey is not yet possible. Man reaching the moon was probably just a fluke. Alas, things did go wrong. Apart from the well known ballpoint pen in the circuit-breaker hole trick by Buzz Aldrin, there were dozens of problems that mysteriously were all solved - divine intervention? Well, we will never know.

A trip to Mars will be a chain of continuous problems. For a start we do not know what the real space environment is like out there. Astronauts could die of radiation in a few months of travel. There is no solution to this. Mechanical issues with the ship are almost certain. It may not be possible to go outside to make repairs.

Lastly, how will this end? if they do safely reach Mars they could either be filmed choking to death when the oxygen runs out, or being burned alive as the craft obits inward and falls to the planet itself. The easiest option it to bite down on a pill. Some, however, will not be able to do this.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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El Niño Threatens but La Niña Persists in Australia

While a new very strong El Niño is on the way, fears of continuing La Niña are real as well. Although Australia is known as a drought country, severe floods are damaging. This is because the continent is flat with a few mountains in the east of the country.
If the El Niño does not arrive flooding will continue. Furthermore, the drought in the US will cause further damage to their economy. The odd thing at the moment is that Australia has drought inland with flooding along the coast. This isn't s normal state of affairs. It could be due to global warning.

We have had a very long intermediate period where La Niña persists and El Niño threatens. Research shows that La Niña will return every 13 years instead of 23 years. It seems to Australians that La Niña has been here for ever with the long intermediate period persisting. There are extreme El Niño and La Niña though. And it is these that do the most damage economically and socially.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Vast Solar Builds New Solar Thermal Plant

With such a hot sunny climate Australia should invest more in solar energy. The heat also needs to be converted into electricity. With the sun beating down on us, there is almost free energy to be had.  Sure there is a cost. Even if it costs as much as coal generation we should go ahead and develop it. China has signed a gas agreement with Russia. As time goes by they will reduce their purchases of coal from Australia. This country should heed the signs and change policy at home as well.

Vast Solar had built the nation's first solar thermal standalone plant at Forbes, NSW. It will generate 6MWth of electricity. Storage will enable electricity to be pushed into the grid 24 hours a day.  There are plans to construct a 30MW operation, and other countries are showing interest in having similar plants established by Vast Solar. The big step has been with improved storage making a viable day and night supply. The new plant has been called the concentrated solar thermal (CST) system because it continually provides power.

Wind generation is changeable. Some days there is no wind so no electricity is produced. Plants can be built in windy regions with wind generators alongside as backup.

Tony Abbott's intention to close all such plants to protect the coal industry is backward looking. He is blind to the changes that are occurring in the world. Demand for coal will fall as countries move to gas and pollution free production systems. Anyway, Tony Abbott's plans will not pass the Senate.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Normal Cat

 "How am I sitting on this chair?  That is a secret."
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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