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Dog Will Not Leave Home - hoot!

Dog like his Mom stays at home - clever.
Dog eats breakfast
"I will never leave home, Mom!"
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Genetics Gives Children Mathematical Aptitude

Genetics: genetic predisposition makes girls or nboys good at maths.
The money poured into education to encourage girls and more boys to study maths and science could be a waste.  Research on twins shows that numerical aptitude is 75 per cent genetic.  Either both twin children are good at dealing with numbers or both are not.  There is also a 50 per cent genetic predilection for writing skills.
Girl student good at maths
Despite parents helping their children with homework and the like, it had little influence on academic achievement.  Furthermore, teachers and the schools attended whether private or public had no impact.  Children took to maths or English according to their genetic makeup.

It is not clear if teachers are evenly well trained so students are benefiting evenly across the nation.  However, this is clutching at straws.  We all remember the lazy, bad teachers who threw a chapter of a book at use to scribble the lesson away while he/she played around at the desk or in the book cupboard.  It really seems that teachers have no effect on teaching per se in regard to student outcomes.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
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More Temporary Foreign Workers in Australia than Aboriginals

Australian immigration is not a level playing field. If you have money you go to the head of the queue. This has been known for years but seldom mentioned. As we all know, the free market solves all of the world's problems - what a load of cobblers this belief is. Such a large proportion of world wealth has never been in fewer hands.
Foreign tiler working in Australia
Foreign tiler in Australia - no shortage of local tilers!
The idea that people from other countries are allowed in due to a skill shortage is also rubbish. Foreign workers are sponsored by abusive companies who give them jobs that Australians once did and underpay the slave labor.

A case in point is tilers in Sydney. People who cannot speak English work more than 60 hours a week for a pittance while Australian tilers now unemployed picket in the street. Over 100,000 new "skilled" workers are allowed in each year. Most of them duplicate Australian labor readily available.

"Get a job", the government says when it causes unemployment of Australian born workers. The point allocation system is secret. This is because it is manipulated to favor wealthy people and those who can be exploited. In other words employers make sure workers they get into the country cannot speak English.

What isn't commonly known is that 700,000 foreign workers have temporary employment visas. This means 3 per cent of Australia's total population are foreign temporary workers. This is higher than the Aboriginal population at 2.5 per cent.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Ancient Potions Work!

If your current collection of medications to fight disease no longer works, look to the past. That is what scientists are doing. They are reading through books hundreds of years old on "home" remedies.
Ancient potions book manuscript
A medieval book mentions a substance that has shown promise in destroying methicillin resistant "staphylococcus aureus" (MRSA), a damaging infection common in hospitals. The potion was used a thousand years ago in Viking times.

Notably, the "cure" was used to treat a simple stye, a common eye complaint in that era. The concoction was found in a book called Bald's Leechbook. Though the title is rather off putting there is a lot of truth in it.

Work is gathering apace with the formation of the AncientBiotics Project. This was the first attempt at testing an ancient remedy. The future looks promising based on this positive finding.

Apparently, medieval medicine was not all quackery. Though misguided by blood letting many of the potions were functioning treatments.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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English Culture or Australian?

 Working Class Englishman. Oh hum.
An Australian travelled the streets of London and asked people what they thought Australians were really like. It was amazing how many English people had visited the big dusty land. They all, of course, told bad stories about their trips. This is the thing you do when you get back home apparently.

There is this mistaken belief that all ex-pat Australians live in Earl's Court. They used to, but not anymore. They think we all work in bars - even in Australia. The interviewees kept looking around for a backpack, which I didn't have.

English people are obsessed about the Australian accent saying it is funny, even though it is more London than London. After all that is where most of the convicts came from. Furthermore, the English have some of the strangest accents in the world.

They think that Kylie Minogue is the sole representative of Australia. All their beliefs are based on her. This is despite the fact that Kylie has become a quasi Brit. She is certainly more popular in England than she ever was in Australia. We don't move our lips when we speak. This, they believe, is to keep the flies out.

Another thing: New Zealand is the sheep country not Australia. We just have millions of kangaroos here; oh, and rabbits that were cleverly introduced by the Brits. We do have a lot of cattle as well.  This is also where the world's minerals come from.  Australia is a giant mineral "bucket".  England doesn't have much of this.

Australians are racist. That is a given. Even though the English hatred for anything French is well known. It is actually the English who are the most racist. They must be - they are superior to everyone else!
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
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Aussies No Longer Flock to London

The whole world changes all the time. Cultures alter at different speeds depending where you are on this planet. Faster communication is creating a "one world community' as many would say. However, cultures do differ between nations and ethnic groups.

Australia has gone through dramatic change, from being an outpost of the British Empire to independence and self governance. Once Australians saw themselves as British first and Australians second. Going back "home" for a holiday to see mother England was a dream for many. Even after Britain joined the European Community Australians flooded into London.

Today, Australians are "thin on the ground" in England. Work restrictions are killing off the attraction. You can only work if you are European. Working visas issued to Australians has halved since 2006. Only 10,000 Australian citizens actually reside in the UK. Businesses promoting Aussie travel to Britain have closed their doors and Internet sites. "Pub crawls" of the Australian parts of London such as Shepherd's Bush no longer operate.  British pubs are also suffering because they cannot get Australian bar tenders who speak English well. Europeans just do not "cut the mustard".

Who is to blame. The British government is at fault putting visa restrictions on the valuable Aussie labour supply. Culturally, the British are closer to Australians than Europeans. Migration is going the other way now. More British and Irish are coming to live permanently in Australia. There are more employment opportunities in this advanced country, which oddly has more in common economically with primary producing developing nations. Digging out coal for the world pays well.
Migration by Ty Buchanan
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Google Dictates Word Use in Dictionaries

Google won a court case in Australia stopping others from using words similar to their trade name, for examples, boogle and doogle, etc. It seems Google is still intent on ruling the world over use of language.

It is interfering with Sweden's intention to put a word in dictionaries. The Swedish version of the word "ungoogleable" is "ogooglebar" and is widely used. Google says it should not be in a dictionary as it is because part of the word "google" is a registered trade name. This is silly consider the word "hoovering"is in the Pocket Oxford dictionary. How much more power does Google want? It already has too much influence on societies.

Google is not complaining about the word's inclusion. It wants a reference to Google being a trade name added to the definition. Sweden decided to leave the word out altogether. Google wants the word "Google" with a capital "G" shown , apparently to gain free advertising.

Swedish authorities point out that language has no bounds particularly when it comes to taking trade marks into new words.

Google said it intended to keep the company great. Does it means something like in Great Britain? A look will show the British Empire is long gone. No attempt to save it helped. The French tried to stop the franglais of English words like "le week-end". It failed.
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Swearing Clampdown in Tennis Is Possible

In a country where swearing in public is an accepted part of normal life it seems odd for Australian authorities to threaten tennis players with fines for doing it on court. At least it remains only a slim possibility at the moment.

The problem is that professional tennis is televised in general viewing hours when children could be watching. Andy Murray, at the center of debate for swearing in his match with Denis Istomin, says he will not tone down his behavior. He could have been a little more diplomatic and announced that he would sincerely mend his ways. In a challenge with tennis authorities he would definitely lose.

Sarcasm about moving the microphones further away from the court must surely be a joke. Spectators want to experience as much of the action as possible. Blaming other players for swearing more than himself is unsportsmanlike. Saying that swearing in languages other than English goes unnoticed is a bit "iffy" as well.
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Correct Spelling and Grammar Is Not Necessary

Language proficiency in English speaking countries is falling. It is only recently that eBooks have taken off and people have gone back to reading pages of words in grammatically correct sentences. Even the new wave of e-reading is under threat as computer users transform the written word into the spoken word with software. A classic book can now be listened to on the way to and from work.

Though texting is decreasing in popularity it is partially responsible for the failure of young people to learn correct spelling and grammar. Even dictionaries have a problem is choosing whether to cover words that are phonetically clear but are not accepted generally by the majority of writers. If such words become very popular, dictionary creators will have no choice but to include them.

The problem with language is highlighted by the strange and funny errors seen in newspapers because proofreaders are no longer employed. One sees words such "betterest' and phrases like "Thats there job". Obviously, many reporters just do not know correct spelling and grammar. How did they possibly get their degrees in journalism? It even goes further than this: the majority of teachers cannot write acceptable sentences. Pupils have nothing to learn from them.

The rot started with the spread of calculators. Children no longer had to learn to do adding, multiplication. division and subtraction. Learning mathematical tables by rote is not done anymore. It seems that new technology makes oral communication so dominant that the "art" of writing messages can be ignored. This makes learning correct written expression irrelevant.
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A Stonehenge Is Found in Australia

The truth is out - Aboriginals studied the stars thousands of years before ancient Europeans. Stonehenge is not the oldest stone construction that marked the summer and winter solstice. The Wadda Wurrung Aboriginals Built an egg-shaped structure of standing basalt stones that marks the solstices and the equinox (when the day has equal hours of night and day).

The design of the Aboriginal "stonehenge" is completely different from the stonehenge in England. tops of stones mark the sun's movement in Australia whereas gaps in stones mark the solstices in England. This indicates that Aboriginals who were the first people to leave Africa were much more advanced and knowledgeable than other groups in the world. This knowledge was passed on to the next generation verbally.

Europeans when they first arrived branded the Aboriginals as stupid people who could only count up to six - how wrong they were! Though the traditions of the Wadda Wurrung Aboriginals has been lost, songs and stories of other tribes show that they had a clear understanding of sun, moon and star movements. Furthermore, collection of emu eggs begins when a dark patch in the Milky Way appears in the sky. The shape of the dark patch is recorded in a rock-carving in Sydney's Kuring-Gai National Park.

The Walpiri Aboriginals tell a story of a sun-woman chasing a moon-man. When she catches him they are wed. This is the time of a solar eclipse. The moon moving in front of the sun was only "discovered" in 16th century Europe.

Many rock creations are spread across the Australian continent which are yet to be classified. The Australian stonehenge will be tested for age. It could be 20,000 years old.
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