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Buzz Aldrin Sees UFO on Trip to the Moon

There is something out there! Well there could be as per a space explorer. In 1969 Buzz Aldrin asserted that he saw a UFO on his journey to the moon. He was unyielding and breezed through a lie-detector test. Moreover, three of his associates on the voyage who made a similar claim passed investigation. 0 uss to on neil up stated or landing in lunar ho exploration at uss neil stated landing lunar exploration 0 ! spacecaft evidence alien space apollo astonauts ! ; photo report evidence alien space observation spacecraft rocket apollo astronauts armstrong ; + tie Buzz say aldrin he sees let UFO gov by sub trip of moon on + $ aye Buzz stay aldrin was sees hi UFO sees by zap trip pad moon at | | $ % of Buzz run aldrin hi sees ho UFO ha by in trip on moon or % ~ do Buzz play aldrin yet sees to UFO as by so trip do moon up | | ~ * words light life observed panels nixon richard photo july report biology bioacoustic odd star years evidence space extraordinary observations alien moving close spacecraft nose rocket window apollo images getty foundation astronauts president hornet * = hornet president astronauts foundation getty images apollo window rocket nose spacecraft close moving alien observations extraordinary space evidence years daily star odd bioacoustic biology report july photo richard nixon panels observed life light words = || aliens, greys, craft, grays, travel, distance, stars, galaxy, humans, mankind, |
Buzz Aldrin sees UFO

Time is a Figment of the Imagination for Your Mind

Lost handwriting skills
Time does not exist. It is an intruder in the physical universe. Subconscious does't see it. ⁍ dark matter theory quantum moment brain ⁌ ● time computer figment to imagination numbers your it mind we time figure figment keys imagination text your in mind of time make figment colors imagination code your software mind to time or figment in imagination by your on mind ● ⧫ information theory exists life evidence human matter quantum dark answer worlds moment brain ⧫ ⏏ brain moment worlds answer dark quantum matter human evidence life exists theory information ⏏ ⦿
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Time does not exist

Galactic Theory

New scientific theories are cropping up all the time. And that is just what they are - theories. So the Higgs boson particle has been seen. What a lot of tripe this is. It has only been shown to exist mathematically. The particle itself is still not proven to exist.

Large galaxies eat up smaller ones. It would have been thought that this had been believed for some time. Apparently it hasn't been generally accepted. New findings show that the Milky way will be absorbed into larger galaxies billions of years from now.

The Milky Way did expand by taking in smaller galaxies. Now it has peaked and this slowing down will allow Andromeda to absorb our home galaxy. When the Magellanic Clouds become part of the Milky Way that will be about it.

As galaxies become larger they produce less stars. The reason for this is not known. There are a lot of conflicting theories about this. Research by the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey done by Australian observatories is ongoing. We can expect either new theories or selection of the most probable one.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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Australia Involved in New Telescope Technology

Australia continues to make great strides in new developments thus helping the world move forward. For such a small country in population terms it is in the big league.

CSIRO as always is at the forefront, leading the research team. Recently in Western Australia the SKA Pathfinder radio telescope (ASKAP) took a photo of the sky with much improved clarity and over a larger area than ever before. It is much faster as well.

Professor Brian Boyle said a new era for astronomy has arrived. ASKAP is part of the International Square Kilometer Array (SKA) with South Africa. Scientists are so impressed they are touring Europe explaining their results.

The aperture-synthesis telescope is the first of its type to be used. CSIRO's phased array has perfected the system. Performance is much better than current telescopes. Photos are created from radio waves.

A massive area of 10 square degrees is covered, which is 50 times bigger than the a full moon. The "snap" is just that: the series of nine overlapping pictures are taken and composed into one photos in one snap. However, the time to scan takes 12 hours. The telescope "freezes" in one position while the stars and Earth continue to move. Surveying of the sky is at least 50 times faster than current telescope systems and will be made even quicker in the near future.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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The US No Longer Diagnoses Narcism

The decision by the American Psychological Association to strike narcissism out as a mental disease is a mistake. Physicians in others countries continue to see it has a disorder many people suffer from. Even the lay person can identify those in society with the malady. The most blatant characteristic is an exaggerated love of self, particularly the continual preening of one's body and dress.

Just why the association has made such a drastic decision is not clear. Perhaps those in authority in the psychological body have been offended because they have been identified with the complaint. This would be a logical conclusion.

Some see those who moved West to new lives with new ways as having been unfairly marked as being narcissistic. This interpretation is quite without foundation. Rockefeller, Jefferson, Edison and even Bill Clinton have had narcissistic claims made against them. A little thought will give the reason why, but it is drawing a very long bow to say all migrants are and were narcissistic.

This unusual identification with early US settlers is odd.  It does show, however, show that Victorian people did believe it to be present in society.  Underneath the self love the narcissist believes he/she is in some way unacceptable to others and must fight back. This can result in intolerance toward others to outright verbal attack.

The most common trait is a lack of empathy with others. There is a connection with autism here. Many dictators are seen as narcissistic. They rule with an iron glove and live off the fat of the land while those they rule are treated badly and starve.

The entertainment industry is rife with people who really love themselves. Pop stars have to be pulled from the stage as they return to be applauded again and again. Furthermore, there is not much doubt many movie stars are narcissistic as they bathe in public admiration.
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Fame Can Shorten Life

If you want to be famous or are driven to it, there may be a cost. Though, I am still not sure if it is statistically proven, it seems that being well know shortens life. Obituaries were examined and they showed that celebrities lives were shorter by a few years.
james dean fame famous
People in physically or mentally stressful occupations such as ex-sportsman and performers had the shortest lives. This was followed by academics and those in medicine. The next group was composers, writers and artists. Those in business and politics lived longer.

It is surmised that having fame at a young age then losing it later in life is a burden that shortens lives. This is questionable because many famous celebrities remain so even when they officially retire. It could be that the drive for fame remains into old age and this destroys life. This is closely aligned with a risk taking personality. Life could be shorter due to self-destruction.
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Dark Matter Theory Is Questioned

Dark matter holds the universe together right?  Well, the theory of dark matter may be widely believed, but there isn't much of it in our part of the universe.  The research team puts forward its findings.  Believers question the accuracy of what they have found.

This isn't a question of how much is out there.  The team found no dark matter at all.  The dark matter theory holds that dark matter should be plentiful, everywhere.  As much as 85 per cent of everything should be dark matter.  The sun should be pulled around with dark matter.  Unfortunately, scientists cannot find it.

Dark matter theory is based on the premise that stars trapped in a gravitational well light years away travel at a fixed speed.  This, with the shape of the well allows a calculation to be made.  Star counts give the amount of ordinary matter.  subtracting this from the mass determined from the calculation gives the amount of dark matter.

The team found that the dark matter theory was questionable.  The speed of the stars did not need dark matter to explain it.
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Aboriginals Had Knowledge of the Stars

Aboriginals had knowledge of movements of the Moon, Earth and Sun. This is not surprising. Ancient people had nothing better to do at night than to look up and note movements of those tiny spots of light. Apparently it was known that tides were linked to the moon and seasons came and went cyclically.

Aboriginal culture revolved around movements in the heavens. They used it for guidance on long hunting expeditions, for marriage ceremonies, and knowing when types of fruit would appear. Eclipses were bad news. They believed something bad would soon happen. This is probably due to the moon turning red, like blood, during an eclipse. Like ancient religions Aboriginals saw the heavens as a canopy held up by spiritual pillars

Human beings tend to interpret things in a similar way though they may be from different tribal groups or live in varied parts of the world. First there were many Gods, now there is one. This has happened as beliefs became factual knowledge over eons of time.
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Blue Straggler Stars Found in the Milky Way Bulge

We now know that dark matter exists. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has also identified blue straggler stars in the Milky Way. These stars don't show their age. Their color hides their true age. This is the first time they have been found in the core of the Milky Way.

Not much is known about blue stragglers. Accepted theory is that they develop from binary pairs. The larger of the pair strips material from the smaller one. Hydrogen is activated which causes the larger star to undergo nuclear fission thus making the star blue.

Blue stragglers are rare in the Milky Way because the central bulge of the system stopped making new stars billions of years ago. Aging stars and cool red dwarfs exist in the Milky Way now. Giant blue stars were thought to have exploded into supernovae in the distant past. The presence of blue stragglers throws a spanner into the works of current models of star formation.
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Dark Energy Exists

Dark energy is no longer theory it is fact. Evidence from 200,000 galaxies confirms the hypothesis that dark energy is pulling the universe apart. It is a constant in that it pushes uniformally causing steady expansion of the universe.

Einstein was correct after all. He said there was a force pushing out stopping the universe from collapsing. This was known as "Einstein's biggest blunder'. He had to enter something into an equation which stopped the universe from collapsing. Though he didn't use the term "dark energy", this was the force he was talking about. He was wrong about the universe being static but he quickly revised his ideas when Edwin Hubble found that the universe was expanding. Gravity is no longer accepted as the force driving the universe apart. Gravity cannot push and pull at the same time.

Calculations show that dark energy makes up 74 per cent of the universe. Dark energy is not he same as dark matter. There is 22 per cent of dark matter out there. This leaves 4 per cent for all the atoms making up physical things.
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