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Dog Drinking Beer in Pub

Dog drinking beer
"But is this cheese really cheddar?"
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Mystery Tanami Egg is Not of the Night Parrot

Mystery egg of the Night Parrot in Tanami Desert?
A mystery egg was found in the Tanami Desert of northern Australia 30 years ago. Many latched on to this specimen as being from the Night Parrot, thought to be extinct. DNA from the egg was compared to DNA of Night Parrot specimens in the Queensland Museum. The Brown Quail was found to be the "mother" of the Tanami egg.
Night Parrot
All hope was not lost, however. In 2013 the Night Parrot was found to be still with us. A small population was discovered living in Western Australia, far away from Queensland. Much has been leaned about the environmental requirements for the rare bird's survival.

This shows that human hope is very strong. We will attribute links to things that are very weak. The egg does have unusual characteristics: it is sand white, not like the quail egg which is pale but speckled brown. It is pointed at one end though, typical of the quail.
 Ornithology by Ty Buchanan 
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First-NIght-Effect Means Little Sleep at New Hotel

SAnthropology: we have evolved to be on guard on the first night when sleeping in a new place.
Man is still a hunter. We may live in cities and believe we are advanced but our genes have evolved to survive in the wild outdoors beneath the starlit night sky. If we move into a new environment getting a good night's sleep on the first night is a problem. Our brain is "on-guard" against unknown dangers.
Primitive man sleeps
This phenomenon is in all animals. One hemisphere of the brain will sleep while the other remains on sentry duty. This "first-night-effect" is permanent. There is no cure because it isn't an illness. After the first night the brain adapts, records the new environment and deems it to be safe.

Tests show that the left hemisphere sleeps lighter in a new situation. Slow-wave activity is weaker than the right hemisphere. Furthermore, the default-mode network which involves mind wandering is more active. This indicates that the brain is checking the environment. Sleeping test subjects were played some normal and some unusual sounds. The left hemisphere became even more alert when it heard unusual sounds or even loud sounds. After the first night the brain became "normalized" then no such activity was observed.
 Anthropolgy by Ty Buchanan 
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Bedtime Book Cat

"I like a good book at bedtime!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Galactic Theory

New scientific theories are cropping up all the time. And that is just what they are - theories. So the Higgs boson particle has been seen. What a lot of tripe this is. It has only been shown to exist mathematically. The particle itself is still not proven to exist.

Large galaxies eat up smaller ones. It would have been thought that this had been believed for some time. Apparently it hasn't been generally accepted. New findings show that the Milky way will be absorbed into larger galaxies billions of years from now.

The Milky Way did expand by taking in smaller galaxies. Now it has peaked and this slowing down will allow Andromeda to absorb our home galaxy. When the Magellanic Clouds become part of the Milky Way that will be about it.

As galaxies become larger they produce less stars. The reason for this is not known. There are a lot of conflicting theories about this. Research by the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey done by Australian observatories is ongoing. We can expect either new theories or selection of the most probable one.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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We Need at Least Six Hours Sleep a night

There has been differences in views on sleep for decades. Some say a good nights sleep is absolutely necessary to function well in the world. Others believe that sleeping is a waste of valuable time when one could be creating new things.

More time could be made available if sleep was postponed indefinitely. However, there is a question as to whether performance is impaired. Then creativity could be replaced by nuisance behavior - someone who is just a pest to well functioning individuals around him or her.

Research points to sleep being required for efficient functioning. We have evolved with roughly 12 hours of darkness each day. A century or so ago people went to bed early, before electricity grids changed all our lives. Most animals still head for cover when the sun goes down. Particular animals evolved to be active at night, hunting for food. Even these though sleep in daylight hours.

An Oregon study has shown that the elderly function better if they get a minimum of six hours sleep a night. People with dementia also performed more efficiently. Data confirm the findings of similar research in developing and developed countries - everyone needs sleep. The Oregon program was an international study in itself, the first test with subjects from many countries.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Dolphins Practice Whale-Talk at Night

Dolphins and whales are related. When dolphins are sleeping they show this. In the day they are quite unlike whales. Dolphins show off by jumping, swimming and catching balls. At night, however, they appear to "speak" a whale language.

The sounds they express closely resemble the humpback whale song. They only do this after they have heard the song. The song was in a soundtrack played during a performance for the public. This is an indication how all mammals deal with new things. The brain works on new things below the level of consciousness.

So well imitated were the whale sounds that tests done on them by volunteers showed people thought they were real whale sound. Dolphins mimic other types of sounds during the day, but they tend to zero in on whale sounds at night showing the evolutionary link.
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No Night Darkness in the Infrared

Human beings perceive objects by seeing in the "normal" optical range. This is purely an evolutionary imperative. Evolution could just as easily given us eyes that work in the infrared to know what is going on around us. If this was the case we would experience no night at all. The night sky would be just as clear as the sky in the day.

At night the sky would be lit by hydroxyl molecules emitting infrared light in the form of a mass of narrow emission lines. It would be like daylight, though a few stars could be seen along with the Sun and the Moon.

Telescopes operating in the infrared get over this problem by using limited apertures and special filters. These filters use a photonic lantern system to move the light into parallel tracks. A Bragg filter reflects out the tracks and lets wavelengths between lines through. Many IR telescopes are in space where such a filter is unnecessary. The space telescopes beam data back to Earth.
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Aboriginals Had Knowledge of the Stars

Aboriginals had knowledge of movements of the Moon, Earth and Sun. This is not surprising. Ancient people had nothing better to do at night than to look up and note movements of those tiny spots of light. Apparently it was known that tides were linked to the moon and seasons came and went cyclically.

Aboriginal culture revolved around movements in the heavens. They used it for guidance on long hunting expeditions, for marriage ceremonies, and knowing when types of fruit would appear. Eclipses were bad news. They believed something bad would soon happen. This is probably due to the moon turning red, like blood, during an eclipse. Like ancient religions Aboriginals saw the heavens as a canopy held up by spiritual pillars

Human beings tend to interpret things in a similar way though they may be from different tribal groups or live in varied parts of the world. First there were many Gods, now there is one. This has happened as beliefs became factual knowledge over eons of time.
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Chandelier Cat

"You should stop throwing us animals around, Fatso!"
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