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Australian Prime Minister Totally Wrong Saying Australia Was "Empty"

There isn't much doubt that we have the most "out of touch" prime minister in Australian history. He goes oversees and visits world leaders and says absolutely stupid things. It makes you wonder if he lives in the same world as everyone else.

He blatantly believes that he didn't lie about what he would do if he won office. He has gone full circle and made cuts to areas he said he would not change. He takes voters for granted thinking they are as stupid as he is.

Again, he has made a statement that the majority of Australians know to be untrue. He said Australia was unsettled when Europeans arrived. Color blindness seems to be one of his flaws.

Suggesting that British investment made Australia what it is today is applying modern theory to times when economic theory was in its infancy. There was little understanding of investment in those days. Anyway, Britain's investment was really more people, unwanted in their homeland. The only real investment was in the police force that did cost a great deal.

Admittedly, white people brought industrious ideas with them and they were responsible for growth in the economy by hard work and toil. Australia is a harsh land and back breaking effort was required to survive. They just applied European ideas to a land that had the Aboriginal culture which was not economically based. Given time, Aboriginals would have caught up if they had continued to have the land to themselves.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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