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Animals Adapt to City Life Better Than Humans

Animals in cities
Humans are not changing much as they take to city life. Animals on the other hand are evolving rapidly. Anole lizards in Puerto Rico can walk across concrete because their feet have changed. Charles Darwin believed that evolution took thousands of years. This is not the case.

Mouse Gets Stuck in Gap

Mouse has taken climbing lessons from an expert. There is no way he could climb using this method without being taught. He could be a super intelligent mouse who has mastered human techniques by observing from the bushes. Maybe he his an Himalayan rodent. Yes the Sherpa type. But where are is ropes?
% Monitor the traps and remove mice as they are caught.
If you keep catching mice for more than a week, or keep hearing noises, that means that you failed to find and properly seal all the entry points, so you'll have to inspect the home all over again.
Mice in the Wall - How to Get Mice Out of Your Walls
What do mice do once inside the house or walls?
Mice can fit through amazingly small holes, as small as a dime, or a half-inch gap in the architecture.
But almost all of the time, the mice can climb, or they've gone down a wall with a pipe,
Click here for a mouse removal price quote in your town - we service over 500 USA cities/towns as of 2018 and specialize in 100% permanent rodent removal within a week.
The just use the area as a safe place to live. And while they're at it, they chew on wood, chew on electrical wires (a potential fire hazard), they poop and pee everywhere (which is not only unsanitary,
but the odor attracts new rats to the area), and they often chew their way into the house to find their way to the kitchen or other food sources.
Or mount the trap right on the wall, next to a hole that the mice have chewed through, such as in the photograph in the lower-right.
I've cut open walls at several homes and found rat nests inside, with many baby mice.
So you must do an extremely detailed inspection of the house, and seal all entry points shut, using steel, so that mice (who are rodents and expert chewers) can't chew their way back in again.
So! You've got mice in your walls or a mouse in your wall of your home! How do you know?
They also spread disease. They reproduce quickly, and will create mouse nests in the wall or in the attic.
or electrical wire, or they can move laterally from wall to wall to find areas to climb up.
The most important thing, and the only thing that will actually solve the mouse problem is to prevent the mice from ever entering the house or building in the first place!
If you can do that, problem solved forever. If not, the problem will remain forever.
Either they get stuck and dehydrate and die, but more often, they either die of old age (they rarely live more than 6 months!)
When you stop catching mice and stop hearing noises, you know the problem has been solved!
Or perhaps you have seen evidence of mice, such as chewing at the wall, or small droppings, like little brown grains of rice.
Need PERMANENT mouse removal in your town?
Sometimes mice die in the walls.
or have a company like mine come out and cut the dead mice out of the walls.
Okay, so how do I solve the mouse problem?
Then, after you've got everything sealed up, there's still going to be some mice left inside the building, and you must trap and remove them, before they chew their way out somewhere, or die.
The can climb pretty much any surface, and enter the house from the ground level to the roof.
On the areas you see lots of mice trails and mouse poop, such as in the photo to the lower left.
or they die as a result of poison placed in the walls or attic by the homeowner or a pest control company. Never use poison for mouse control!
It does not solve the problem, and you're left with stinky, rotting mice in the walls, and then you'll have to endure a stench for a while,
No amount of trapping or poisoning will ever solve anything if the open holes leading into your house remain, because new mice will keep coming in, forever.
So the mouse in the wall may have entered the home near the base and crawled up, or entered near the roof, and crawled down from the attic into the walls.
This mouse fell down, and can't climb these slick surfaces back up.
No wasting time with poisons!
Or perhaps the mice have gotten into your pantry, and are chewing up the food, and you can see entry holes chewed in the wall.
This is very hard work, and it requires a strong knowledge of home architecture, repairs, and mouse behavior, to understand all the areas mice use to enter the house.
How Did Mice Get Inside My Wall? Well, first, they got inside your home or building.
It really is the type of work best left to professionals with lots of experience in mouse control.
This guide will help you solve your problem with mice, by examining the proper mouse control techniques for permanent mouse removal.
Click to: See Mouse Trapping Photos - Hire a Mouse Pro in Your Hometown - Read Mouse in the Wall Stories.
It's easy to trap mice. Just set a whole lot of wooden snap traps over the areas they frequently run.
I took the above photograph from inside the attic of a home.
Most likely, you don't see a large hole at your living room baseboard. You hear the pitter-patter of little feet scampering up and down the wall, or scratching at the bottom of the wall. % || "And for my next trick." ||
Dog buddies
"And for my next trick."
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Raccoon Prepares to Eat Cat Food

When raccoons go stealing a cat's food is it wrong to kill it? A refreshing subject on a web page. Ask this question - Do Raccons have ethicks to consume cat food? If raccoons are stealing your cat's food, just kill them for the theft if you have no ethics, morals or morality. Domestic cats have no morality. It is not wrong for them to take a life to get food. Pet supplies, pet stores, not overpriced, online prices free metro shipping pet products shop now. Quora page may date draft submit any pending changes hide message quora sign update cancel ad pet circle australians overpay. dismissed ad feedback provide show relevant content future undo answer wiki answers crystal gillis strong morals yes true atheists can moral answered sep 2016 author 976 answers 785.8k answer views original question wrong kill raccoons stealing my cat's food wrong do raccoons deserve stealing food me happen bad food one night edit humane somehow shoot raccoon pellot gun catch stealing my answer can't believe reading world being poisoned death shot full pellets humane choice first leaving poisoned food risk hurting animal comes cat buddies three houses maybe dog street got loose humans forgot properly latch gate wandered property found snack maybe cat catches eats prey that's recently ingested one clever gourmet meals neighbours cat oh invite friends toddler children play children loving stuffing strange things ir faces pellet gun suggest someone shoot rounds come back tells how humane felt do realize raccoon can kill average house cat why would put food anywhere compete wild animal putting animals risk blaming one carelessness stop leaving food garbage attracts scavenger animals racoons doing comes naturally kitty indoor pet yes can done any age re-home responsible pet parent 678 views view upvoters reproduction related questions answers my dad killed entire family raccoons who attacking cats night wrong wrong leave cat food outdoors local raccoon raccoons harmful house cats raccoons related cats why do raccoons steal food cats ask question emma evans answered sep 1 2016 author 53 answers 35.7k answer views yes it’s wrong raccoons stealing food need forage cat food extremely ‘good’ food source raccoon you’re putting it’s accessible isn’t raccoon’s fault…the raccoons raccoonin’ it’s likely rehabilitated released back wild it’s uncommon raccoons those situations less skittish approaching accessible food bowls patio etc issue here really don’t want raccoons stealing cat’s food fair enough number options trapping can contact local animal control tell problem humane ‘catch release’ traps can loan catch rerelease raccoon elsewhere places expect do don’t recommend based lack experience w raccoons they’ll do you…problem solved wildlife refuge same can helpful removing access food put cats ‘here’s food eat now’ bowls away done cats can access food raccoons can do feeling indoors enclosed space don’t want personally supervise allow cats free graze access can cat door opens cats’ collars many people consider raccoons pests can highly intelligent problem solving animals smarter raccoon it’s likely illegal poison any mammals can end up poisoning whole slew animals it’s probably illegal harm raccoons any plus…as problem clearly annoying harming killing shitty other options luck 365 views view upvoters donna fernstrom reptile breeder keeper researched cared other animals answered sep 22 2016 author 5.5k answers 7.4m answer views 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washing, hand, paws, shooting, pets, || I will just wash my hands before eating. ||
Raccoon prepares to eat cat
"I will just wash my hands before eating."
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Twenty Three New Spiders Are Discovered in Australia

The new 8-legged creatures are in the Dendrolycosa, Ornodolomedes, Dolomedes, Mangromedes and Megadolomedes genera. They are anthropods of the water. New types in the Ornodolmedes classification are the most delightful of all. They are striking examples having bright colours. twenty can three big new has spiders down discovered ah australia up twenty will three great new mus spiders up discovered uh australia to twenty more three be new far, water, spiders in discovered ho australia at twenty should three for new to, water, spiders on discovered uh australia or ~
am of species be museum hi dolomedes la queensland as ornodolomedes ~ * is us species ox museum a dolomedes i queensland oh ornodolomedes ah fish by prey id genus my raven * $ ho water ha species in museum on dolomedes an queensland to ornodolomedes it fish at prey or genus we raven he dannielle up maguire to fact uh identified eh hunts go yeah at team ok wrote la scope me creative no naming $ + water species museum dolomedes queensland ornodolomedes fish prey genus raven dannielle maguire fact identified hunts yeah team wrote scope creative naming + || genera || % comfortable people sport tv celebrity previously thought lost great that’s fret there’s fashion they’re learned sheet museum’s websites lurk underwater pounce beauty homes diet pinpoints age dogs cutest fitness facetus recipes dive small travel bugs “dolomedes capable diving running bottom remaining hour” experts viral “main tadpoles aquatic ninemsn including moths possibly toads confirmed “in early years brisbane's settlement horrified keepers reported finding prize goldfish chelicerae [pincer claws] edge elegant pond” network good bunch lifestyle videos “i finance waves vibrations apparent fell group pets extended” arachnologist robert odds “we discovered host led described” read clean shaven mario haunt dreams loves he’s dedicated life studying pretty excited leaving phobias concede kinda cool interesting he’d striking hides dannielle maguire beautiful australian career due patterns colours” photos justice” names bit days share mickfanningi surfer mick fanning nicholsoni named “… honour jack nicholson actor brilliantly portrays diverse personalities” approaches xypee arbitrary combination letters” researcher brilliant bug research previous birthday cake topper completely talking toy ‘yanny laurel’ week auto comparison korean golf gti original door caradvicecomau watched owner loses husky roof video earwax removal grosser lynxes world's annoying argument tweet perfect autumn dress top suvs compare younger bet champ properties aus careers advertise terms privacy mail tumblr gplus % || , ||
Mick Fanning spider

Roman Toilet System Not So Hygienic

anthropology roman toilet system not hygienic bum cleaning brush
It was believed that the Romans were the peak civilization of the time and their toileting methods were hygienic. A quick look at the after toilet cleaning mop used by all would suggest otherwise.  It was a stick with a lump of sponge tied to the end.
Roman toilet latrine
A tale, tale sign during Roman times was the increase in parasites. In the Iron Age they were virtually nonexistent. Fleas and mites were prevalent on all citizens of Rome. Whipworm and roundworm lived comfortably in their bodies. Getting the "runs" was routine. We know this because parasites survive for centuries in human faeces from ancient latrines and soil where the pelvis area was in human remains.
roman bum cleaning brush
Why did the Romans fail. Note, there were no tomatoes around to add natural MSG to meals and make it tastier. The Romans made their own MSG. It was a fermented fish sauce called garum. However, this made humans prone to tapeworm. Not only that, they fermented raw sewerage to enhance food. Worth a mention is the fact that fermentation makes alcohol. Citizens must have been "sloshed" out of their minds!
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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A Cane-Toad Fence Will Not Happen

It has been a put forward that Australia should build a cane toad-proof fence across Australia. The rabbit-proof fence was a long term failure, largely because investment was not large enough for maintenance. States where the toad pest is already in plague proportions will no put in one cent.
All fences put up to control kangaroos, dingoes, feral cats and wild dogs have failed in the long term. Animals are smart and they find ways of getting though when bad weather damages part of a fence line or animals damage the fence themselves.

The problem is if fences are put up to stop cane toads getting to life saving water then all other animals are kept out as well. Toads need water. We all know that, but other animals also need water to survive.

Basically, the only state with any areas free of can toads is Western Australia. Can we expect all the other states to give funding for this? Of course we cannot. With all states cutting expenditure on health, education and roads: there isn't any part of the pie left over.

Some scientists talk nonsense. In regard to stopping cane toads breeding in dams they say, "If we can take those areas away we can stop them re-invading or even push cane toad numbers back in a lot of areas." It is simple. Just put up fences to keep all the animals out and nothing will survive.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Robot to Replace Dumb Farm Workers

The robot age is here!  That is if you believe what scientists are trying to tell us.  Shouting and waving your hands in the air about a new thing is par for the course.  We have heard it all before: mew thing, great leap forward, and so on.

Apparently, the new gadget is a robot for use on a farm.  Developed in Australia, the machine wanders around the farm "keeping an eye" on crops and pests.  It is guided by hyperspectral cameras and sensors.  The initial field test, forgive the pun, was at a vegetable growing property where beetroot, spinach and onions are grown.

The robot has a mechanical arm for pulling up weeds - wow productivity will go through the roof!  Just how fast will this thing go?  Unfortunately, it moves very slowly.  Scientists say it will free up staff from manual labor.  This is absolute rubbish.  How does it know what is a weed and what is a valuable plant?

Unless it does high-tech stuff it will not prove to be beneficial.  If it can detect pests and diseases very early, it will be useful.  However, manual labor does take a high level of intelligence.  You must know how the job is to be done usually without supervision.  Scientists wrongly believe that farm workers are dumb.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Cull of Brumby Horses Necessary

Horses are not native to Australia. Over the centuries domesticated horses have run wild across the land. The wild "breed" of horses are called Brumbies. Like the introduced camels they reach pest proportions.

Environmentalists usually kick up a fuss when it is decided to carry out a cull. However, this is necessary as they do not have natural predators here. Horses, donkeys and camels are dying of starvation as the land will not support the numbers. It is more humane to shoot them.

farmers establish water points for cattle and sheep. The wild animals hang around water holes and eventually destroy them. Consequently, native species are dying from lack of water.

Culling is being done from helicopters. The shooters are very accurate and there is no suffering. Unfortunately, it is necessary to leave the animals where they die because it is too expensive to take them to an abattoir to use as pet food. It is a pity really. Ancestors of the horses were used by the Australian Light Horse in WWI.
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Australian Truffle Industry at Risk

It may be hard to believe, but Tasmania has a thriving truffle industry.  Perigord, the company that began truffle growing in Australia, has a trained team of dogs to search out the valuable product.

Something is damaging the crop.  A beetle related to the European truffle beetle has appeared.  Truffle beetles have not been studied to a great extent.  Until now the fungus has been pest free.  In Europe they are also destroyed by flies, gnats, and larvae.  Because the European truffle has only been here for about thirty years, growing them was easy.  The pests have found them and are attacking.  It seems the local beetle likes them too.  Moreover, the European snail has inadvertently been imported.

There is a problem in doing research to identify the culprits.  Truffles must be dug up to be examined before they ripen.  Once brought into the light at this early stage they are no good for the market. Using pesticides as is done in Europe would be very expensive.  Few Australian producers are willing to come forward to assist the study, fearing financial loss.
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