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Seal Gives his Mate a Fright - Absurd

Animals of many species have their own conversations. Yes they do! Don't laugh. They talk to each other. The picture obviously shows a night-after face from a creature who has imbibed too much alcohol the night before. His friend has no sympathy and tell the fellow off for doing such a silly thing. ! species animals talk alcohol night ! seal can gives big mate has fright down absurd ah seal will gives great mate mus fright up absurd uh seal more gives be mate far fright in absurd ho seal should gives for mate to fright on absurd uh ~
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Seals talks
"Have a good time last evening George?"
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A Trio of Seals Singing a Song

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Laughing seals
"Let us throw out a tune guys."
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Dog Hears with Conch Shell

Moon dog
"Is that you George?""
▶ Dog has somone who hears him on end of the line. Georgie Girl! ✿ video youtube crab alive ear hold listening ✿ ⧫1 dog an hears it conch of shell we sound ha
dog or hears ho conch uh shell in sound do dog as hears eh conch if shell oh sound so dog is hears an conch we shell or sound me ⧫1 Is that you - George? ✿2 listening ear youtube video crab precise food street rice fried prawns king lobsters alive soft wing hold ✿2 ⧫3 hold wing soft alive lobsters king prawns fried rice street food precise crab video youtube ear listening ⧫3
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Is that you George?

Zealandia is the New Continent

Continent of Zealandia near Australia..
There is something new in science, despite claims that everything is known.  New Zealand, like Australia (Australinea), is a continent - a very small one at that.  The scientific powers that be have to verify that it is the seventh continent. australia zealandia
Professor Bruce Luyendyk of australia named it Zealandia in 1995. Then, many claimed that it had only three of the necessary attributes. Satellite images show that the plate is unfragmented. With all four requirements identified, it is now accepted as a valid continent. The decision will be yes. Zealandia was part of Australia 85 million years ago. The land mass contains valuable minerals. Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia will have to work out who controls specific areas. New Caledonia is a French overseas territory, so France will be involved. australia zealandia zealand continental million earth australia continents crust atlas zealandia stories continent people zealand today continental gallery million newest earth earth australia science continents size crust larger atlas zealandia landmass stories continent home people zealand horrifying today continental zealandia amazing gallery million continent understanding newest earth zealand reveal earth australia continental zealandia latest science continents million continent researchers size crust earth zealand field larger atlas continental magnetic landmass stories continents zealandia core home people crust continent heat horrifying today zealand planets amazing gallery ranking understanding newest habitability reveal earth slightly latest science land researchers size field larger microcontinents magnetic landmass fact core underwater heat gondwana planets antarctica ranking percent habitability idea slightly thickness land oceanic geologically microcontinents submerged fact credit underwater scientists gondwana eighth antarctica continent percent idea thickness oceanic geologically submerged credit scientists eighth continent.
Zealandia the new continent
Professor Bruce Luyendyk named it Zealandia in 1995.  Then, many claimed that it had only three of the necessary attributes.  Satellite images show that the plate is unfragmented.  With all four requirements identified, it is now accepted as a valid continent.  The decision will be yes.

Zealandia was part of Australia 85 million years ago.  The land mass contains valuable minerals.  Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia will have to work out who controls specific areas.  New Caledonia is a French overseas territory, so France will be involved.
◆ Geology 
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Otter Takes a Cake

"That will be mine!"
.. .. Hungry sea otter goes for sweet eats for his supper. otter takes cake weasel elk baboon amusing elephant seagull gold wallaby perch jackal otter to takes in cake shark platypus gecko turtle tiger rat blackbird lobster play chimp brown otter on takes bird penguin owl prawn albatross magpie robin deer Orangutan bass goldfish otter flea wolf sheep tadpole goat bat squid toad pelican spider butterfly otter as takes at cake eagle finch canary ostrich dolphin bug squirrel mouse marlin rhinoceros otter go takes it cake moose thrush emu frog whale zebra wildebeest snail tortoise swan crab or takes of cake chimpanzee puma possum carp crocodile cow octopus vulture monkey seal dingo ape lizard boar wombat at fish seahorse budgie snake beetle .. .. | comical performing animal reaches for human treats rather than fish whiskers. |

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Weedy Seadragon (phyllopteryx taeniolatus) - Australiana

Weedy seadragon is an Aussie icon.
Weedy Seadragons (phyllopteryx taeniolatus) live only in southern Australian waters. The fish are quite large, growing to 46cm. They are redish with yellow spots and blend in with their surroundings.  Their red, sandy color does not show against the weedy background as they have green weed-like appendages.
Weedy Seadragon phyllopteryx taeniolatus
Seadragon males incubate eggs. A female puts about 200 eggs into a brooding pouch on the male during mating. The male fertilizes the eggs in his pouch. The young take two years to become mature.

When seadragons die they are preserved by bony plates. These can be found washed up on beaches. Yearly rings are "recorded" in their ear bones. They live for five years. Seadragons are a barometer for climate change. It the environment deteriorates many die off.
◆ Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
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Red Reef Lobster Found in Western Australia

Biology: Red reef lobster caught in Western Australia.
It is common knowledge that lobsters do not have hair. We all know this. However, hairy lobsters do exist and one has been caught in Western Australia. The red reef lobster is common in the waters of Madagascar, Hawaii, and African countries. Finding it off WA is a real surprise.
Red reef lobster
The fisherman who caught it has never seen anything like it in his life. It seemed to be a prawn, lobster, scampi hybrid. The hairy red is much different from Australian lobsters: it has crab-like claws.

Biologists do not believe that it came all the way from Africa, at least not in recent times. They hold that it has been here all along living and breeding in a localized, remote spot. The one caught probably strayed away from its locality. Obviously, its normal range must be reasonably close. Being elusive, scientists are not going on a hunt. The creature will be left alone.
 Bioloogy by Ty Buchanan 
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Drones Used to Control Sharks in Australia

Australians tend to be early adopters of new technology because they have inquisitive minds. Our old enemy, the shark, will always be around, so it is not surprising that drone technology is being used to solve this problem.
Shark caught by baited hook attached to a drum
It is not the buzzing sound that will scare sharks off. Drones are being used to gather visual information about where sharks are and the number swimming around, the theory being that if we know this we can be more careful.

At the moment hooks are baited on lines attached to floating drums. This method is a simple way to catch sharks, but other creatures are also caught such as dolphins. Unfortunately, sharks not tempted by the bait remain in the area. Baited hooks have warning devices in them that notify watchers on a boat when sharks take them.

This is a clumsy way to keep sharks at bay. Targeting sharks observed by drones is a better solution. Drones are far cheaper than helicopters and do a better job, going right down to sea level to collect data.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Robots Protect Australia's Barrier Reef

It is not know why but the Great Barrier Reefs is always being attacked by hordes of Crown-of-Thorns starfish. Forty per cent of damage to the reef is done by the pest. Robots that can identify starfish and then inject them with a lethal toxin are being used to fight the invasion.
Submersible robots kill crown of thorns starfish
The system works by having a submersible robot patrol about 30cm off the sea floor. When it sees a starfish an arm is extended and the injection is done. If a target is questionable the view is recorded in the robot's data base. A copy of the video is sent to human controllers who verify whether the robot has to return to finish the job.

The robots get the starfish early before they can do any real damage to the reef. After the robots have done what they can, human divers go in to clear up the remaining starfish. This combined protective system will give the reef time to recover.
 Science by Ty Buchanan
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Cancer in Clams Spread Cells Floating in the Water

Clams along the United States' eastern coastline are suffering from cancer. Like the "bug" in the Tasmanian devil it spreads from individual contact. Rogue cells jump between clams by floating in the water. The most common cancer of clams is leukemia - the sea creatures have a circulatory system.
The find happened because Carol Reinisch of Massachusetts Marine Biology Laboratory (who works on soft-shell clams) asked Stephen Goof of Columbia University to look for clams getting cancer by a  virus. He was shocked to discover a toxic cell that spreads cancer all along the eastern seaboard.

Only two other cases of the spread of cancer by cells are known. One is decimating the Tasmanian devil. The other is transmitted sexually in dogs. At present Geoff Goff's research is supposition. A lab experiment which shows cancer spreading by a cell in water has not yet been done.

Scientists will soon carry out the relevant test. Then we will know whether something dangerous has been discovered. Though people cannot get cancer by eating clams, there could be a danger of getting the same or similar cancer by swimming in water contaminated by the cells.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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A Monster in the Water

There are some really strange things out there. Some animals are living fossils. They should have died out with the great extinction, but they survived and lived on.
The frilled shark looks more like an eel. Its mouth and teeth are enormous in relation to its body. It was caught for the first time in Australia by a fishing trawler. Fishermen had never seen one before.

Like the platypus it is a mishmash, having a tail like a shark with head and body like an eel. The animal can live in deep water as well as the shallows. This guy had a bad day. They usually frequent deep water. However, this one was swimming at 700 metres, the maximum fishing depth for trawlers.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Beached Beaked Whale in Australia

Many animals have not been seen for a long time. Indeed, it is not known whether they have become extinct. Some, of course, live in places not usually visited by humans. Recently a beaked whale was washed up on a beach Australia. It is rare and lives deep in the sea.

The actual species cannot be verified by manual examination of the body, Part of the body will be sent to the Australian Science Museum in Sydney for DNA tests and X-ray scans to determine the correct species.

Not much is known about beaked whales because they live so far down in the sea. Only stranded and beached specimens have been found. They do come to the surface to breath but do not linger there for very long.

Many scientists have never seen a live beaked whale. A beaching of this kind is very rare indeed. Parts of the body will be thoroughly examined to shed more light on how the mammal lives.  We will never know everything about fellow animals.  The more we know the better.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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New Mushroom-Like Organisms found off Australian Coast

There may be alien creature "out there" - Well many believe that there is - but some weird things live on this planet. In the ocean depths of Australia odd living organisms have recently been discovered.

At first glance they look like floating mushrooms. They are not related to fungi though. The creatures are actually flowering plants and vertebrates. Dendrogramma mostly consist of a stomach surrounded by jelly-like skin.

Scientists believe they are the remnants of early life forms which appeared before the life that went on to dominate the Earth. In other words they were a dead end. They are unique, not related in any way to life that eventually became successful across the globe.

There are a lot of new things still continuing their existence at the bottom of the oceans. Many are very specialized living off toxic substances that would kill other organisms. Don't bother to look for life in the stars. Much still awaits discovery beneath our feet.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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