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Chickens Do a Good Country Line Dance

Birds do rural dancing with music. They are synchronized. A real team. Rocking away to the beat. Rock on birdies. It could be called a poultry attempt but it is fine 'n all. Chickens can do many and Good big Country time Line down Dance ah Chickens will do to a far Good great Country mus Line up Dance uh Chickens would do few a more Good be Country far Line in Dance ho Chickens should do too a but Good for Country to Line on Dance uh * him dances la chicken an count we steps ok popular it on dancers at instruction at part of learn so elbows us if counts or times to hip in wedding go step ho rachel uh hanson ha pictures me it's her source hi fun eh group no slide is ballet to equipment up tips he hands ox polka lot moves new hop may zap instructions peg out start oh easy gov practice pal history pit cha my don't ono high wry left aah hold oat position yet skip see exercise pie stand rev teens ax people yeh list hot clap pop shuffle use watch ah instructional pro electric own common say types for image led hand an small pat comments aye topics pay ballroom zag find put slideshows log extra nab basic let sheets yep can cheerleading has costumes did yoga zed level sat open van beak sub quickly sky knees far feet set that's but action ret folks rec gatherings wiz hook reg partner owe changing pin directions wet direction raw large id need sum kids add long pot page ace didn't i information sit the philippines pad folk ply lab face by body way leaps wag benna try crawford but repeat tea professional nay circle tie who variations win learning gig movements its receptions gif making our surprised of click max provide not full top boot vet scooting saw boogie why pick a related ram editor's the picks as reception pix songs am trending was zip beginning huh facts yes categories veg famous pan mob jump wit night owe easier ox school try venue it the turns pie jazz zed texas reg rave at training ace dating pat top but policy * + dances chicken count steps popular dancing dancers instruction part learn elbows music counts times hip wedding step rachel hanson pictures it's source fun group slide ballet equipment tips hands polka moves hop great instructions time start easy practice history cha don't high left hold position skip exercise stand teens people list clap shuffle watch instructional electric common types image hand small comments topics ballroom find slideshows extra basic sheets google cheerleading costumes yoga level open beak quickly knees feet that's action folks gatherings hook partner changing directions direction large need kids long page didn't information big philippines folk put face body leaps benna crawford repeat professional circle floor variations learning movements receptions making surprised click provide full boot scooting boogie pick related editor's picks reception songs trending home beginning facts categories famous song jump night easier school venue lot turns jazz texas rave training dating top policy + || wiki the world || You or have an got go it eh Gertrude. || funny, animal, pictures, coop, fence, eggs, mesh, clucky, hen, rooster, ||
Elvis dog
"You have got it Gertrude."
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New Technology to Revolutionize Sexing of Poultry

New technology automates the sexing of chicks.
Fattening up male chicks is a waste of resources. Furthermore, having to manually check the sex of chicks that are sold to producers is a costly burden. There must be an easier way. In Europe a way of determining the sex of chicks while still in the egg will revolutionize the industry.
Euthanizing male chicks
Female chickens fatten up much quicker than males. Moreover, males do not lay eggs. It may be possible to on-sale the "rejected" eggs for production of egg powder. The new system is 95 per cent effective after the ninth day of gestation.

The way male chicks are disposed of at present is not pretty: they are crushed alive by an industrial crusher. At first, Wouter Bruins of the Netherlands had the aim of ending this mass euthanization. Now it is seen as a potential extremely profitable enterprise. Sexing can be done at the rate of 4,500 an hour.
Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Australia's Bird the Emu

Early European settlers were amazed by the emu.  Governor Lachlan Macquarie was so impressed that, in 1822, he sent two emus as gifts to the Governor-General of India, the Marquis of Hastings.  When Macquarie set sail from Australia back to England on the ship Surry, he wrote that voyaging with the passengers were "pets" that included six emus, travelling in roomy well aired pens  well-aired pens. The animals were to be given as gifts to friends and patrons of Governor Macquarie back in England. Unfortunately many of the pets, including one of the largest emus died on the trip.
Emu with young chicks
In l791 John Harris, who arrived in the new colony as a surgeon, wrote that emus were swifter than the fleetest of greyhounds. Emu eggs were described as dark Green with little black specks the of pins.  It is a little larger than goose eggs.  The emu is Australia’s largest bird standing up to 2 metres high. lt has wings but it can°t fly. lt can run really quickly around 50 kilometres per hour. The legs are also yery powerful and used for fighting, especially if males are fighting over females. Emus are common throughout mainland Australia but not in dense rainforest and urbanised areas. They are highly nomadic, which means they must move as they need in search of food, water and shelter.

An emu°s courtship is a boisterous affair. There ISs lots of bobbing up and down, weaying and dipping, throat drumming, grunting and fluffing of feathers.  Mating begins late in December: The female flattens a platform of grass into a large nest and lays her clutch of between 7 and 11 dark green eggs lthough it could be as high as 20.  lf it is a good season and there is plenty of rain she might lay one or two more clutches with different males.

After laying her eggs she leaves. The male has the sole responsibility for parenting.  When the eggs are laid, the male gets broody and begins incubation before the clutch is completed. The female stops mating with the male but might continue to lay eggs in the nest. which are fertilised by other males. It takes 56 days of incubation before the eggs hatch and striped chicks appear, usually in early spring. During this time the male emu sits on the eggs. rarely leaying the nest and only standing to turn the eggs every few hours.  He doesn't eat or drink. Drawing on fat reserves, he looses about eight kilograms.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Parsitic Wasps Transfer DNA to Lepidoptera Caterpillars

Wasps enslave caterpillars. It could be seen as a genetics accident, though it appears to be a conscious decision by Someone out there. The wasps could not survive without caterpillars. If caterpillars all died out so would wasps.
predator wasps laying eggs in lepidoptera caterpillar
Parsitic wasps lay their eggs in all types of lepidoptera caterpillars. Both insects are so close in evolutionary terms that some wasp genes are actually in caterpillars. The reason for this is that 300 million years ago there was a common ancestor of Hymenopter, the insect order to which wasps belong, and Lepidoptera caterpillars.

When eggs are laid inside the caterpillars, a large bracovirus is injected which supresses the immune response of Lipidoptera, so grubs are not killed off. They hatch and eat caterpillars alive! Sometimes caterpillars survive and develop into buterflies and moths with bracovirus DNA because it was picked up from wasps before injection into caterpillars.
Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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Bright Plumage in Male Birds to Attract Females is Proven

Some scientists are playing with the truth about colorful plumage in male birds. They are claiming that bright colors as well as dull colors in females are to assist in blending into the environment. This is rot. Bright colors always stand out from any background.
Bright plumage male and female birds
Because just under half of bird species have females with brighter plumage than males, this supposedly proves their case. Have they considered that females need to be attractive to males as well? They predict that bright plumage will be lost in evolution. It hasn't lost been so far and there is no support for this claim.

Female humans are different than males and it should stay this way. There is no evolutionary pressure for it not to continue. Birds are no different. The premise "that both natural selection and sexual selection were (are) influential to bird coloration" is not substantiated in their research. This is just an opinion. There is no proof. Indeed, evidence for this view is virtually nonexistent.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Unboiled Eggs

Australian and US Scientists have discovered how to unboil eggs. This is not the whole egg as you would see on your dinner plate: just egg white. Transport of egg white will be revolutionized, no more need to ship fragile whole eggs in their shells (egg white powder is available though not that useful in such a form).  Laboratories will be using the protein as a base medium for research.
A protein is added to pre-boiled egg white which untangles proteins thus allowing them to refold. The procedure is quick and cheep, cheap - sorry about the pun! It is a two stage process. First a substance from urea is added, then the remaining lumps are untangled using a special machine.

Reconstituted egg white can be used in cancer treatment, cheese manufacturing and the farming industry. A patent has been applied for. There is always a catch, but that's life I suppose.
✴ Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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Kiwi Came from Australia

Three years ago a fossil was found at st Bathams in New Zealand. The record books now have to be rewritten. It seems the fossil is an ancestor of the Kiwi and it indicates that it was related to the Australian emu. This undermines the premise that the kiwi is a solely New Zealand bird. After all it is the national symbol.

You see, the emu relative could fly and it flew to New Zealand. It was a tiny bird compared to the kiwi. The enormous egg that kiwis lay evolved. It was not "handed-down" by the giant Moa. Eggs began to get larger in birds during the Miocene.

The theory that the kiwi originated in Australia was commonly held before this fossil find. It was believed to have got to New Zealand when the country was joined to Australia on Gondwanaland, but his view has been put to rest.

Most New Zealand birds got bigger over time. This was not unusual. The kiwi evolved from the earlier tiny ancestor. Discovery of this 20 million year old fossil was pure luck. It is the oldest fossil ever found in New Zealand.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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More Expensive Eggs - "End" of Battery Hens

Coles and Woolworths promise no support for battery chickens and pork grown in like manner. They say they will only purchase from "green" suppliers. Is this being good citizens on their part? Well frankly, it is not. Controlling 80 per cent of the market they have the power to force low prices on more expensive production.

We will see small operations go to the wall and a future oligopoly forming. When this is finalized, like in the paint market, buyers will have to pay the price offered by the few gigantic producers. For example, Bunnings has to take prices of the few paint manufacturers. Furthermore, there is nothing to stop backyard battery operations selling at weekend markets.

Legislated changes have unintended consequences. The result will be more expensive eggs. This has to be the case. Higher costs mean higher prices overall. This is economic fact. Get ready to see cardboard signs nailed to front fences of houses selling "home grown" eggs.
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Higher Rates of Birth Defects With "Injected" ICSI Babies

For many years we have heard nothing but good things about test tube babies, how they are strong and grow faster, etc. Maybe the "authorities" are telling us what we want to hear, with women choosing to have children later in life.

Older women having babies had their age taken into account when measuring birth defects. If they smoked this was also given a mathematical allowance. This could be distorting the true picture.

There has been a change in the way the "art" of test tube babies is done. Today, an individual sperm is injected into an egg. In the normal fertilization process only the fastest, healthiest sperm is successful.

Evaluation of babies shows that birth defects occur in "injected" babies at a rate of 10 per cent. This compares to 6 per cent for naturally conceived babies. Couples who choose the older form of freezing embryos had normal rates of healthy babies. The attempt to get more embryos by injecting sperm, ICSI, seems to have backfired.
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Eggs of Mussels Attract Compatible Sperm by Releasing Chemicals

Mussel sperm have to find the right egg. This is not as easy as it seems. When the eggs are released they can be scattered through ocean water or river. While mussels are attached to rocks, eggs and sperm are at the mercy of the elements. The eggs have to let sperm know that the eggs are available, so they send out a chemical message to attract suitable sperm.

Many species release chemical signals. The message sent has to be differentiated to prevent fertilization by siblings. A test was done forcing sperm to fertilize chosen eggs. Only compatible matches gave healthy offspring. In a later test mussel sperm were observed to choose compatible eggs to produce health young.

This is the first time chemical attraction has been observed in mussels. It shows how important compatibility is in many species. This brings into question the theory of gene pools where there is deemed to be no barrier to gene pairing. The idea that any male and female can have offspring no longer stands. Even human eggs send out chemical signals to attract compatible sperm. Some human couples cannot have children even when tests show they are perfectly healthy. Fertilization can occur with a different partner.
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Baby Turtles Communicate So They Hatch Together

Baby turtles hatch all at the same time. This is no accident: they communicate with each other while they are still buried under the ground. Some eggs are deep down where it is cooler. Others are near the surface where the sun heats the eggs up. As hatching gets closer those further down speed up their development while those higher up slow down.

University of Western Sydney researcher Ricky-John Spencer randomly collected turtle eggs then put them into two groups. One group was incubated at 25 degree Centigrade, the other group are 30 degrees. They were then all brought together and kept at the same temperature: they all hatched at the same time.

Jessica McGlashan took a closer look. She brought a female turtle into the lab and collected the eggs the turtle laid. One half of the eggs were put into the incubator at 30 degrees, While the other half received 26 degree incubation. Some eggs from both temperatures were then put into one group in the incubator at the higher temperature and those who had been initially incubated at 26 degrees were tested. They did indeed develop faster.

A group eggs was kept at 26 degrees throughout. As the days went by the faster developing embryos who were now at 30 degrees exhaled more carbon dioxide and their heart rates were faster than the embryos kept at 26 degrees.

Baby turtle don't actually communicate verbally, but they can "hear" each others heart beat, or rather feel the vibration of heart beats because the eggs are touching. They could even be measuring the carbon dioxide level.
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Free-Range Eggs Definition Questioned by ACCC

Law is just pedantic. Legal proceedings are to be undertaken to define the precise meaning of "free to roam" chicken. Can chicken roam freely when they are packed into barns? The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is arguing that the high population density of barn chicken prevents them roaming freely. Turi Foods, Baiada Poultry and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation are accused of misleading advertising.

The court case could fall either way. There is no doubt television adds showing chicken wandering with large spaces between them are not showing the true condition. However, a chicken is free to move if another chicken moves out of the way first in normal barn chicken egg production. Of course free-range chicken supporters are in favor of the ACCC action.

There isn't much doubt that the real truth about barn production is not being shown in the advertisements. Other products are also not telling the truth in advertising either and the ACCC is not going after them. For example, hamburgers shown in adverts have plastic and paint in them and they are shown larger than actual size. Perhaps the Government is at fault here - there are no clear guidelines on what free range actually means.
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Mary River Turtle in Danger From Global Warming

Australia has a rare turtle restricted to the Mary River in Queensland. The University of Queensland has concluded that global warming will seriously endanger this species. Eggs were collected and incubated at 26, 29 and 32 degree Centigrade. Young turtles from eggs incubated at the highest temperature stayed in shallow water because they had difficulty swimming.

Life expectancy would be short for these young. Food is in deeper water and there is safety from predators. The Mary River turtle, Elesor macrurus, is classed as endangered. Numbers have been falling for several decades. Other dangers to their survival are eggs being collected to the pet trade and introduced predators such as dogs and foxes.

It is suspected that other species of turtle are similarly affected. Circumstances for the Mary River turtle are particularly dire because nests are in shallow water which can be directly affected by a warming atmosphere.
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Vets Have Demanding Jobs and Don't Get Paid

People expect treatment of animals to be free. This is a fact. That is why there is a high suicide rate for veterinary surgeons. The suicide rate for vets is four times higher than the rest of the population.

In cities people take their pets to the vet when there is serious injury or illness or when an animal is at death's door. If their pet dies while being treated or operated on it is the norm, expected, that the vet will wave charges. And again, after a pet is put down it is deemed to be rude for the vet to charge a reasonable fee.

Rural regions operate in a different way. Veterinary surgeons are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At lambing time they are rushed off their feet. Every farmer pays 3 months after service, so vets are in debt to the bank from the start. The days of paying with eggs are not gone either. Meat is often offered as payment.

Why do people train to be vets? They obviously love animals, like the technical side of the job, or have community spirit. They will not become wealthy nor have secure futures.
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become wealthy or have secure futures.

Women Leave It Too Late to Have Children

Women are putting off having babies until they have established a career. This is not good for the child. A woman in her prime is more capable of providing the nourishment a baby needs. Bottle feeding from birth is a poor alternative. The baby does not get the antibodies the mother has and there is the danger of obesity - too much nourishment of the wrong kind. Human babies are not calves.

Older mothers rely on IVF and freezing of eggs. There has been a rush for egg freezing in recent years. Doctors don't even need to advertise the service, though many do. Women in their early twenties see it as "insurance" for putting off having a family.

There are problems, however, in relying on frozen eggs. The success rate is low. Just under half do not give birth from eggs frozen for 10 years. It is unfortunate that some are making a business out of providing a service that will disappoint many women who have left it too late to have children.
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