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Thylacines Not Extinct From El Nino

Mercury pollution


Thylacinus cynocephalus disappeared from the Aussie mainland. A new theory of why it happened is suggested. oct gallery mainland telegraph follow tasmania news tiger dna thylacines extinction years tasmanian premium comment weather creatures rewards storm time pictures register drought climate dogs australia hunting ancient australian credit mystery wiped solved finally shop content attack 52am free white germany study theresa 24am government tells october day 03:00:00 latest trump donald tourist eyes afghanistan 55am year 33am instagram twitter facebook home state survived money log show fill change evidence search led sightings unconfirmed population diversity genetic university 1700s images getty afp blackwood torsten thylacine introduced wild extinct science business sport video oct a gallery a mainland a telegraph a follow a tasmania a news a tiger a dna a thylacines a extinction a years a tasmanian a premium a comment a weather a creatures a rewards a storm a time a pictures a register a drought a climate a dogs a australia a hunting a ancient a australian a credit a mystery a wiped a solved a finally a shop a content a attack a 52am a free a white a germany a study a theresa a 24am a government a tells a october a day a 03:00:00 a latest a trump a donald a tourist a eyes a afghanistan a 55am a year a 33am a instagram a twitter a facebook a home a state a survived a money a log a show a fill a change a evidence a search a led a sightings a unconfirmed a population a diversity a genetic a university a 1700s a images a getty a afp a blackwood a torsten a thylacine a introduced a wild a extinct a science a business a sport a video oct c gallery c mainland c telegraph c follow c tasmania c news c tiger c dna c thylacines c extinction c years c tasmanian c premium c comment c weather c creatures c rewards c storm c time c pictures c register c drought c climate c dogs c australia c hunting c ancient c australian c credit c mystery c wiped c solved c finally c shop oct k gallery k mainland k telegraph k follow k tasmania k news k tiger k dna k thylacines k extinction k years k tasmanian k premium k comment k weather k creatures oct m gallery m mainland m telegraph m follow m tasmania m news m tiger m dna m thylacines m extinction m years m tasmanian oct d gallery d mainland d telegraph d follow d tasmania d news d tiger oct p gallery p mainland oct or gallery th oct
Thylacine extinction

Woolly Mammoth Died Due to Mutations

When a warmer climate spread across the globe, the woolly beasts were in deep trouble.  Melting snow together with predation by humans made the animals extinct.  Their numbers dwindled to zero in 6,000 years.  A strange thing happened during this time.  The species tried to adapt and threw up countless mutations.  Most were destructive. | ▶ optimum not news. | mutations killed animals ◀ |
Extinction of woolly mammoth
The long dark coat, so good as insulation from the cold, became like satin and light could shine through it.  They got severe irritable bowel syndrome because they loss their sense of smell.    It stopped them from mating because of protein changes in the creature's urine.  | ▶ | australian| mutations ◀ |    

These changes are now known from two specimens in Siberia.  One on the mainland and another on a rock in the ocean.  It was the slightly later Wrangel Island specimen that had an over representation of genetic mutations. Those who want to save threatened species must now be careful. Inbreeding could bring about the mass genetic alterations and that kills off endangered animals. | ▶ | not. | ◀        | ▶ | not | ◀ |
  ▶ Changes in their genetic makeup means mammoth no longer exists. stories and news| mammoth to died of mutations latest woolly mammoths classic nes science died stock species mammoth on scientists genes pool gene genomic dead details origin million mammoth in died in limbs eyes concept study animal wiped meltdown small comparison mammoth as died be mutations kind genome lived isolation dna nature news ancient genomes mammoth or died at mutations extinction related north dying history researchers mammoth it died en mutations research mammoths migration investigation defence progress elephant ah mammoth did died oh mutations populations important natural population medical program molecules microscope disparities gender global human plant california elephants arctic fossils brink stem-cell mammals change range competition reduced translucent coats proteins urinary sequences mammoths | travel news stories | ◀ |
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Tys Outback
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Mad Chimpanzee - a hoot!

Monkey is not mad, just a buffoon.
1Mad chimpanzee
"Mad you say,  Do I look mad?"
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Shuffle Dog

Dog shuffling out of room
"I'll just shuffle on out of here"
 ✴ Funny Animal Pictures by Ty Buchanan 
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Large Asteroid Craters Found in Australia

Australia has always been seen as remote. Yet new new things are being discovered about its history. It has been identified as the "target" of one of the world's largest asteroid impacts. Two craters found by Andrew Glikson and his team are thought to have been caused by a large meteor which broke into two pieces.
Dinosaurs killed extinct by asteroid
Each crater is 200 kilometers in diameter. One of these craters on its own is larger than the impact in Mexico: the Central American collision wiped out the dinosaurs. It isn't the biggest, however. The Sudbury comet did a great deal of damage, but the world's widest crater is the Vredefort in South Africa.

The twin craters in Australia have been flattened out over eons of time. They were found by geothermal research. It appears that asteroid impact covers the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia, a very large area. Seismic traverses is going to be applied next. This will hopefully bring new things to light.

If the asteroid damage in Mexico caused mass extinction, the severe disruption in Australia would have destroyed life as well. Its age has not yet been determined. The question is: Did the dinosaurs survive the catastrophe or were they long gone by then?
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Mass Extinction Has Begun

You may stop fearing an asteroid colliding with the Earth. Man himself could be the cause of the next mass extinction. People who harp on about climate change being a religion and an article of faith are like those who ignored Noah.
Remember that humans got down a few hundred individuals in the past. We are very lucky to be here today. Of course the world would have gone on without us: it would be a very different world. There would be no pollution anywhere.

Ebola is out of control. Antibiotics are failing. A world-wide plague could be on the cards. Danger to Man is not the only issue. Twenty five per cent of mammals could soon disappear. Forty per cent of amphibians are at risk.

Because species are already dying off, a mass extinction could have already begun. The hottest decade on record shows that life is declining. When animals die off the food supply for other creatures also goes. So the path of extinction of predator species becomes real as well.

Carbon is the major cause of extinctions. It is in most things and when pumped into the air it warms up the planet. Seemingly mundane thing also pollute. Coke is fizzy due to carbonic acid. This is getting into the oceans, changing the pH level and destroying life.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Euthanasia and Dying at Home Should be on the Agenda

Euthanasia should be legal. When you are ill and feel that your life is no longer worth living, you should be given access to drugs that can be self-administered. It is of no help to society or anyone for that matter to continue painful existence.

Even when doctors know you are dying, in Australia you are not taken home to die. Eighty six per cent of Australians die outside of their home. This is despite 70 per cent of people wanting to die at home. There is high demand for medical facilities. Nonetheless, the critically ill are kept in hospitals and residential care against their wishes.

More home care is made available in other Western countries to look after dying people at home. Why is this not done in Australia? At present more die at an old age. This state of affairs could change as the young adopt poor lifestyles and medical treatment becomes more privatised.

Making wishes known will not alter the state of affairs, because the key to improving matters lies with government. Government policy driven by uncaring third parties is at fault. A social structure supportive of choosing how one dies is needed.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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Dog View

"What do you think of the view?"
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Ten End of the World Is Not Nigh!

Times have always been bad. Before this enlightened age a person could be "bludgeoned" to pieces at random by a man wielding a massively heavy and crude sword. Murder was seldom punished. The law was mainly aimed at theft, settling property disputes, heresy against the church or a challenge to the crown.

Even before Christ people were claiming that the end of the world was nigh. The fiasco about the Mayan calendar shows how such "precognition" can be totally wrong. Once again the recent "clash" of a meteor and asteroid with Earth has drawn the doomsayers out of the woodwork.

Wonders in the heavens have occurred since man came down from the trees. It is not something that stops, then starts again. The lightning strike at St. Peter's Basilica after the Pope announced he would step down was just coincidence. Lightning strikes happen regularly and despite the myth it does strike twice in the same place.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says he was inundated with communications asking if the world was coming to an end. Cahn himself is a supporter of the end of the world scenario declaring people are renouncing religion, and there is more sin and immorality.

Sex is not in itself sin. It is a normal human and animal function to beget offspring and continue the species. It is words from angry people that make is appear dirty and sinful. The Catholic Church in particular is responsible for this. Celibacy is unnatural, No other animal does it. It should be noted that homosexuality is practised by other animals: apes and dolphins are examples. Personally, I am not in favor of same sex marriage, but if the majority want it then I will accept it.

People tend to see only what they want to see. It is a fact that a Holy War is going on in the world at the moment. There are no stories in the press about this directly. The war in Alfghanistan and terrorism are mentioned. No one, even organized religion will tackle this issue. It is assumed that maybe it will go away. However, this war will go on for decades. The only real solution is for one religion to win. That, of course, will not happen. Perhaps a new prophet will arise who will dramatically change entrenched views and values. Hope does reign eternal - not much else does!
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Tasmanian Devil Cancer Is Parasitic

Tasmanian devils have a unique form of cancer. It is the only type that is contagious. Just how it is transmitted is the unknown factor. Scientists studying the disease now believe it should be reclassified as a parasite. Though at first glance it seems to be a cancer it has many characteristics of a parasite.

The parasitic cancer stays in a host until the sufferer is irretrievably damaged then it will move on to a new host. It uses the Tasmanian devils predilection for violence to spread itself. It remains alive by sticking to the teeth. When devils fight they snap at each others' mouths causing blood to flow.

It is really a new category of disease. Though a cancer it not in other animals. A parasite will exist in many animals. The disease originated in one female devil during the 1990s. Just how it originated is not known. It is such a difficult disease to treat. The Tasmanian devil could reach its demise in less than 15 years.
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