Shark Chokes on Sea Lion

Sharks are not the indestructible creatures many think they are.  There is a myth surrounding sharks that they are virtually made of steel.  They can bite through anything and withstand great hardship.

A strong four-meter long white pointer was washed up dead on a Western Australian beach.  It certainly did bite off more than it could chew.  The cause of death was choking on a sea lion.

There was no sign of any major injury to its body, just a large sea lion lodged in its throat.  It was observed jostling around in the shallows shortly before being washed up on a Coronation Beach, apparently trying to dislodge the sea lion.

A man walking his dog first saw the shark and thought it was a diver.  There was an attempt to save the shark by towing it out to sea.  It was not known then what was the cause of its distress.  However, it later washed up dead on the beach.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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