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Values Taught to the Young Causes Terrorism

Plants destroyed in australia
| Cultural norms of behavior are learned when we are children. It stays with us for the rest of our lives - dangerous or not. | islamic koran muslim | values people donation radicalised educating including homegrown audience social
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Learning the Koran

Only the Christian Science Church is Exempt from Vaccination

It seems odd to me that Tony Abbott has not exempted Catholics from the new compulsory  vaccination law. The only church outside of the new regime is the Christian Science church. Scott Morrison the Social Services Minister tried to keep this a secret. He was stupid to think he could do this. Nothing is secret in politics!

Any exemption is folly. People will be queuing up to join the church but never attend services just to get their children in school. There must be a back down on this decision. Just a letter from the church exempts children of members. Court cases are expected by followers of other churches. A court will allow exemption across the board because the decision is discriminatory.

Health professionals say the new rules will not work because all children have a legal right to attend school. Can you imagine the uproar if parents just choose to take their children out of school and plant them in front of the TV?

There are only 1,400 Christian Scientists nationwide. The decision to exempt them is weird. They obviously have great influence over government. Lobbyists would like to know their secret. Considering members of this church do accept treatment from doctors and hospitals, their belief in self-healing is weak. Furthermore, followers do vaccinate in other countries with compulsory vaccination. This government is continuing not to surprise. It will do the ridiculous.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Germany Disappointed With Immigration "Experiment"

If Germany expected immigrants to become German by living there it is no wonder people are disappointed. The best one can hope for is that the children of immigrants born in the new country will be fully integrated. If a model of "multiculturalism" was needed Australia could be the example. In the 50s, 60s and 70s the term "wog" was prevalent. Though Australians should have more correctly called people from the Mediterranean region "waps", these Greek and Italian "new Australians" quickly moved into enclaves of major cities. They not only imported themselves, but corner store businesses sprang up selling goods that no native born Australian would buy. The stores did quite well from the local expatriate clientele.

It was common to hear people on buses and in queues speaking the language of their mother country. Australians were not offended by this because the new people were hard working and they didn't try to change Australian culture per se. Their culture just ran "alongside" the dominant culture. If one was lucky, an invite to a party or a wedding was offered. There was this congruency between the cultures. All enjoyed having a good time where alcohol was consumed. Even Asian societies have blended in well.

Today new arrivals come from the Middle East and Africa and they are predominantly Muslim. It is no wonder a clash of cultures occurs. While Christianity strongly affects Mediterranean societies, freedom of the individual is paramount. Islam expects the individual to live strictly by the laws of this religion. This means no alcohol and "kicking up one's heals" is frowned upon. Fundamentally, the problem is a religious one. If the hope is for the children of Muslims to be socialized into their new country Islam needs to be interpreted in ways that for the most part do not clash with the dominant culture. Children of immigrants who strictly follow the ways of their parents are doomed to a life of not fitting in.  The pressure on them will be just about insurmountable.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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The Guilt of the Kill - Slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouse meat worker female
When you eat meat do you feel guilty about the early death of the creature? You probably believe that because someone else killed it you are without guilt. Buddhists are careful not to step on a blade of grass - those who really follow the Faith. It must be remembered, however, that even plants are alive, so there is no way you can avoid taking a life to obtain food.
Recently, Australia temporarily stopped the export of live cattle to Indonesia. ABC television showed a documentary showing cruelty to animals during the slaughter process. Some people have pointed out that cruelty takes place at Australian abattoirs.

Humans need food. Meat has more energy than any other food product. It is no wonders we consume it in massive amounts. Perhaps we cover up the guilt by calling cattle "meat" very early on in the slaughter process. For example, dead unprocessed chickens are called "whole bird products".

Feeling guilty about taking a life is a religious value. When something is dead it is just that - dead. If you do not believed in a hereafter that is the end of it. When a lion takes down its prey the pain endured by the victim is not a consideration.

Perhaps this double standard is due to people keeping pets which become part of the family and owners think that they must have an afterlife too. In evolutionary terms we are only just out of the savage stage. Neanderthals are widely accepted as falling into this category, though evidence shows they were just as advanced as us. Spearing an animal must cause pain, but to survive we must do it.
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Ten End of the World Is Not Nigh!

Times have always been bad. Before this enlightened age a person could be "bludgeoned" to pieces at random by a man wielding a massively heavy and crude sword. Murder was seldom punished. The law was mainly aimed at theft, settling property disputes, heresy against the church or a challenge to the crown.

Even before Christ people were claiming that the end of the world was nigh. The fiasco about the Mayan calendar shows how such "precognition" can be totally wrong. Once again the recent "clash" of a meteor and asteroid with Earth has drawn the doomsayers out of the woodwork.

Wonders in the heavens have occurred since man came down from the trees. It is not something that stops, then starts again. The lightning strike at St. Peter's Basilica after the Pope announced he would step down was just coincidence. Lightning strikes happen regularly and despite the myth it does strike twice in the same place.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says he was inundated with communications asking if the world was coming to an end. Cahn himself is a supporter of the end of the world scenario declaring people are renouncing religion, and there is more sin and immorality.

Sex is not in itself sin. It is a normal human and animal function to beget offspring and continue the species. It is words from angry people that make is appear dirty and sinful. The Catholic Church in particular is responsible for this. Celibacy is unnatural, No other animal does it. It should be noted that homosexuality is practised by other animals: apes and dolphins are examples. Personally, I am not in favor of same sex marriage, but if the majority want it then I will accept it.

People tend to see only what they want to see. It is a fact that a Holy War is going on in the world at the moment. There are no stories in the press about this directly. The war in Alfghanistan and terrorism are mentioned. No one, even organized religion will tackle this issue. It is assumed that maybe it will go away. However, this war will go on for decades. The only real solution is for one religion to win. That, of course, will not happen. Perhaps a new prophet will arise who will dramatically change entrenched views and values. Hope does reign eternal - not much else does!
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The Way You Feel Affects Surgery Recovery Time

The way you feel about yourself and the social environment in general can affect the time taken to recover from surgery. Few tests have really proven this to be fact, however. Existing data were re-examined in an attempt to find a correlation. Relationships were indeed found

Depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and intramarital tension certainly do not help recovery. Strong religious belief and optimism reduced pain improving healing time. Learning relaxation techniques also helped, as did interaction with a psychiatrist.

Though the data points to affects on recovery times, strong correlations were not found. This is rather perplexing. Common sense would indicate improved outcomes with positive outlooks. For the present, medical practitioners will have to accept that the way one feels affects healing without relying too heavily on the findings.
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Atheists Are Bad Citizens

Atheists are bad people. New findings show religious people contribute more to the community than non-believers. Apparently those who have no faith just get on with their lives caring only for themselves. But there is a saying "all of my best friends are atheists." They could be friendly. However, they have little drive to help society in a general sense.

Considering religious citizens believe in the writings of books that "command" believers to help others this finding is hardly surprising. Saying that such people are "nicer" though is too simplistic. Moreover, a fellow soldier who does not believe is just as likely to take a risk to save you in a battle as a religious person.

Atheists also give less to charity. Considering most charities are religious institutions, this is to be expected as well. Is the behavior of believers really altruistic? They are trying to get into heaven after all. Belief is a fickle thing. Even atheists have faith. They have faith that God does not exist.
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Religion is Weakening But It Will Not Die

The world is at war between those who believe in God and those who do not. Christianity is becoming less relevant to some as they lead busy lives. Islam is still strong and growing. The other religions are still important to many, particularly when there are hardships in life.

All religions are under threat as people clamber for democracy in countries where whole societies revolved around the dictates of the prevailing religion. From census data taken in 85 Western nations, it was found that the number of people ticking "unaffiliated" is increasing. Though the formula predicts total extinction of religious belief it is doubtful that this will actually occur. Even when a religion is outlawed people tend to go underground with their beliefs. It comes to life again when circumstances improve.

The thing is, we will never really know if there is a God. Many go to church as "insurance", just in case there is life after death. Religious books give us answers to the questions in life. Science may "disprove" such things as Adam being created just five thousand years ago but these books are so complex that a reader will find an answer somewhere in there amongst the complicated and confusing text.
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The Government Is Wrong to Fund Chaplaincy in Schools

Most people don't attend church, synagogue or mosque yet Nations pander to those who hold religious beliefs with outdated ceremonies. It seems one hasn't the right not to believe in anything other than accepting the fact that humans live and die.

Ron Williams tried to send his children to a school that taught all religions but also taught secularism. He couldn't find one. Schools identified with one faith and virtually condemned all others. He saw requests for gold coins to fund scripture union classes as offensive and something he wasn't going to give. Indeed, chaplains seemed to be at war with teachers over the minds of students. What he found most difficult of all to accept was that the government was already partially funding Access Ministries which were "transforming the nation for God." Adolf Hitler tried similar brain washing systems to control the Hitler Youth.

What is driving the wads of cash? All political parties need the support of the church to win elections. Indeed, it is the silence of the churches that is the objective.

The issue is now being taken to the High Court by Ron Williams with the intent of stopping the funding. He probably won't win. His attempt is worth loud applause from the community.
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