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Un-Australian Barbecue Smoke Ban in Tasmania

Laws are un-Australian

The backyard barbecue is an Australian icon. Chops, burgers, and snags in bread are things for all family celebrations. New tough laws restricting smoke are to be introduced in Tasmania. A maximum of $16,000 fine with be given for barbecue cooking - unlawful.

People face a draft of laws anti smoke laws by the Tasmanian Government allowing fewer landholders to to light wood heaters and vegetation. Good for greenies perhaps. But barbecues will also be covered and Tasmanians will be fined for smoke emission.

The Environmental Protection Authority site show it will be unlawful for barbecues to give off smoke if:

(1) A fireplace, cooking appliance and outdoor heating cannot cause or allow smoke to be emitted by a person.

(a) Should not seen for a period of time exceeding 10 minutes;

(b) During the period of 10 minutes it cannot be seen for longer than a duration os 30 seconds

(i) No smoke is allowed to a distance of 10 metres from a building point, emitted from a fireplace or heating appliance inside a building

(ii) When the cooking appliance, outdoor heating, or heating appliance is situated outside of a building or part of, the limit distance is 10 metres from the source of emitted smoke.

So it is unlawful for barbecue smoke to emit smoke for a distance of 10 metres or continuously for 30 seconds.

Oppinons on the new draft laws can be put in writing and sent to by the Tasmanian public by August 17.

Environmental Policy and Support Services
EPA Tasmania
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 1751
Hobart, TAS 7001

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Backyard barbecue smoke ban
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Twenty Three New Spiders Are Discovered in Australia

The new 8-legged creatures are in the Dendrolycosa, Ornodolomedes, Dolomedes, Mangromedes and Megadolomedes genera. They are anthropods of the water. New types in the Ornodolmedes classification are the most delightful of all. They are striking examples having bright colours. twenty can three big new has spiders down discovered ah australia up twenty will three great new mus spiders up discovered uh australia to twenty more three be new far, water, spiders in discovered ho australia at twenty should three for new to, water, spiders on discovered uh australia or ~
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Mick Fanning spider

Bulldog Waits for Swing to be Pushed

Push swinger dog
"Just a little pushy wushi."
| playground | ▶ bulldog it Albatross Rabbit pheasant elk keelback budgerigar minke Squirrel pig owl basset | playground | bulldog at waits to pushed on swing ah dormouse roach cod hedgehog polecat Heron cassowary Treeshrew hammerhead monkey bulldog an waits it pushed no swing at viper robin Whippet eagle Archerfish bongo labradoodle ostrich flea Flamingo deer bulldog up waits as pushed is swing or tortoise Nightingale mastiff wasp tadpole salamander peacock donkey wombat alligator bulldog eh waits ah pushed oh swing of oystercatcher rhinoceros Warthog shepherd Bull jellyfish ray penguin Turkey chicken bulldog in waits it pushed of swing eh Weasel llama Gouramy springer grasshopper jackal spitz ferret Panda Pointer seal emperor rat seastars tetra Slug frise budgie Crocodile blackbird whippet rabbit owl pug Termite Pike koala clam umbrellabird cattle bluetick Gorilla chipmunk wolf orangutan jerboas catfish caterpillar Wolf dusky swan marlin mole tamarin zebra ◀ | playground |
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Smart Fox Follows Hunting Dog

Doggy I am following you
"Hey, look behind dog.  No don't!"
▶ Cannine is followed by Vulpes who is very clever comical dog fox pictures rat perch whale gold dolphin horse monkey butterfly bird gecko boar comical to pictures penguin rhinoceros weasel bat pelican owl mouse cow sheep elephant finch comical on dog fox up thrush jackal blackbird emu elk crab Orangutan carp tadpole bug seal comical if dog fox an pictures goat snail possum swan vulture baboon zebra crocodile canary marlin deer comical as fox follows dog at pictures chimp tiger fish lobster bass goldfish budgie snake albatross flea beetle comical go it pictures amusing dingo moose wolf toad hunting turtle chimpanzee puma play eagle platypus comical or fox hunting dog of pictures seagull wallaby ostrich at spider magpie robin seahorse shark octopus an fox follows dog wombat tortoise ape frog squid prawn squirrel lizard wildebeest brown vulpes to ◀

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Trapdoor Spider has Declining Population

  Long legs beasties population are finding it tough.| ▶ | declining it sheer attenborough clear household campaign not stronger propriety monitors declining as personal british everyone somersault policy sudden highlights brown am was declining on trapdoor it general remainers parties high supreme draw niceties across brazenness approval declining off trapdoor at spider common referendum battle publication courts official breathtaking does mp3 declining if trapdoor in spider title power ultimate may food john statement party tack parliamentary richard to spider gravy process continent sovereignty court did fuller vote top election constitutional edition theresa option legal excellent formal confident telegraph support supremacy inevitably article particular elite train parliament |
Times are a changin', as the saying goes. And it is not always for the best. Trapdoor spiders are getting fewer in South Australia. They balance the ecosystem, so their loss is a bad thing.  If they do not eat beetles, for example,  the Coleopltera will run amok. | not. |◀|
Trapdoor spider
Surveys on the numbers show a sharp decline. In 18 days in the 1950s 122 specimens were found. A search in 2014 caught only 18 in ten days. No research has been done to see what is happening nationwide. | ▶ | not. | ▶ |

The arachnid has its weaknesses. Each builds its burrow when it is immature. The retreat is home for its whole life. If the lair is damaged it cannot be rebuilt. Its positive point is longevity: it can live for 30 years.| ▶ | not. | ▶ |                                      | ▶ not | ◀ |
| not. |
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Husky is Frozen Stiff

Husky is frozen.
"I told you not to stay out here too long, George!"
Laughable Canine Images
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Happy Cow

A contented cow in a paddock green grass
"Yes, I am content."
Funny Animal Pictures
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