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Genetic Researchers Complete Carrot Genome

Genetics: Identification of the genome of the carrot has just been complete by researchers.
Though the carrot is a mundane vegetable it is important for a rounded, varied diet. Haven't you heard that carrots are good for your eyesight - I bet you have never seen a rabbit wearing glasses have you? Ah well, a little less of the frivolity!
Carrots of many colors
Scientists sequenced the genome of the humble carrot only a week ago. Increasing the level of nutrients in the vegetable is the prime objective. Vitamin A is present in high levels naturally. This does benefit one's eyes. Side issues include disease resistant and greater yields. This does directly improve life for farmers. Overall ,consumers get a better product at a lower price.

Ironically, vegetables have more genes than humans: 32,000 compared to 20,000. It seems that Man is nothing special after all. Plants are more complex than us. Carrots are probably more useful than people to the planet - they don't destroy it.

The vegetable was first recorded as food in Afghanistan a thousand years ago. The original wild carrot was white. Purple and yellow ones are popular in the Middle East and Asia.   Orange carrots were depicted in Spanish and German paintings in the 1500s.
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Dog Diets Tomorrow, Good Humour!

Farcical dog will diet tomorrow.
dog will diet tomorrow
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Wheat and Other Grass Seeds are toxic!

Human diet today is absolutely unnatural. It is not what we evolved to eat over millions of years. A drastic change occurred 10,000 years ago when we decided to eat grass seeds: flour is just that! Cows are "made" to eat this but people are not. The amount of carbohydrates we consume is at least 100 times more than that in tubers, berries and meat, our normal foods.
toxic gluten in brown grass seed bread
It is no wonder that bringing stomach flora back into balance by taking probiotics is having a positive effect on health. Diseases such a Crohn's Disease are common today, a consequence of eating the wrong foods from birth. Probiotics miraculously reduce stomach ache, a symptom of this painful illness.

If probiotics are combined with a gluten free regimen the results are even better. Wheat is high in gluten. Celiac disease is four time higher now that in the 1950s. It continues to rise as the third world adopts the Western diet.

Carbohydrate give us energy, but it is also toxic to the human body. Just removing carbohydrate and leaving the gluten improves digestion. All grass seed is poisonous to Man. This includes wheat, barley and rye. Eating bread containing raw seeds from these plants will not do you any good, despite the myth!
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Australian Fish Oil is Poison!

While glucosamine has priced itself out of reach of the average consumer, sales of fish oil are still booming. Just about everyone you bump into is on it. The problem is the world-wide market is not sufficiently policed to ensure a healthy product.
Cut prices for this popular addition to diet is a feature of the market. But are we paying the price? Tests show that the majority of packaged fish oil is contaminated and labels stated omega-3 fatty acid at much higher levels than reality. In other words suppliers are lying. Less than 10 per cent of tested sealed fish oil had the printed omega-3 fatty acid level.

Some capsules are downright dangerous to take. In 92 per cent of tested packages the omega-3 fatty acid had oxidised - that is "gone off". What is more frightening is that most fish oil comes from two first world countries, namely, Australia and New Zealand. What happened to the philosophy of only exporting the best? This is disgraceful.

International law is being broken here and the Australian government must do something about it. immediately. Our export reputation depends on stopping sales straight away. One poisoning out there will irreparably damage Australia's economy, ruining all the good work done. Just remember: one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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Koalas Know What to Eat

Koalas may look dozy and stupid. However, they are really smart. Nature has given them a strong identification for what is good to eat. The nutritional quality of eucalyptus leaves determines the koala population in a given area.

Koalas need nitrogen to make energy, though they move very slowly. Without this valuable mineral they would simply not survive. Eucalyptus trees also contain toxins, a potential death threat to the animal.

Eight species of eucalyptus were tested. It was found that koalas stayed away from trees carrying toxins and were attracted to those high in nitrogen.  They obviously know what is good them.  The search for food dominates their lives.

If this identification of superior food is true for koalas it must be the case for other animals. They are intrinsically guided to sources of higher quality food. Dogs for example do know which type of grass to eat to solve a health problem. It is unusual for dogs to eat grass, but sometimes they do.

If good food is scarce which it is in Australia, it is logical that sensory systems of animals would evolve to identify sources of better nutrition. In the future, environmentalists should examine the quality of food in a habitat before re-introducing endangered animals.  The carrying capacity of the environment affects its carrying capacity.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Wedge-Tailed Eagle Diet Identified

It is amazing how little we know about supposedly common animals, ones that are easily seen and in contact with us. Rabbits were thought to be the main diet for the wedge-tailed eagle. However, the bird consumes other things as well. It should be noted that rabbits were introduced and the eagle must have have relied on other prey before the nuisance animal arrived.

When viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) wiped out the rabbit population the wedge-tailed eagle actually fared better. Castings, the vomit of eagles, showed that their diet consisted of 20 bird species, seven reptiles, 19 mammals and a crustacean.

Some mammals they ate were large such as the eastern grey kangaroo. The common Galah was a native bird high on the diet. Rabbits are easy to catch when they are plentiful. A fall in rabbit numbers pushed them back to their traditional food sources. Despite the move, native animals have survived. Nature seems to be in balance. 
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Dieting After Christmas

Many people have a guilt complex about Christmas. It is a time to eat to excess. Overeaters plan to suffer later to rip away the pounds gained by Christmas. Unfortunately, future suffering from fasting and exercise won't work. Perhaps people do it to reduce the guilt while knowing that weight reduction will only be temporary.

Detox diets are really myths. They can harm your body damaging the liver. Eating a lot doesn't necessarily build up toxins anyway. One's weight is genetically determined. If you reduce what you generally eat your body will slow the metabolism making weight loss more difficult. Ironically, eating less will increase your appetite as the body feels you need to go up to your determined weight level.

The best you can hope for is to change the balance of fat and muscle while accepting that your overall weight will not change. Cut out the carbs and eat more vegetables, fruit and lean meat. The real problem today is not really food intake. It is the high consumption of soft drinks packed with sugar. Sugar is pure carbohydrate which is transformed into fat by the body. While many will not accept the fact, consuming soft drinks seems to be addictive.
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Sugar is Killing People

We are consuming sugar in increasingly greater amounts as more of it is being added to processed food. Some blame the obesity epidemic on sugar intake alone because people on high-fat, low-carb diets lose weight. There is an unclear link between high sugar intake on levels of heart disease and diabetes. Whether high-carb causes cancer is even less clear.

Half of table sugar is fructose which causes fat to build up on the liver. The liver is put out of balance so the body's insulin level is raised. More palmate is also created by the liver which leads to heart disease. Hypertension is believed to increase breast cancer and cancer of the colon.

The combination of high blood sugar, excess body fat and high blood pressure in a patient is called metabolic syndrome. Sufferers ultimately get very sick.

Mankind in the natural state has relied on tubers, fruit and meat for sustenance. Sugar is a new substance and human beings do not have natural resistance to cope with it. Considering sugar intake has increased three fold in the last 50 years, it it not surprising that calls are being made to ban or limit the availability of sugar.
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Being Fat Is Normal

People get fat because it is normal. Our ancestors had to go out and find food so they burnt up a lot of energy. It is modern society that is making us fat. Food is readily available, at arm's reach. Our bodies are preparing for the hard times that would inevitably happen in centuries past.

Being able to put fat on the body was a key to survival. That is why many dieters today are on a see-saw round of weight loss and weight gain. It is due to our hormones. When the body loses reserves hormones tell us to eat more. If you want to be slim you will have to put up with constant hunger. Work at the University of Melbourne has shown that hormone levels are indeed higher after people go on a ten week diet. It remains high up to a year later even though the dieting stopped nine months earlier.

There is hope. New products are coming onto the market that swell up in the stomach thus stopping the craving for food. Whether these are safe is another issue. They do offer money back if there is no weight loss in the first two weeks. Apparently they do work. Time will tell.
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Molasses a "Cure" for Obesity

It would be ideal if obesity could be treated by taking something, instead of drastic dieting. A possible solution has been found in molasses. This sweet substance is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that seem to change the consequences of a high-fat diet.

For 12 weeks mice were given a high-fat diet supplemented with up to 4 per cent molasses extract. The mice lost weight. This was believed to be caused by the molasses reducing caloric absorption. Fat cells make the hormone leptin. This hormone was reduced in the blood.

Next year work will be done on humans to see if results are the same. Molasses are inexpensive and capsules could easily be produced. It would be a great leap forward if a simple "cure" like this is effective.
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Eat Pork and Lose Weight

For many years it was believed that pork was fatty and if eaten regularly would lead to weight gain. A new study has shown the opposite to be true. Overweight people were split into two groups. One group was given 1050g of lean pork each week. The other group was provided with 750g a week. Even with this little difference in pork intake, after six months there was a noticeable change in the high-intake group.

Those eating more pork actually lost fat from their abdomens. Waists were narrower. Body composition improved over the whole body. So weight can be lost without dieting if you eat more pork. A further benefit from eating more pork is the high thiamine level. Many overweight people have type 2 diabetes which can lead to thiamine deficiency.

Tests are now being done with chicken and beef to compare with pork. It could be that the high-protein diet due to eating the pork was beneficial. Maybe similar results in regard to weight loss will eventuate from eating more chicken and beef. Findings will be released in January 2012.
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