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Un-Australian Barbecue Smoke Ban in Tasmania

Laws are un-Australian

The backyard barbecue is an Australian icon. Chops, burgers, and snags in bread are things for all family celebrations. New tough laws restricting smoke are to be introduced in Tasmania. A maximum of $16,000 fine with be given for barbecue cooking - unlawful.

People face a draft of laws anti smoke laws by the Tasmanian Government allowing fewer landholders to to light wood heaters and vegetation. Good for greenies perhaps. But barbecues will also be covered and Tasmanians will be fined for smoke emission.

The Environmental Protection Authority site show it will be unlawful for barbecues to give off smoke if:

(1) A fireplace, cooking appliance and outdoor heating cannot cause or allow smoke to be emitted by a person.

(a) Should not seen for a period of time exceeding 10 minutes;

(b) During the period of 10 minutes it cannot be seen for longer than a duration os 30 seconds

(i) No smoke is allowed to a distance of 10 metres from a building point, emitted from a fireplace or heating appliance inside a building

(ii) When the cooking appliance, outdoor heating, or heating appliance is situated outside of a building or part of, the limit distance is 10 metres from the source of emitted smoke.

So it is unlawful for barbecue smoke to emit smoke for a distance of 10 metres or continuously for 30 seconds.

Oppinons on the new draft laws can be put in writing and sent to by the Tasmanian public by August 17.

Environmental Policy and Support Services
EPA Tasmania
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 1751
Hobart, TAS 7001

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Backyard barbecue smoke ban
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Hairy Pig MInds Young Puppy Dogs

A pig does a good job when he minds the young dogs. He is everything a puppy needs: patient and caring. The trouble is that the porky is not what he seems to be. He is a capybara from South America. He cannot stay forever because he has to go home soon. A rodent at heart he likes to go hunting for food. !sea marbled meat yorkshire vet mangalitsa hairstyle goat cow sheep embryo pen breeds farm species hog longhaired forest pets cattle warthog wild dirt water sea marbled meat yorkshire vet mangalitsa hairstyle goat cow sheep embryo pen breeds farm species hog longhaired forest pets cattle warthog wild dirt water ! hairy can pig big minds has young down puppy ah dogs up hairy will pig great minds mus young up puppy uh dogs to hairy more pig be minds far young in puppy ho dogs at hairy should pig for minds to young on puppy uh dogs or hairy is pig from minds as young at puppy ha dogs do ~
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Pig dogs
"I forgot to shave guys."
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Red Meat Allergy Caused by Parasitic Tick

Allergic to red meat from parasitic tick
Can insects affect what you consume?  They certainly can!  Ticks are causing severe allergy to red meat in people who are bitten.  The relationship between ticks and the allergy was only discovered in 2007.
  Red Meat Allergy induced by Parasitic Tick.
Tick induced allergy to red meat
The malady is called tick-induced mammalian meat allergy (TIMMA). There will not be immediate reaction to consuming red meat.  It can take up to 10 hours for complications to occur.  It is triggered by proteins in tick saliva.  Reaction to red meat is not the only symptom.  Those susceptible can become allergic to dairy products.
  Parasiticc\ Tick Causes Allergy to Red Meat anaphylactic shock.
People are mainly affected in the United States and Australia.  It seems that settled housing makes a good home for ticks.  However, the parasitic tick's host is semi-wild animals.  Peanut allergy is well known.  Though, in parts of Sydney allergy to red meat is as prevalent as the "common" malady.  Anaphylactic shock from either can prove fatal.  If diagnosed with TIMMA, patients are advised to totally abstain from consumption of dark meat.
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Antibiotic Restant Staph Infects Australian Pigs

A world pandemic could occur at any time. Indeed, the chance of it happening eventually is assured. With the efficacy of antibiotics weakening there could be no treatment. Science could take months or years to find a "cure".

Poultry is seen as the real danger though other animals close to Man are also a threat. A staph strain with high resistance has been identified in Australian pigs. No antibiotics have knocked out the "bug". The methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus has migrated here from Europe, Singapore or Canada.

It is a bit of a mystery how the strain got into Australia. No live importing of pigs is allowed. Could the strain still be in pig carcasses used in the canned meat industry?  The only other possibility is human carriers. Staph can live in the nasal passages of people for more than two weeks.

If a human carrier gets close to an animal the staph can be breathed in and the animal becomes sick. Horses are also a "weak link". They can be brought into Australia quite easily. They can be carriers as well. Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have had MRSA ST398 related outbreaks in people already.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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High Meat Consumption Blamed for Obesity - Questionable!

In the twentieth century Australia was dominant in swimming at international events. This was largely due to the high consumption of meat in the diet of Australians. As time went by other nations noticed this and their athletes ate more meat. Today, Even small island nations have access to reasonably priced beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Consequently, Australia's dominance has waned.

Despite consuming a lot of meat, Australians did not die at a young age. Indeed, longevity was extended. New research points to an increase in heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes that do tend to shorten life. An example was given of Hawaii where these diseases are rapidly increasing. Red meat is seen as the major cause.

This research has flaws. Higher red meat consumption cannot be directly linked to more "modern" maladies. It could be coincidence. No tests were done on the rising consumption of refined carbohydrates. The call for more vegetables in the diet will improve the situation, but only if less red meat and refined carbohydrates are consumed.

There is an indirect link between red meat consumption and more disease. The feeding of antibiotics to animals to improve body weight has impacted on humans. Antibiotics are not so effective in people generally. Some countries have banned this practice, but all nations need to do so. Overall, there is no evidence of antibiotics in animal feed leading to modern diseases. Control of infections is the biggest problem.
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Eat Pork and Lose Weight

For many years it was believed that pork was fatty and if eaten regularly would lead to weight gain. A new study has shown the opposite to be true. Overweight people were split into two groups. One group was given 1050g of lean pork each week. The other group was provided with 750g a week. Even with this little difference in pork intake, after six months there was a noticeable change in the high-intake group.

Those eating more pork actually lost fat from their abdomens. Waists were narrower. Body composition improved over the whole body. So weight can be lost without dieting if you eat more pork. A further benefit from eating more pork is the high thiamine level. Many overweight people have type 2 diabetes which can lead to thiamine deficiency.

Tests are now being done with chicken and beef to compare with pork. It could be that the high-protein diet due to eating the pork was beneficial. Maybe similar results in regard to weight loss will eventuate from eating more chicken and beef. Findings will be released in January 2012.
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