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Countries Teaching Chinese Students are in Danger

Mercury pollution

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Chinese students on train

Cats Killed by Inoculated Australian Animals

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cats for the kill

Dangerous Frogs of South America

Though South American animals have been named little is known about many of them. Scientists fell into the trap of taking frogs for granted. They got more than they bargained for.  Aparasphenodon brunoi and Corythomantis greeningi are the first venomous frogs to be identified. The dart frogs have bony spines on their faces that they jab into potential predators.
Venomous toxic frog corythomantis greeningi
Like snakes, the frogs inject a toxin into the body of threats. This is odd really, because the frogs have evolved this defence while having no natural enemies. The target of a frog was Edmund Brodie, a biologist, who suffered intense, radiating pain lasting for over five hours. He was lucky: a gram of this venom can kill 300,000 mice or 80 people. It would take many frogs, though, to make this much toxin.

The attack on the scientist was a glancing blow by C. greeningi, which is not as potent as A. brunoi. The team was not going to test out A. brunoi, however. Another thing was learned by the biologist: when you walk in the jungle don't go around picking things up. You may get a surprise!
Biology  by Ty Buchanan
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biologist scientist frog dart south america amphibian spine bony

Australian Fish Oil is Poison!

While glucosamine has priced itself out of reach of the average consumer, sales of fish oil are still booming. Just about everyone you bump into is on it. The problem is the world-wide market is not sufficiently policed to ensure a healthy product.
Cut prices for this popular addition to diet is a feature of the market. But are we paying the price? Tests show that the majority of packaged fish oil is contaminated and labels stated omega-3 fatty acid at much higher levels than reality. In other words suppliers are lying. Less than 10 per cent of tested sealed fish oil had the printed omega-3 fatty acid level.

Some capsules are downright dangerous to take. In 92 per cent of tested packages the omega-3 fatty acid had oxidised - that is "gone off". What is more frightening is that most fish oil comes from two first world countries, namely, Australia and New Zealand. What happened to the philosophy of only exporting the best? This is disgraceful.

International law is being broken here and the Australian government must do something about it. immediately. Our export reputation depends on stopping sales straight away. One poisoning out there will irreparably damage Australia's economy, ruining all the good work done. Just remember: one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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New Technology Makes Testing for Explosives Easier

Australia had come a long since the days of someone walking through the center aisle of an inbound aircraft spraying insecticide. New Australian's used to laugh at the man with the can spraying over peoples heads not worrying about those with allergies. There is no way it would have killed all the insects on the plane.

Pests and drugs are one thing, but explosives are the main fear. Until now liquids in sealed containers such as liquor had to be accessed and tested for explosive potential. New technology enables the sealed liquid to be tested while still in its container. Battelle and Sellex are distributing the scanners.

Liquids, gels and aerosols can be scanned. This is a revolutionary development. It won an R&D 100 Award. Airports around the world are scrambling to get their hands on the scanners.

Testing is quick and it will not slow down passenger flow. Now all we need is a quick scanner for drug detection that does not have four legs and bark. Ironically, this will be possible in the future because the smelling function detects minute particles in the air.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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Elderly Drivers Singled Out

There isn't much doubt that there is discrimination against older members of society. This is confirmed by comments from young people that it is unfair that the elderly usually fully own their own homes.  If the young had their way property would be forcibly taken from seniors. It is forgotten however that the elderly took a lifetime to buy their homes.

Another issue is the overreaction to car accidents involving senior drivers. A five year inquiry is going on at present to set a test for doctors to apply to the elderly who want to continue to drive. This is despite the fact that younger drivers have far more car accidents than older people.

Young drivers are more dangerous on the following factors:
1) Poor Hazard Detection;
2) Low Risk Perception;
3) Higher Risk Taking;
4) Not Wearing Seat Belts;
5) Lack of Skill;
6) Taking Alcohol and Drugs;
7) More Crashes When Carrying Passengers; and
8) Accidents After 9:00 pm.

Let's wish the Monash University inquiry good luck in its research. When the test is finalized it can be extended to cover young people as well. This is only fair. Elderly people can always go to state anti-discrimination boards and make this happen.
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Dogs of Non-restricted Breeds Also Bite

Western Australia reacted to attacks by dogs on children. A few years ago legislation was passed to not only muzzle but also sterilize American Pit Bulls, Mastiffs and Japaneses Tosas.

Since then there has not been a major decline in the numbers of these breeds. The legislation has not worked out as intended. President of the RSPCA, Hugh Wirth, says breeding of "dangerous" dogs has gone underground.

Dr Kersti Seksei of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) makes the point that dogs of any breed can and do bite people. It is usually the case that household pets bite members of the family. The AVA suggests testing of dog temperament when they are sold. This would be difficult to police because most cross breed puppies are sold privately.

Dogs follow their owners' behavior. Dangerous dogs are created, not born. That is why police dogs are always muzzled in public: they are trained to be dangerous.
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Dangerous Chemicals in Household Products

Be careful what you put on your skin - the skin absorbs chemicals on its surface. In other words your body consumes and ingests things like soap and toxins in engine oil, etc. Little research is done on this serious issue. In New Zealand a dangerous chemical which lowers IQ in children has been found in sunscreens. It is as damaging as lead paint.

Even spraying the chemical into the air where is can be breathed in and ingested can lower IQ. Piperonyl butoxide is also present in insect spray. Cancer Society products even contain the substance.

Low vitamin D has been blamed for many diseases when in fact it could be trace chemical in commonly used household goods. If vitamin D deficiency is causal then people in temperate countries would have higher cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, autism, depression and ADHD than those in tropical regions. This is only true for some of these illnesses. Too say 31 per cent of Australians in this hot country are deficient is ridiculous.
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Vaccinate All Cattle to Stop Food Poisoning?

Why bother to be hygienic. We can feed cattle all sorts of filthy stuff, and when we eat it we still remain fit and healthy. This is the message being sent by the president of company Bioniche. In order to promote his new product the president is making dramatic claims. Cattle can all be vaccinated against e.coli, can eat anything and wander around in rubbish, apparently. Such is Mr Rick Culbert's faith in the success rate of his product.

The e.coli "bug" lives in all of us both humans and animals. Only dangerous species make us sick. This vaccine will kill all e.coli in the body. Wait a minute! Don't antibiotics kill useful flora in the gut, so we must not take them regularly? What happens to a cow with no e.coli in its system is unknown. Eating such "clean" meat could be dangerous to our health.

Outbreaks of food poisoning occur in every country. The fight for cleanliness in food handling must continue. If beef is guaranteed free of e.coli wouldn't butchers have less pressure to work in a sterile environment? Radiating ingredients in manufactured goods is widespread now. There is a cost. Buy a frozen pizza from a supermarket. Take it home and put it in the oven. It looks great. The tomato is a nice bright red color, the cheese looks appetizing, but everything tastes the same. It tastes just like cardboard.
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Busy Cat

"Come on. What do you want to know? I haven't got all day."
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Cannabis Can Cause Bronchitis and Cancer

If you thought smoking cannabis had no health dangers and was safer than smoking cigarettes, you would be wrong. The smoke from both have similar harmful gaseous and particulate chemicals.

Smoking cannabis is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. This is due to the way people behave when inhaling. They try to keep the smoke in the lungs as long as possible in order to get the greatest euphoric effect.

Indeed, inhaling smoke from cannabis causes changes in the lungs consistent with bronchitis. Cellular dysplasia indicates malignancy could be the end result. Users believe lung cancer is solely due to smoking tobacco, but a cough and morning sputum production show cannabis use can lead to cancer.

Cannabis smoking is addictive and damages your health. Combining this pastime with cigarette smoking is doubly dangerous.
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Felons With Guns Are Percieved as Being Larger

Though widely accepted in law courts it is well known that witness evidence is suspect.  Even victims in many cases get it wrong.  A querk in humans beings is the ability to identify members of one's own race, for the most part, but the noticable inability to recognize people of other races.  The phrase "you all look alike" is relevant here.

What people see can be distorted by a felon carrying a weapon.  Human perception is still based on how our ancestors saw danger.  An opponent carrying a weapon was more dangerous so was perceived as being big and strong.

A current study shows that a witness describing someone with a gun said the gun carrier was larger and taller than he/she actually was.  This brings into question prevailing theories on memory.  Could a person be seen as being bigger if more aggression was shown without a weapon?
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Mischievous Monkey

"You Don't need this harmless chemical do you?"
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