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Canine is Given Odd Dog Food

This mutt has another little doggy. Is their something sinister in the owner presenting the pet with such a gift? it could be a new friend just to keep him company. Maybe it could be dinner. Yes, that is it. I have to eat the scrawny snack. Well I could do with more calcium. No, I can't eat it. The morsel is not on a plate. % Corn cobs, plastic toys among objects that get stuck. "People tend to throw corn cobs in the compost bin and, while most other things the dog can digest, a corn cob is like wood and it will often get stuck, especially when they're cut in half or thirds," Dr Archinal said. Pica explained: Why dogs eat things that aren't food, and what you can do to stop them "If you give a dog spaghetti bolognaise, it can smell every single ingredient in the whole spaghetti bolognaise. Changes in typical behaviour (eg becomes mopey or depressed) Pica explained: Why dogs eat things that aren't food, and what you can do to stop them. If your dog has been unwell and an X-ray shows an object is already stuck in the stomach or intestines, an endoscopy or surgery is usually needed. What to do if your dog swallows something odd. Put your clothes away, do not leave rubbish lying around, store chemicals and pesticides out of reach, and cover compost bins.
Boredom and loneliness can also leave dogs looking for something to do. If you suspect your dog's pica is caused by loneliness or boredom, try increasing the animal's physical activity and mental stimulation."Labradors, from the day they're born to the day they die, want to eat something," Dr Archinal said.
"Genetically they've got three genes that don't switch off when they've had a meal, so they're constantly hungry and will eat anything given the chance." Dogs love to chew all manner of things, from shoes and toys to sticks and plastic cups.
"A dog's sense of smell is up to 10,000 times better than ours, so they're just attracted to everything," Canberra veterinarian Michael Archinal said. Dr Archinal said in some cases, such as when a dog had eaten socks or underwear, they could support the animal with ipain relief and fluids to pass the object. Plastic toys can also easily get stuck. Vomiting. And if your dog has suddenly developed a taste for something odd, take it along to your vet as there may be a metabolic cause that needs addressing.
Dr Archinal said anything that did not typically dissolve in a dog's stomach could cause a blockage.
The best way to keep your dog from ingesting foreign objects is to take preventative measures. If you know your dog is prone to eating certain items, then eliminate access. Lethargy. The eating of substances that have no nutritional value is a disorder known as pica, and it is common among puppies and certain dog breeds such as labradors and dachshunds. How to prevent your dog from eating foreign objects Lack of appetite. Topics: animals, animal-behaviour, offbeat, australia, act, canberra-2600 Painful abdomen
"We had a dachshund come in one day that got into a bag of concrete powder," Dr Archinal said. He said plastic bags used to defrost meat and corn cobs were common causes.
Signs your dog has eaten a foreign object. In the case of a dog ingesting poisons or pesticides such as snail bait, the vet may be able to induce vomiting if the animal receives treatment within two hours. Hormonal issues such as overactive adrenal glands or diabetes can also dramatically increase a dog's appetite and cause pica. "I had a rottweiler once who swallowed a golf ball, and it would intermittently block the intestine and then roll back into the stomach, so every few days [the dog] would vomit," Dr Archinal said.
What causes pica? "These dogs will find anything, anywhere. Prevention is the only option," Dr Archinal said.
If you know your dog has eaten something it should not have, take it to your veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss treatment options. But when they start to ingest non-edible items such as socks, underwear or even rocks, something can inevitably become stuck.
For puppies, chewing and eating all sorts of things is part of their neurosensory exploration and they will usually grow out of it.
"How are you going to stop that? Well this dog, unfortunately when it was outside the house, had to wear a little basket muzzle."
"We had a dog that would continually go in the backyard, dig up rocks and eat them; it would have 20 or 30 rocks in its stomach at one time. But some dogs are just perpetually hungry. Changes in bowel movements (eg diarrhoea, constipation) "Whatever they're detecting in whatever they're eating — socks, underwear, shoes — there's a smell that they're attracted to." % || "Is this dinner or what?" ||
Skeleton dog
"Is this dinner or what?"
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New Finding for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

Catching dengue fever is a constant fear in Australia. Like malaria it is spread by mosquitoes. Its full name Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. You can become very sick indeed if you develop the hemorrhagic form, though it seldom causes death.
A patient with Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever showing red spots of hemorrhage
Drugs made for sepsis infection are being used to treat dengue in mice. They has yet to be used on humans. Hopefully new methods for early detection and treatment with drugs will stop progression to the severe dengue.

A new finding could move treatment along a bit. The dengue virus NS1 protein causes immune cells to "leak" blood vessels. TLR4 is the pathway that triggers the response. Some existing drugs do block this pathway. Ironically, many of them did not stop sepsis. They were failures!

Other diseases also use the NS1 method of infection. Work has to be done to explore the battery of drugs already available to hopefully find successful treatments for these related illnesses.
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Mystery of Wrinkly Skin in Bath

Why does your skin shrivel up when you stay in the bath too long? you would think that science would have solved this mystery long ago, but this is not the case. There has been a breakthrough though.

German scientists have found the mechanism that makes skin go all crinkly then return to its normal state. This could have an impact on materials used by Mankind in the future. Our wonderful Internet world means that every new discovery is advanced by someone or some institution.

Now let's get back to wrinkly skin. The outer layer of skin is composed of keratin protein filaments. This quickly absorbs water when you get into the bath. It is created in a matrix system of interlaced fibers. Thus producing counteracting pressure that pushes the water out when you get out of the water..  There we have it - simple wasn't it?

It is amazing how science and discovery go parallel with each other. The reason for wrinkly skin was discovered when elastic woven fiber made by other scientists was compared to human skin: it was identical.
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Binge Drinking Causes Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking alcohol is not an innocent pastime. We know it damages the liver. However, a link has been found between binge drinking and the onset of type 2 diabetes. How it does this is not fully understood.

Rats were put on a "diet" of 3 g/kg of alcohol for only three days. Even when the alcohol had completely left their systems insulin resistance was still occurring. The effect lasted 54 hours after ingestion of alcohol had ceased.

Impaired adipose tissue and hepatic functions were believed to be the cause. There was more hypothalamic inflammation affecting insulin signaling.

There is hope for a treatment. Inhibiting brain protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) can block the detrimental action  on insulin of binge drinking,
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Dieting After Christmas

Many people have a guilt complex about Christmas. It is a time to eat to excess. Overeaters plan to suffer later to rip away the pounds gained by Christmas. Unfortunately, future suffering from fasting and exercise won't work. Perhaps people do it to reduce the guilt while knowing that weight reduction will only be temporary.

Detox diets are really myths. They can harm your body damaging the liver. Eating a lot doesn't necessarily build up toxins anyway. One's weight is genetically determined. If you reduce what you generally eat your body will slow the metabolism making weight loss more difficult. Ironically, eating less will increase your appetite as the body feels you need to go up to your determined weight level.

The best you can hope for is to change the balance of fat and muscle while accepting that your overall weight will not change. Cut out the carbs and eat more vegetables, fruit and lean meat. The real problem today is not really food intake. It is the high consumption of soft drinks packed with sugar. Sugar is pure carbohydrate which is transformed into fat by the body. While many will not accept the fact, consuming soft drinks seems to be addictive.
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Monkey Overeat Like Humans but the Animals Do Not Get Fat

Monkeys, like humans, overeat. Monkeys gorge themselves on low protein fruit. Extremely large quantities are ingested which could lead to an increase in body fat. Food intake for monkeys is tied to the level of protein in food. If food has a high protein level they will eat less of it before feeling full.

Shoots and leaves have a high protein level. So they eat less of these to obtain their daily intake of 12 grams of protein. The reason that eating fruit does not make them fat is that it takes a lot of energy to obtain the fruit.

In Western countries we seek high carbohydrate food because we are trying to satisfy our craving for protein. The conclusion has been reached by scientists that human obesity began 40,000 years ago when people substituted meat with crude bread made out of wild grain. Humans have become fatter as easier ways of harvesting grains have developed.
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New Treatment for Asthma With Beneficial Side Effect

A new method of treating asthma has been discovered. Formoterol is a synthetic form of catecholamine. This is a hormone that regulates metabolism, heart rate and breathing. It increases metabolism without raising the heart rate. Tests on animals have been promising.

The drug is selective in that receptors in the lungs take on the catecholamine but receptors in the heart do not. A positive side effect it that it burns fat from the body. Eight men without asthma were given the medication for a week. Their energy metabolism increased by 10 per cent. Fat was burned off by 25 per cent. Protein only fell by 15 per cent. This means people can do more with leaner bodies.

We may be entering a new age where obese people no longer have to suffer. They can have healthy bodies in the normal weight range. Tests on those with asthma will set the stage for this. Subjects will be closely monitored to determine long term effects. Hopefully they will all be beneficial.
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