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Cat Gets a Strange Dinner

Eating very well

My cat eats funny weird things
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Why does your cat consume those interesting snacks and things?
Eating grass is normal for a cat

Dogs chew on a favorite pair of shoes, clothing with an interesting smell, and gnaw on sticks. Cat are savvy intelligent about what they eat, Beware if your feline begins snacking on things that are not food. It can signal a serious issue.
Maybe it indicates medical problems.

If your cat has changes in preferences or appetite take it to a vet. Hyperthyroidism increases appetite in older cats. Anemia makes a feline go eating litter.
Behavioral isuues can change appetite.

Having to groom obsessively, skin problems and eating things that are not food can be one of the compulsive disorders. Go to a certified veterinary behaviorist is a bald spot occurs or it gets unusual food preferences, eating non-food items. Perhaps it signals a life stressor.
The blame could be with genetics.

Purebreds like Birman and Siamese tend to chew and suck on wool, more so that mixed breed cats. Eating string can tangle in the cat's intestines and be a serious problem.
when a cat looks for strings of wool eliminate the danger from your home. Stings and threads can unravel from cat toys when your cat goes to play with them.
Being bored drives your cat.

Ribbons, tinsel and shoelaces can be entertainment to eat for indoor cats. Giving then playtime, toys and games can help. Purchase puzzle toys which when the cat discovers how to agitate pr move a toy in the correct way releases food, dispenses kibbles to munch.

Read on!
My dog goes eating sticks, poop and grass - why?
Cats and dogs given best vegetables
Is a diet a good idea for a dog or cat?

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Cat has hare for dinner
"Very funny, where is my dinner?"
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Rabbit High Five

"I am holding up four fingers."
Bunny shows his hand but has only four | .................................... comical of animal of pictures frog toad brown carp gorilla moose seagull platypus salmon Orangutan jackal comical on animal up pictures play polar kangaroo swan canary dolphin possum wallaby baboon owl fly ape comical if animal an pictures chimp zebra bear flea weasel vulture shark emu whale marlin robin cow comical as animal at pictures Tasmanian monkey elk beetle snail ostrich pictures crocodile snake thrush comical go animal it pictures mouse gecko seahorse fox wildebeest boar bird parrot crab finch squid wolf rhinoceros lion perch dingo tortoise eagle pelican chimpanzee spider bass

Tys Country

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Big Fluffy Rabbit - Amusing

Animal does not know the world, comical.
Fluffy rabbit
"One day I will know what is out there!"
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Batty Bunny Sees Big Feet

Ridiculously large rabbit feet - wait though!
"But me feets too big, Mum."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Genetic Researchers Complete Carrot Genome

Genetics: Identification of the genome of the carrot has just been complete by researchers.
Though the carrot is a mundane vegetable it is important for a rounded, varied diet. Haven't you heard that carrots are good for your eyesight - I bet you have never seen a rabbit wearing glasses have you? Ah well, a little less of the frivolity!
Carrots of many colors
Scientists sequenced the genome of the humble carrot only a week ago. Increasing the level of nutrients in the vegetable is the prime objective. Vitamin A is present in high levels naturally. This does benefit one's eyes. Side issues include disease resistant and greater yields. This does directly improve life for farmers. Overall ,consumers get a better product at a lower price.

Ironically, vegetables have more genes than humans: 32,000 compared to 20,000. It seems that Man is nothing special after all. Plants are more complex than us. Carrots are probably more useful than people to the planet - they don't destroy it.

The vegetable was first recorded as food in Afghanistan a thousand years ago. The original wild carrot was white. Purple and yellow ones are popular in the Middle East and Asia.   Orange carrots were depicted in Spanish and German paintings in the 1500s.
y  Genetics  by Ty Buchanan ◆g
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Cookie Bunny

Bunny rabbit like cookies biscuits
"Ah, cookies!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Rabbit at Work

Rabbit at work desk office
"Another hard day at the office!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Wedge-Tailed Eagle Diet Identified

It is amazing how little we know about supposedly common animals, ones that are easily seen and in contact with us. Rabbits were thought to be the main diet for the wedge-tailed eagle. However, the bird consumes other things as well. It should be noted that rabbits were introduced and the eagle must have have relied on other prey before the nuisance animal arrived.

When viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) wiped out the rabbit population the wedge-tailed eagle actually fared better. Castings, the vomit of eagles, showed that their diet consisted of 20 bird species, seven reptiles, 19 mammals and a crustacean.

Some mammals they ate were large such as the eastern grey kangaroo. The common Galah was a native bird high on the diet. Rabbits are easy to catch when they are plentiful. A fall in rabbit numbers pushed them back to their traditional food sources. Despite the move, native animals have survived. Nature seems to be in balance. 
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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No Women Please: It's Magic

When was the last time you saw a female magician perform? You will say "never". This is a phenomenon little understood. For some reason women hardly ever choose to become magicians. All magical societies may as well declare themselves men-only organizations.

Some blame the history of witch burning for this outcome. However, witch burning hasn't been done for centuries. A female in an act is commonly perceived to be the magician's assistant. This idea is entrenched and is more likely to be the cause.

When most organizations were initially founded it was in the time of male dominated secret societies. This could be a factor. Another theory is that conjuring is somehow akin to maths. Boys prefer maths much more than females. Indeed, it has been found that members of school maths and science clubs will also be members of magic clubs.

The suit commonly worn by magicians is also a turn-off for females. Perhaps they feel that an audience will not accept a skirt or dress. Magical societies will surely be the last bastion to fall in the feminine revolution, perhaps when we first see a magician wearing a skirt - unless he/she is Scottish.
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Room for Two

"Move over bunny. There's room for two up here."
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Funny Animal Photos

Save the Rabbit!

It's amazing. With all the suffering in the world from hunger and war, you would think people would be concerned about something other than a rabbit. No home can be found for Copper the rabbit so the Humane Society has decided to euthanize the animal. People are up in arms about this. There have been protesters in the street holding placards. Pleas for the rabbit to be spared have come from all over the world.

The little animal has a feisty disposition, apparently. It bit a society worker. Veterinarians have found Copper to be unfit for rehabilitation. Many have said they will take him, but the society does not want to be held responsible for any consequent injuries.

This outpouring of concern is touching. Yet there is no such reaction for the thousands of dogs and cats euthanized every day. Humans have really unusual feelings about the external world. They don't worry about the cow that was slaughtered to make the pie they are eating. But end the life of a pony or a cuddly rabbit and they are impassioned to the nth degree.
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