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KAI2 Improves Growth as Well as Germination After Fire

KAI2 improves plant growth after a fire germination
Why do plant seeds in Australia start germinating after a fire? It is because of Karrikin Insensitive2 (KAI2) a protein which has been present in plants for millions of years. KAI2 has been important for all plants for 400 million years.

When the KAI2 protein was removed from a higher, more recent plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, its leaves malformed. Yet splicing the KAI2 back by taking it from the ancient Selaginella resulted in improved A. thaliana growth, but it could no longer detect the presence of smoke the normal function of KAI2.

This finding shows the more general function of KAI2. It not only identifies karrikins in smoke, it is important for plant growth. "Sensing" is the main purpose of KAI2. Apparently it can be tuned to detect different things. This could help farmers control seed germination times.

Wheat is notorious for germinating in the grain during heavy rain periods. Being able to spray a chemical that stops this would save millions of dollars and improve crop yields. Furthermore, spraying to stop weeds from sprouting would be the supreme herbicide.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Wheat and Other Grass Seeds are toxic!

Human diet today is absolutely unnatural. It is not what we evolved to eat over millions of years. A drastic change occurred 10,000 years ago when we decided to eat grass seeds: flour is just that! Cows are "made" to eat this but people are not. The amount of carbohydrates we consume is at least 100 times more than that in tubers, berries and meat, our normal foods.
toxic gluten in brown grass seed bread
It is no wonder that bringing stomach flora back into balance by taking probiotics is having a positive effect on health. Diseases such a Crohn's Disease are common today, a consequence of eating the wrong foods from birth. Probiotics miraculously reduce stomach ache, a symptom of this painful illness.

If probiotics are combined with a gluten free regimen the results are even better. Wheat is high in gluten. Celiac disease is four time higher now that in the 1950s. It continues to rise as the third world adopts the Western diet.

Carbohydrate give us energy, but it is also toxic to the human body. Just removing carbohydrate and leaving the gluten improves digestion. All grass seed is poisonous to Man. This includes wheat, barley and rye. Eating bread containing raw seeds from these plants will not do you any good, despite the myth!
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Measure Land Moisture by Satellite

No longer will Australian farmers waste their time working land that has no future. Satellite technology has improved to the point where moisture level of farmland can be determined. Waiting for rain that will make no difference is info that farmers can now 'bank' on.
Measure moisture of land by satellite
Measuring moisture level is now something done by computer, from aerial surveys. The labor-intensive, time-consuming chore is a thing of the past. Soil that has potential rejuvenation can be targetted. The cost is out of the reach of individual farmers at present but the price is falling.

It is possible, if use of the new technology becomes widespread, that the output of certain crops can be estimated. Potential shortages will be foreseen and action taken in future plantings. When weather predictions are included the position of markets months ahead will be known.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Climate Change is Inevitable

Australia is one the world's major producers of wheat. If climate change reduces national output there will be widespread consequences. The economy will suffer with the need to import wheat. Internationally, a wheat shortage will put prices up and many poor people will have to go without.

On the positive side some regions of Australia will get more rain. People will still be able to "fatten up" on sugar and rice, despite research showing that sugar contains no nourishment whatsoever for the human body. Two centuries ago a group of British sailors was shipwrecked on the west coast of Africa. The ship was beached. Even though the ship had a full load of West Indian sugar they all died of malnutrition.

Getting back to the main point. There will be competition for arable land pushing land prices up. There is also a link between the land and sea. Climate change will reduce the fish catch. Living in the bush will become impossible with farming failing to prop up local economies.

Potential for farmers to move up into higher areas is limited because Australia is a flat continent. Of course, we could all choose to move south. This would create the need for massive new investment in infrastructure.

These problems will affect the generation of children living today. By 2050, the food bowls in South Australia for sheep and beef will be no more. Man had little impact on the environment in the past, so we do not have the "genes" to change our ways. Pollution will inevitably continue until all the damaging changes above come to fruition. People working today will for the most part be dead. "It isn't our worry is it mate?"
Agriculture by Ty Buchanan

Baboons Can Recognize words

It was thought that monkeys and chimpanzees were unable to use language as humans do because they do not have the required language centers in their brains.  Tests on baboons turned this theory on its head.  Monkeys learned the rules of words, for example consonants and vowels, so they could recognize real words in a bundle of made up nonsense.

Humans must first build up words from letters before they get meaning.  We need to construct words as if they were tables and chairs, from the legs up.

Baboons were tested by encouraging them to "play" with computers.  When they selected a real word they got wheat as a reward.  Each computer had a cross and a circle so the baboons could show words and non-words by pressing either symbol.  The words were only four uppercase letters long, but each baboon did up to 60,000 tests and they were 75 per cent correct.  The best baboon learned 308 words
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