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In the West, surgery will continue to be the best option. Expensive surgery is for the most part not available in developing countries. The new eye drops will have most impact on these nations when it is eventually perfected.
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British Doctors Living in Australia Not Tempted Home

The call for British born doctors to return "home" to England because the country is short of GPs will fall on deaf ears. Medical professionals have moved to Australia for higher income, better lifestyle and great weather.

If the UK wants to keep its doctors it will have to pay them more and make sure there housing is top class. Central heating is a must-have in England. I used to live there and for 365 days a year my feet were cold despite wearing fur-lined boots. The Australian sun is the driving force for people moving here. The cold country cannot offer this.

Career breaks for British doctors invariably turn into permanent relocation to a healthier outdoor lifestyle. The only thing that can make immigrants change their mind is a massive increase in income and the British government is not offering much. Talk is cheap and it will not convince ex-patriots. A recruitment drive must offer something significant. Otherwise it will be a waste of money.
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Doctors not tempted
There is a plus for Britain: both countries have prime ministers of similar ilk. Both are taking money out of health.  The health sectors in these countries are in a bad way and in decline. Ten million pounds is far to low for a recruitment scheme. However, resident doctors will not accept extra income being paid "only" to overseas medical practitioners to temp them back to Britain.

Stipulating that these doctors have to work in areas where doctors are short to get the money is a barrier. We have the same problem in Australia. Rural doctors get the same government rebate as city doctors in Australia. Convincing GPs to live in the bush is like hitting them with a feather duster.
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The Way You Feel Affects Surgery Recovery Time

The way you feel about yourself and the social environment in general can affect the time taken to recover from surgery. Few tests have really proven this to be fact, however. Existing data were re-examined in an attempt to find a correlation. Relationships were indeed found

Depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and intramarital tension certainly do not help recovery. Strong religious belief and optimism reduced pain improving healing time. Learning relaxation techniques also helped, as did interaction with a psychiatrist.

Though the data points to affects on recovery times, strong correlations were not found. This is rather perplexing. Common sense would indicate improved outcomes with positive outlooks. For the present, medical practitioners will have to accept that the way one feels affects healing without relying too heavily on the findings.
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Plastic Surgery Does More Harm Than Good

Dr. Craig Layt a plastic surgeon says potential patients should consult a qualified surgeon before going ahead with surgery. I thought people were doing that already. If the government is allowing unqualified practitioners to do plastic surgery then shame on them. Governments must be held responsible if things go wrong when "upstarts" do surgery.

Apparently, women who have breast enhancements are not told whether they will be able to breast feed in the future. Surely, patients are thoroughly informed of the operation and the possible consequences.

Women can breast feed after the operation, but breast feeding can completely ruin the implants. They can sag. Furthermore, liposuction should not be used just to lose weight. This procedure can leave a visible indentation in the body. Facelifts are notoriously visible when celebrities tippytoe to the surgeon. Patients who have plastic surgery may have improved self-esteem. This may be due to others not telling them the truth.
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Surgery the Only Cure for Baldness

Bald men try just about anything to turn back a receding hairline. For some, hair loss is at the back and they don't know it until a "friend" tells them. For others the hairline goes out like the tide.

All manner of things are tried from hair tonics, to laser and LED treatments. Some medications offer some hope but they do take away some of your "maleness". The only real solution is transplanting of hair follicles from the back of the head to to the bald area. This is time consuming surgery and the result is new hair spread very sparsely over the bald spot.

For centuries a search has been on for the Holy Grail of baldness cures. Because it is really a hormone problem a lot of work has been done on this. Unfortunately, there are side affects and the mere stopping of further hair loss is the best that can be expected. Stress also causes baldness. Of course, for this there is no treatment.
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Dog Lips

"Taking me for plastic surgery master was a mistake."
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