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Peanut Butter for Dog

This is the life - peanutty paradise. Paste sandwich for canine animal sitting at table in chair. | photos | peanut butter knee-slapper slapstick ridiculous snicker goofus grins good-humored peanut butter cap titter merry humdinger batty antic guffaw entertaining hoot mirth grin peanut it butter cap and dog ludicrous banter cheer goofy festive wisecrack frolic snort farcical whimsical peanut on butter at cap on dog smile clever levity joy comical joking tomfoolery joshing amusing hilarious peanut on butter up cap it dog chuckle nutty laughable side-splitting hysterical droll jesting repartee loony peanut a butter to cap at dog playful prank giggle hysteria kidding silly buffoonery wit lark humorous glee jolly | animal funny image animal pet|

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Dog has peanut butter
"This is the life - paradise."

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Cat Sits at Pink Spot

Square cat
"This is my spot."
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