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Lithium Battery Will be Superseded by the Proton Flow Type

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Lithium (and cobalt/graphite/nickel/manganese) cells supplanted lead acid as the principal battery science basically on the grounds that lithium has the lightest weight, most voltage, and most prominent vitality thickness of all metals. Its relative shortage and recent rise in price has manufactures looking for other options. -- it cobalt or graphite and nickel to manganese if -- 0 technology batteries protons electrode minerals holes solid-state funding carbon cell 0 ! march technology metals investor market uranium gold intel clean tech news lara energy base silver analysis smith chemistry clausi peter batteries continue email sectors editors members gas oil healthcare biotech mmj agribusiness drill video dominate review february trending results lake section vanadium comment weslosky tracy editor demonstrated decades technologies solid protons electrode events videos reserved rights corp copyright disclaimer contact team nob company core update minerals holes strong grade ‘bonanza’ hitting resources gta mining glasier george century 20th beginning discovered interest chalmers mark working solid-state analyst gold’s red west notify address reply future long supply john change constant bubble successfully chemistries applications suited manufacturers university state funding leading expect water carbon lead power cell fuel reversible mackowski steve spencer richard phd izatt reed craze matt duchesne luc wareham jeff gerden eugene flint ian bovaird birks nixon adrian ! + tie lithium say battery he superseded let proton gov by sub flow of type on + $ aye lithium stay battery was superseded hi proton not by zap flow pad type at | | $ % of lithium run battery hi superseded ho proton ha by in flow on type or % ~ do lithium play battery yet superseded to proton as by so flow do type up | | ~ = adrian nixon birks bovaird ian flint eugene gerden jeff wareham luc duchesne matt craze reed izatt phd richard spencer steve mackowski reversible fuel cell power lead carbon water expect leading funding state university manufacturers suited applications chemistries successfully bubble constant change john supply long future reply address notify west red gold’s analyst solid-state working mark chalmers interest discovered beginning 20th century george glasier mining gta resources hitting ‘bonanza’ grade strong holes minerals update core company nob team contact disclaimer copyright corp rights reserved search videos events electrode protons solid technologies decades demonstrated editor tracy weslosky comment vanadium section lake results trending february review dominate video drill agribusiness mmj biotech healthcare oil gas members editors sectors email continue batteries peter clausi chemistry smith analysis silver base energy lara news tech clean intel gold uranium market investor metals technology march = || research, government,scientists, laboratory, investment, funds, time, ahead,.education, chemists, |
Proton flow battery

Cell Research on Mice Cured Diabetes

Plants destroyed in australia
| A selected Cell was altered to make it invisible to the immune system and to produce insulin when glucose is present. The cells cured Type 1. research cell screen research words mice lettering cured page diabetes to cell internet research computer mice to type on cell data research figure mice keys diabetes text cured in cell letters research create mice keyboard diabetes paragraph cured up cell colors research software mice code diabetes eh cell colors hardware cured pancreas rejection diabetic sugar levels disease || type || cells human study comments organs work rats patients organ science today’s pigs stem pancreas mouse transplanted tesla game tech next animals grown insulin-producing issues ethical people kieffer future media vox policy kastrenakes jacob model email need day real results embryos animal university professor humans insulin engineered health transplant verge scientific remarkable reviews cars culture share tweet ethics privacy potenza alessandra destroy toad met web production shows musk elon recommended case largest vikings agree line command microsoft google chimeras lab grow efforts transplants growing developing interesting biology medicine otonkoski implications injected country rejection sheep creating nakauchi produce functional diabetic donated levels sugar disease waiting wrote achievement reality scientists species forums breaker circuit video longform sign log || log sign longform video circuit breaker forums species scientists reality achievement wrote waiting disease sugar levels donated diabetic functional produce nakauchi creating sheep rejection country injected implications otonkoski medicine biology interesting developing growing transplants efforts grow lab chimeras google microsoft command line daily agree vikings largest case recommended elon musk shows production web met toad destroy home alessandra potenza privacy ethics tweet share culture cars reviews remarkable scientific verge transplant health engineered insulin humans professor university animal embryos results real day need email model jacob kastrenakes policy vox media future kieffer people ethical issues insulin-producing grown animals next tech game tesla transplanted mouse pancreas stem pigs today’s science organ patients rats work organs comments study human cells ||
New diabetes treatment

DNA of Prostate Cancer is Mapped

Prostate cancer DNA gets sequenced - genome of tumor. dna formed um prostate b on mapped bin it cancer in hi sequencing go ooo ppp tt in tumor takes mo dna thesis to prostate r in beneficial is cancer it is sequencing no ttt uuu eh on dna healthy eh tumor um dna hootie or prostate s an mapped two to genome so ah tumor here he mapped get to definite on up sequencing at u on dna treaty on prostate y as mapped ten up cancer or it tumor soot un sequencing me dna rained in prostate o an mapped tie eh genome it he cancer ago in dna shaded at prostate e to genome any go cancer oh eh tumor than do sequencing it || donate facility drivers read rearrangements genetic men mapping mutations uncovers provide researchers people public human science australia division head career professor commonly comparative foundation contact diseases integrity understanding bone media news navigation set number multiplied clinical latest events undergraduate small gift cancers assessment prof related next-generation identified institute health virtual research tumour team technology kinghorn executive treatment petre entire staff search sydney support genomics medicine board cancer-promoting tours driven study information individual sciences genes performed times diagnosed general seminars researcher volunteers students part centre future laboratory potential conjoint targeted program epigenetics previously enquiries partnerships australian doors vanessa directors large-scale april publications hayes supporter key issue workplace structural large newsletters need huge blood sample dish lab doctor medical man huge need newsletters large structural workplace issue key supporter hayes publications april large-scale directors vanessa doors australian partnerships enquiries previously epigenetics program targeted conjoint potential laboratory future centre part students volunteers researcher seminars general diagnosed times performed sciences individual information study driven tours cancer-promoting board medicine genomics support sydney search staff entire university petre treatment executive kinghorn technology team tumour research virtual health institute identified next-generation related prof assessment cancers gift small undergraduate events latest clinical multiplied number set navigation news media bone understanding integrity diseases contact foundation comparative commonly professor career head division australia science human public people researchers provide uncovers mutations mapping men genetic rearrangements read drivers facility donate medical
Prostate cancer DNA research

People Refuse Genetic Testing

||| half of those surveyed did not want to submit to testing of their DNA. | genetic |||
Can researchers be trusted?  It seems not.  Scientists just seem to want the funding with no real benefit to society.  Of the US$3 billion they get every year, only 3 per cent is spent on studies that are taken up by Doctors.  ||| People do Refuse to Genetic is Testing | population |||
Genetic testing
It should be noted that genetics adopted by medical practioners serve operational functions and is not for disease prevention.  Money should be allocated directly for stopping diseases, but it is not.  Even programs to test family members when a patient is found to have a genetically linked ailment are seldom completed.   ||| as Refuse it Genetic go Testing | australian |||    

Only half of people asked if they would take a test to see if they were carrying a gene predisposing them to future sickness, agreed to be tested.  The general public are either uninformed, not motivated to be screened, did not want to know or will put it off for the future. | | not. |      | Por Refuse an Genetic up Testing.
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health navigation genome search facebook twitter promoted revolutionise cancer care professor cost site send readers samples breast genomic share months compare longer organ body bowel life positive source treat national blood problems trials picture diagnostic institute latest cancers children years treatments policy breakthrough relevant insurers history content change personal treated lifestyle thousands australians time technology size system drug read dollars american pancreatic sites human find completely opt-out tests conditions research sequencing director executive executive director sequencing research conditions tests opt-out completely find human sites pancreatic american dollars read drug system size technology time australians thousands lifestyle treated personal change content history insurers relevant breakthrough policy treatments years children cancers latest institute diagnostic picture trials problems blood national treat source positive life bowel body organ longer compare months share genomic breast samples readers send site cost professor care cancer revolutionise promoted twitter facebook search genome navigation health
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Scientists Create Compound With Helium

Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact".  What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology.  Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds.  A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.
A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong. He only had two choices: the right way and the wrong way. He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative. Unfortunately, Only holes flow from the named + terminal. Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative. They are substantial. Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history. Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound. This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars. On these stars there must be different rules for elements. Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth. Belief in solitary helium is shattered. Scientists have made stable helium - sodium compound under high pressure. on of high science and twitter firmly rss f daily tech be while the and and physics frontier all report can environment contact appears crew if and school is extreme achieved pressure changes chemistry sciencealert this outer privacy interact gas compounds oddball different helium - terms space advertise with elements artem now other with modern least copy of chemistry new video rights helium-sodium 2017 pressure the thanks humans when facebook it buttons a our to this health our of high the team your chemistry about what university us helium compounds popov you assumptions of state twitter updates compound with from at some inside periodic basic apply shell earth under has remember share ivan its topics facebook planets shown reserved wisdom gizmodo to table other that noble © oganov full you us most instagram to remained but us on alert flipboard element feed sharing creating tumblr conditions addthis the stable to chemistry reactive ltd create ryan bec mandelbaum until ll share to told feb of noble the policy that challenges is one helium nature know gas to exclusive pty share to scientists us 7 connect utah saturn cannot share be a like have stable conventional atoms link an of signs bit you team forming r states Scientists are wrong about many things, though they advise curriculum developers about scientific "fact". What has been accepted for centuries as correct is now under threat from new technology. Helium is not the sacrosanct element that remains a loner not joining with other materials to create compounds. A group of scientists have joined helium to sodium.

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A note here, the person who named the electrical poles got it wrong.  He only had two choices:  the right way and the wrong way.  He said that one pole is positive and the other is negative.  Unfortunately,  Only holes flow from the named + terminal.  Solid electrons flow the other way from the - named terminal: these are not really negative.  They are substantial.  Naming the pole negative is just a formalization of the greatest mistake in history.

Getting back to the issue, high pressure is required for the helium-sodium compound.  This could be the normal situation on distant gas giant stars.  On these stars there must be different rules for elements.  Even close planets such as Saturn and Jupiter would have new compounds that break the rules applying to the Earth.
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Unboiled Eggs

Australian and US Scientists have discovered how to unboil eggs. This is not the whole egg as you would see on your dinner plate: just egg white. Transport of egg white will be revolutionized, no more need to ship fragile whole eggs in their shells (egg white powder is available though not that useful in such a form).  Laboratories will be using the protein as a base medium for research.
A protein is added to pre-boiled egg white which untangles proteins thus allowing them to refold. The procedure is quick and cheep, cheap - sorry about the pun! It is a two stage process. First a substance from urea is added, then the remaining lumps are untangled using a special machine.

Reconstituted egg white can be used in cancer treatment, cheese manufacturing and the farming industry. A patent has been applied for. There is always a catch, but that's life I suppose.
✴ Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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Give that Kat His Codeine Man!

People are throwing tantrums about being refused addictive pills from pharmacists. This comes at a time when the federal government is setting up a system of "policing" morphine based medications. If patients are frustrated by over the counter tablets what are they going to do when refused prescriptions?

Codeine is the drug of choice for most. Because it is freely available and not officially restricted one can understand the frustration when a sale is refused. It is not much use for pharmacists to call police. Giving people police records is going to make them more antisocial.

Telling people not to use Nurofen Plus for a headache is stupid. The public thinks, "Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot take?" - and rightly so! Pharmacists are not trained to deal with the public. They only learn chemistry, mostly irrelevant at that in today's prepacked world.

Monitoring purchases is a silly idea. It is another layer of costly bureaucracy that the public must pay for. If they are that serious then have it prescribed by a doctor, who now write scripts for extra strength, forte, codeine. That will take the pressure off pharmacists and put it on the doctor. GPs will not thank pharmacists for that.

Pharmacists know that having all codeine put on prescription will reduce sales so they are not calling for this. They want more talk. Yes, talk always helps - if you really want a solution that will reduce sales.

At the moment chemists are judging codeine buyers by the way they are dressed. Put on a suit and you can have as many codeine tablets as you want. I always thought pharmacist are a bit "thick". This confirms it.
Health by Ty Buchanan

Testing of all Pregnant Women for Vitamin D Is a Burden on the Government

It seems odd than in a country with the brightest sunlight of just about any nation on earth that women could possibly lack vitamin D. But "experts" are squabbling over screening for vitamin D deficiency. The government is saying that the cost is far too high and the value of doing this has questionable benefits.

At present obstetricians have to decide whether to test pregnant women who appear to suffer from a shortage of vitamin D. Australia's health system is already "cracking at the edges". Funding is a serious problem. With the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group Assuming the government will take the advice and test all pregnant women, GPs are confused.

The number of women tested for vitamin D has gone up by an incredible 5,000 per cent over the last decade. Idle claims that diabetes and heart disease are "caused" by not enough vitamin D in the body are not proven. Many health professionals still question the lack of vitamin D's causal relationship with osteoporosis. Pathologists have a cash cow with the burgeoning testing. Surely, women can protect themselves by buying vitamin D tablets at health stores, chemists and even at supermarkets.
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