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Dog Gives Mechanical Advice to Driver

Carburettor dog
"It is the carburettor I tell you!"
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The Best Speed to Get Home the Quickest

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Does having your foot hard on the accelerator when you leave work get you home quicker? It may surprise you, but it will not. Tests have shown that driving at a steady 80km/h is the quickest way to get from A to B. Being patient is essential. There is also no gain in changing from lanes. | ▶ shortest not stories news restrictions . |◀ |
M4 Motorway Sydney
The problem is that motorists do not like speed restrictions. Attempts in the past have received barrages of criticism. However, with less damage to the environment at lower speeds, there will be more pressure the other way. Authorities will ultimately bring in restrictions.  | ▶ | australian restrictions driving 80km/h◀ |    
Automobile bodies say that slowing down, stopping and accelerating causes most pollution. They, of course, are living in dreamland. Traffic lights are necessary to distribute traffic. Nothing can be done to get "cruise" motoring conditions. Indeed, those driving at the limit on 100km/h motorways have to keep slowing down behind others travelling at 80km/h. | ▶ | not. | ▶   
A variable speed system is to be tried on Sydney's M4 motorway later this year. Computers will make calculations which will give optimal speeds to be set on particular sections to improve flow. There could be problems with this because motorists will assume that limits today are the same as yesterday, not realizing that they are being changed throughout the day.    | ▶ | not | ◀ |

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Tys Outback
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Old Timer Cat

Old time cat rests and thinks about the pastm grins.
Cat resting on sidewalk
"Yeah, I remember the good old days."
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
 Adventure Australia
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Coffee Cat

Cat having a rest and coffee.
cat having a coffee
"Nothing like a coffee and a rest."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Australia Invents the Utility Car - the Ute

Motor cars rapidly became popular in the bush when Henry Ford introduced mass production lines that reduced their cost to within everyone’s reach. Farmers used their car to carry all sorts of ‘junk’ - from pigs to ploughs making a mess of the inside, so they resorted to cutting the back end off and fitting a tray behind the front seat. This worked, but was not very safe for the goods on the tray and dangerous when carrying livestock.
Worlds first Ford utility invented by an Australian
In 1932 an enterprising farmer wrote to the Australian branch of the Ford Company telling them that like most farmers he was unable to afford both a car and a lorry. He was fed up with cutting his hands and his farming goods on the rough edges of the tray fitted to his makeshift car/truck. And his wife continually complained about riding to church in her Sunday best in a smelly vehicle.

He asked Ford to design a purpose-built vehicle, one that he could use to take his pigs to market, pick up stock feed during the week and drive to church in comfort on Sundays. Lewis Brandt, a 22-year-old Australian engineer working at Ford set to work and designed the Australian Utility that came off the production line as:

"The Ford Coupe Utility - This utility model has a smart Coupe body similar to a passenger car type with fine interior fittings. Rear compartment has ample loading space."

 This was one of the first advertisements to appear for the new vehicle, the world’s first successfully mass produced one-piece coupe utility body that went on to sell in its millions throughout the world.
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
            Australian Blog   Adventure Australia
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Volvo Protects Cars From Kangaroos

Though the protected bars on the front of rural vehicles is called a bull bar, it was originally designed to stop damage from hitting a kangaroo. These animals are as common as muck in Australia. Indeed, they are a native pest if ever there was one. Countless kangaroos invade farms all the time eating grass meant for food animals and drinking water pumped out of the ground.
Kangaroo hit in front of car vehicle 4wd truck stuck lodged
It is unusual for a driver to hit a wandering cow. Because they are valuable they are generally safely penned in. On the other hand, kangaroos wander freely. If they can't jump over a fence they will run through it. Several years ago I saw the remains of a kangaroo paw hanging from a fence wire. Obviously, the animal had survived and bounded on his way.

Volvo Australia is studying kangaroo behavior on the roadside. They intend to fit a radar sensor to cars that will scan the road ahead. When a kangaroo is detected directly ahead within contact range the brakes will be automatically applied to a vehicle.
Car write off by impact with kangaroo
If Volvo is successful it will dramatically reduce insurance costs. Over 20,000 kangaroos are hit annually in Australia. It is like hitting a brick wall. Some vehicles are written off; there is so much damage.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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South Australian Legislation to Allow Driverless Cars on Australian Road is Illegal

South Australia is going to test driverless cars for use on roads in that state. This is premature. We have the hacking problems of "normal" vehicles to deal with, let along allowing potentially dangerous ones loose in Australia. There is also the important question of who is responsible if there is a collision involving a driverless car.
Driverless car vehicle odd shaped
This is way too soon. The South Australian experiment will be the first in the southern hemisphere. Legislation is to be passed in state parliament on Thursday. It will allow testing on road with cars being driven by people. It is obvious that if there is an accident the insurance company of a normal vehicle will not pay out. It is common knowledge that insurance companies keep taking annual premiums when they know a legal problem exists which takes liability away from them - note the payouts refused in recent floods.

Wanting to be the first state to adopt new technology is stupid when such cars will be driving illegally with no insurance. If they can be used even in tests, everyone should be able to drive with no insurance.

There will be a High Court challenge to laws exempting testers from having to abide by design rules and the insurance obligations. Some road specifications are federal laws that states do not have jurisdiction to override.
Technology by Ty Buchanan 
            Australian Blog   Adventure Australia
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The Stress of Commuting

Yes we know! You are fed up with work and travelling to work. Just getting there and back is tedious and boring, let alone tiring. You can't wait to get home for that wholesome dinner and a chance to put your feet up.
Commuters on a bus to work
A study has begun to examine the stress of commuting at the Australian National University. Dr David Russel is leading the CommutingLIFE project. Commuters are being interviewed as well as politicians and policymakers.   Observation of those enduring the daily chore is also taking place.
Commuters in a car sharing a ride
Getting to work is particularly stressful. Public transport engenders distrust, fear and depression. Having to let others into our safety zone is very disturbing. Aggressive drivers put safe ones in a bad mood. Most of all, the loss of valuable time is heartfelt. Even staying at home and working on the Internet has its problems: ties with coworkers are weakened.

It seems those who talk about commuting are healthier, even if it is to complain about the ordeal. Listeners, however, do not fare that well. You don't want someone else's problems.  Passing your stress onto your spouse is not a wise thing to do.

There is a way out without bothering others. You can learn relaxation techniques and settle the harsh thoughts in your head, settling the body into a soothing state. That is if you believe in this silly obsessive compulsive behavior!

Sociology by Ty Buchanan
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New Pedestrian Detection System Applies Car Brakes

We are moving toward a safer driving future. It is not just the development of driver-less cars. Special highways will have to be built for these, so it some time away before it is in common use. Just how "hoons" are going to get their fix with no risky overtaking existing anymore is anyone's guess. No, it is all the research going into improving existing vehicles.

Bosch Australia is working on a system whereby people walking behind a car will automatically trigger the brakes on a reversing vehicle. One company is already going ahead and selling its own version that can be fitted to older cars. Considering rear beepers have been on cars for years would the average driver buy the product? It would be easier to modify existing beepers to apply the breaks and have an override switch. Then, I am only a consumer not a developer. How do I know what I want?

It would be useful if a toddler could be detected in a driveway for example. The family car market could certainly be a target. This device could save lives and prevent serious injury. The Bosch system is not yet refined enough to work above 5km/h and a toddler may not be of sufficient size to trigger the device. Fleet buyers have been approached with no orders being arranged. Similar buyers overseas will probable respond in the same way. The product must detect children and function reliably before it is accepted.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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McDonald's to Deliver

McDonald's has to do something to compete. Last year many branches ran at a loss. Apart from offering so called "healthy meals" several years ago, little has changed. The healthy meals strategy was an absolute failure.  Their Angus Burger was a flop as well.

They are going into an area that competitors have found difficult for years - the home delivery of take away meals. Instead of offering the whole menu, McDonald's is creating family packs. This is to increase income per delivery. It may work in Sydney in the short term, but people will ask for extras from the standard menu.

Another problem is getting delivery drivers at the appallingly low rate of pay. Just about every other pizza shop has a permanent "Delivery Drivers Wanted" sign in the window. Many businesses are forced to buy their own deliver vehicles because people don't want the wear and tear on the own car.

The main issue is portion size at McDonald's. They have the audacity to call their "tiny" burger a Big Mac. The chips are not comparable to even one potato. The main threat is Hungry Jack's. Their complete meal with ice cream at $4.95 is a definite winner. And the $2.00 for separates is also a good deal. Note, Hungry Jack's is drawing customers into the shop. The road that McDonald's has chosen is not lined with gold. They need to change the offerings at the shop.
Hospitality by Ty Buchanan
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Electric Motorcycles Are Popular

While electric cars have been slow to take off, electric motorcycles are in strong demand. Enthusiasts can't get their hands on new versions fast enough. Recently there have been improvements. The range was originally less than 100km. Now they will run for nearly 200km on each charge. Furthermore, they have a projected life of 500,000km. With a top speed of 110km per hour they are competitive for off-road competition.

New models can be used on-road and off-road. Costs are much the same as a conventional motorbike. Indeed, some are cheaper. Batteries are no longer a problem. They currently last the life of the bike. From a flat battery to fully charged in four hours is really convenient. Use two chargers and get going in two hours.

The latest shipment of new bikes to Australia sold out straight away. A popular electric motorcycle, the Zero, is made in California. Retail stores are opening across Australia. Unlike electric cars which are very expensive, electric motorcycles can be bought just for off-road fun. If you really like the experience a road model could be your next purchase. Professional racing could soon be on the cards.
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Large Birds Are Scared Away by Low-Pitched Noise

You would think that birds are happy to live near humans as they can get easy access to food. Unfortunately, this is not the case, particularly for large birds.

Sound drives them away. Traffic noise and heavy machinery are the culprits. Larger birds use low-pitched songs to communicate. This is drowned out by engines and clunking machines.

Birds and nests were counted near natural gas wells. Compressors on the wells run day and night. The noise is like a reving motorcycle. Thirty species of bird were surveyed. The number of large birds was very low. Small birds have high-pitched songs that can still be heard over rumbling machinery, so their lives are unaffected.
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The Young Will Soon Lease Electric Vehicles

Private ownership of motor vehicles may not not be popular in the future. The majority of people may chose to Lease electric cars. Being able to lease these vehicles will be a big draw particularly if brand new cars are on offer. Obviously secondhand versions will also be available.

There are plans to "build" payment plans into mobile phones. This will include a usage agreement with recharging credits and battery swaps. It will be aimed at young Gen Y users who won't go anywhere without their mobile. Many members of this group support a green way of life.

The love of older big engined cars is now largely an older generation thing. The young are turned off by these "monsters". It will be sad to see the demise of combustion powered cars but eventually it will happen. The Gen Y group don't care about the kind of car they are in as long it gets them from A to B. Ownership is not important.

No doubt older people will initially ridicule the tiny little "bugs", But as their number soars they will stop laughing. Car makers are already planning for the future and electric cars are at the center of it. Just where all this extra electricity will come from will be the problem.
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Old Cars Are Healthier

It makes one wonder how much money is wasted on research into seemingly trivial and irrelevant issues. Nonetheless, some of this research does result in useful findings. Why would there be tests on old cars to find out whether they are healthier than new vehicles? Well, research has been done and older cars are healthier largely because they let more air in through seals that do not fit anymore.

Most drivers and passengers jump into the modern vehicle and turn the air conditioning on, thus locking themselves into a sealed capsule. This may be comfortable but it can cause illness. To make the air conditioner function better it is common to choose the recycle setting, so we breath stale air. This is more damaging than taking in pollutants from outside.

When you go for a drive in future you should be careful about who you are travelling with. If a passenger has the flu, everyone else will probably get it. Set the air conditioner to the ventilation setting or leave a window slightly open.
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