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Humans Put in a Bath for Cat

People consider their pets when they redecorate their homes. A problem area could be the bathroom. Animals have special needs in regard to keeping clean. Having the right size bath for you pet is essential. This cat has the right sized bath with ready access to hot and cold water. Soap is also nearby.

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|| I will take a nap before bathing. ||
Dog flies over lake
"I will take a nap before bathing."
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Puppy Guard Dog

Belongs to my master
"I must watch this!"
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First-NIght-Effect Means Little Sleep at New Hotel

SAnthropology: we have evolved to be on guard on the first night when sleeping in a new place.
Man is still a hunter. We may live in cities and believe we are advanced but our genes have evolved to survive in the wild outdoors beneath the starlit night sky. If we move into a new environment getting a good night's sleep on the first night is a problem. Our brain is "on-guard" against unknown dangers.
Primitive man sleeps
This phenomenon is in all animals. One hemisphere of the brain will sleep while the other remains on sentry duty. This "first-night-effect" is permanent. There is no cure because it isn't an illness. After the first night the brain adapts, records the new environment and deems it to be safe.

Tests show that the left hemisphere sleeps lighter in a new situation. Slow-wave activity is weaker than the right hemisphere. Furthermore, the default-mode network which involves mind wandering is more active. This indicates that the brain is checking the environment. Sleeping test subjects were played some normal and some unusual sounds. The left hemisphere became even more alert when it heard unusual sounds or even loud sounds. After the first night the brain became "normalized" then no such activity was observed.
 Anthropolgy by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Sleep in a Queenslander

Australiana: Live in a Queenlander house to get a good night's sleep.
There isn't much doubt that the Australian climate can wear you down. This is not so much the case in winter, but those rainy cold days in Melbourne are off-putting. It is the hot balmy nights that are a burden with many people not getting enough sleep. Some would say that they wake up with a hangover when they didn't drink any alcohol.
Queenslander houses are cool at night
Humans have evolved to only fall asleep when body temperature dips. If there is hot air around you that puts a kibosh on that. You get dozy, momentarily drift off, then quickly wake up. It is the surrounding heat that keeps you awake.

The problem in Australia is that we build the wrong kind of houses. They are based on the English. The double brick has been dropped in favor of brick veneer. A visitor to this country wonders how the the roof can be finished before a brick is laid. Brick are only for looks. However, bricks take in heat during the day and store it at night. This makes the interior at night unbearable unless you have air conditioning.

In the bush our forebears had ideas of their own. They first built houses out of chamfer board. This allowed heat to pass through. Galvanized iron sheeting was also used. This was good at night. However, the walls constructed of sheeting got so hot during the day that you had to sit outside in the shade. Fibro cement sheeting was a compromise it store some heat, though it cooled down rapidly in the evening. This typical house is called a Queensland, though it is found throughout Australia. Open the front and back doors at night and open the windows at night. You will get a good night's slumber. Just leave a fan on to gently blow over your body.
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Bedtime Book Cat

"I like a good book at bedtime!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Meditating Pussy

meditating cat
"TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION to all you uneducated out there!"
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We Need at Least Six Hours Sleep a night

There has been differences in views on sleep for decades. Some say a good nights sleep is absolutely necessary to function well in the world. Others believe that sleeping is a waste of valuable time when one could be creating new things.

More time could be made available if sleep was postponed indefinitely. However, there is a question as to whether performance is impaired. Then creativity could be replaced by nuisance behavior - someone who is just a pest to well functioning individuals around him or her.

Research points to sleep being required for efficient functioning. We have evolved with roughly 12 hours of darkness each day. A century or so ago people went to bed early, before electricity grids changed all our lives. Most animals still head for cover when the sun goes down. Particular animals evolved to be active at night, hunting for food. Even these though sleep in daylight hours.

An Oregon study has shown that the elderly function better if they get a minimum of six hours sleep a night. People with dementia also performed more efficiently. Data confirm the findings of similar research in developing and developed countries - everyone needs sleep. The Oregon program was an international study in itself, the first test with subjects from many countries.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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