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Ancient People Knew How to Live

Plants destroyed in australia
| In times of old life had to be lived, but fitting into the community was also important. | temples greeks statues gods|

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Greek saying plaque

Neanderthals and Denisovans Are in Heaven

Anthropology: Adam and Eve hominids in the Garden of Eden.
Humans were not alone on the evolutionary path. There would always be at least one more type of hominid existing nearby until the last 13,000 years (Hobbits). If the number of chromosomes was very close then fertile offspring were possible. The case for neanderthal closeness is still not yet known for sure. Some make bold claims about humans having neanderthal genes, but note that we did have a common ancestor.
"This is the Garden of Eden love, from the volcano God."
Take it with a pinch of salt about us being Neanderthal, Denisovan, human hybrids. This is fairytale stuff. Neanderthals were mainly in Europe and Denisovans were for the most part in southeast Asia. This would mean that humans from Africa would be genetically pure. However, the Neanderthal gene chains are also in them. Perhaps these genes are common to most hominids.

Only a few decades ago many scientists loudly proclaimed that people came out of Africa to populate the world only 80,000 years ago. This has now been pushed back to 200,000 years. When humans moved into Europe 40,000 years ago they did not have the largest brains. Neanderthals were hands down winners. Indeed, Homo erectus did draw and carve. And stone tools was old technology for 3 million years before the present.

Humans are not special. We did get down to a few dozen survivors at one time. It is just good luck for us that we are here and Neanderthals are not. Furthermore, perception of a God is not unique to humans. Burial practices go back 400,000 years. If there is an afterlife, expect to see a some Neanderthals and Denisovans walking around in heaven.
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
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Life Began on Earth 4.1 Billion Years Ago

Life began on Earth earlier than thought.  There is evidence of life 3.8 billion years ago.  This is only 0.7 billion short of the total life of the planet. A new study has pushed the origins of life back another 300 million years.
microscopic carbon flecks in zirconium push life back on earth 4.1 billion years
It seems life began as soon the chaotic period of Earth's formation had settled down. Flecks of graphite were trapped in the crystal zircon.  This microscopic carbon mineral is among the zirconium, oxygen and silicon which is the main structure of the crystal.

While trapped graphite is not full evidence of life, carbon is classed as biogenetic - life needs it to begin.  It is believed that the graphite was originally organic before being absorbed by zirconium.  Apparently, Earth calmed down very quickly after formation. Estimates now puts the origin of life on Earth at 4.1 billion years.
Biology Ty Buchanan
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Something New - An Australian Moth

Yes, we have something new for you! Aenigmatinea glatzella is a new moth that is very primitive indeed - a living dinosaur in fact. It is in a new family of its own. With its feathered wingtips and specs of purple and gold it is certainly unique.
Aenigmatinea glatzella enigma moth
A new primitive moth in over forty years, it is something to get excited about. This new moth was found on Kangaroo Island, a place that people regularly visit, yet it remained unknown until now. Be sure though that many more will be found by motivated naturalists.

The moth's ancestry goes back to Gondwanaland. It is extremely short-lived: leaving the cocoon, mating and dying in a day. This is why it was not observed by previous researchers.  It is only a centimeter long.

DNA analysis shows that moths and butterflies have a complex evolution. Enigma moth has no tongue. Moths and butterflies developed tongues later, probably more than once independently. More moths will be found because it is believed that over 10,000 moths and butterflies are not yet named.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Evidence of Tiny Pygmy Aboriginals

Did tiny people ever live in Australia?  There is photographic evidence of pygmy-like Aboriginals being here, but ignored by scientists. They are widely seen in Aboriginal rock art and are spoken of in Aboriginal mythology. To native Australians pygmy people are here with us all the time. They are just out of our vision.

Apparently there are thousands of them living in the vast outback where no "physical" people live. They are mischievous, playing tricks on us all the time. Older Aboriginals say they remember seeing them. This is like the local people on the Indonesian island of Flores , where little people died out ten thousand years ago. Obviously, there is some truth in myth and living people really believe they have actually seen them.

There seems to be different types of Aboriginal pygmies and each lives in its own dimension of reality. It is fact that there were two types of Aboriginals on Bribie Island in Queensland and they didn't intermarry. One was tall thick set rather like Papua New Guineans. The other was shorter.

Myth has it that tall thin mainlanders moved down the coast to Groote Island and found little people living there. They interbred with them. However, a dispute arose and there was a great battle between them. The little people were completely wiped out. If this was the case there would be some unusual genes if present day Groote Islanders were tested. Skeletons of short, thin people have been found in caves on the island.

Little people are prominent in Aboriginal mythology. They act as spiritual intermediaries. As in the family religious tradition in China the "Mimih" society lives in the spiritual realm and is structured the same as physical people living today. This is hard to sustain given how technology has radically changed even Australian Aboriginals.

It seems Mimih did once live in the physical world. Over time they dwindled and left for the spiritual realm. It is possible for modern Aboriginals to wander into the bush, make contact them, stay and live with the Mimih. Aboriginal people tell you that the stick paintings on the rock are accurate representations of the little people who are very thin, so they can no longer live in the physical world because strong wind would break their bones.
Anthropology by Ty Buchanan
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Men are Scared of Women Taking Their Assets

How did the Western world get into the situation where the female in a broken relationship gets, well, just about everything that the male has accumulated? When a relationship ends the man's life is ruined. Not only has he got to pay for the keep of his children, with access to them being blocked in many cases, but he has to keep the female ex-partner until she decides to actually marry another man.

A young man in his late twenties discussed his situation with me the other day. He was left a house by his father who died suddenly at quite a young age. The man married three years ago and has a child. His wife left him and arranged a divorce. She claimed legal aid. He tried to get it but it was refused. The divorce has just been finalized. His ex-wife got the house, a house to which she did not contribute. He had to find rental accommodation which he thought was to be short term. Now it is permanent. He is faced with the rental burden for the rest of his life. After he pays for the upkeep of his child and his ex-wife he has hardly anything left.

It is no wonder men of all ages are running scared. They will take a woman out for a meal and a drink, even carry on a relationship. However, when the word marriage is mentioned they are straight out the door, in the car and gone. A single man will stay overnight at a female's home. However, he will only allow her in his home during the day, especially if he owns it. He knows that after a year of living in his house she can claim that they were living as man and wife and get the house.

Modern women are becoming "paranoid" about getting a man. They are becoming desperate: "I go out with so many eligible men", they say,"and none of the men will make a commitment". The reason they won't commit is that they are thinking of their pockets and how they will be emptied.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Wax Ear Plug Illuminates a Whale's Life

Who would have thought that ear wax would add to scientific knowledge. A wax ear plug from a dead 12 years old whale has shed more light on its life. Traditional research involved blubber, faeces and blood.

Lipids, keratin and waxes built up by two layers a year. This was used to tell the age of the whale. When sliced ultrafine, 24 separate rings were identified.

Closer analysis was done and various industrial chemicals and pesticides were found. Some of the chemicals persisted in the wax despite being banned world wide ten years before. There is no doubt that these chemicals were stored in the females fat and passed onto the young.

Mercury was high at two periods in the whale"s life. Testosterone level rose when the whale reached maturity at ten years of age. The high chemical rate is believed to have an indirect effect on the high cortisol level, the stress hormone. However, a 12 year old male would have been driven to compete with other males for females and form social bonds.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Car Dogs

"And that one over there owns a Ferarri"
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Funny Animal Photos
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UK Is Dishonest Not Paying Pensions

The battle goes on between Australia and the UK about the shortchanging of British people who were born, lived and worked in their homeland before emigrating. They paid their taxes and crucially paid there "stamp" every working week toward the state pension. However, the UK does not align payments with inflation for ex-pats living in "wealthy" countries, only those retiring in developing nations. UK governments, indeed previous governments of all political shades, have "stole" from these elderly people.

Today the British pension paid to those who emigrated permanently to Australia is worth a pittance. There is no way they could live on it. Australia has to make up the shortfall even if ex-Brits have lived in Australia for only a few years before retiring. This is disgraceful behavior from a supposedly civilized country. It certainly fails the Australian norm of a fair go.

On average the rate of pension paid to those living in the UK is more than double what ex-pats receive. Each recipient gets the British rate upon the day of retirement. This means those who live to an old age get a few pound a week.

The rule is not even consistent. Brits retiring in the US and Israel get inflationary increases. As Jim Tilley chairman of British Pensions in Australia (BPiA) says: "These guys are a bunch of hypocrites."
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Work Is Inevitable

There is not much doubt that work is bad for you. Yes, it gets you up in the morning and you have to go through all the rituals of getting to work, but that is about it. You would probably feel better and be healthier if you could take a pleasant walk along the beach, then sit down for a cool drink. However, one must make a living. What good is money to you? Well, it gives you the power to make others work for you!

Manual work is doubly hard on any person. You have the worry of receiving a low wage and the body must suffer continuing hardship. Even having a "comfy" job in an office, sitting down lazing in a chair most of the time, the stress can be immeasurable.

With a physical job one has the problems of getting a permanent bad back, for example, and office employment has the dangers of obesity and heart disease.

Work is a fact of life. It makes the world go round. As the saying goes: Egypt made the pyramids, but the pyramids made Egypt.
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