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Number of Offspring Determined by DNA

Plants destroyed in australia
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Many children in family

Technology Causes Loss of Skills

Technology: people lose inter social skills, flat batter mobile phone, running writing, lost in outback bush.
Technology is breaking the bond of people to the natural environment.  Communication involves not just reading and posting snippets on Twitter.  Language skills are still paramount to our survival. Hardly anyone writes in long-hand these days. Ask a twenty year old to write something said to them in a grammatical or mathematical phrase/sentence with a pen and they cannot do it. Take for example "Fifty-eight thousand dollars a year over five years". This is a grammatical phrase. A mathematical sentence is "$58,000 x 1year x 5years" To take it to its logical conclusion it is "$58,000 x 1 x 5 = $290,000".   Many young adults are completely at a loss to do this.
She is alone!
Not only are we losing communication skills, many would not survive outside of cities if they had to get sustenance that did not come from a supermarket. Though cooking shows are popular on television, they are watched for entertainment. Young people get meals out of a packet. They just whack it into the microwave and that's it. Restaurants provide their cooked meals. Children do not believe that milk comes from cows. They do know that it comes out of a factory in cartons ready to drink.

Going bush in 4 wheel drives is popular, but this is done with real risk. Have an engine failure, run out of petrol and have a flat mobile phone could mean the end for everyone in the vehicle. Purchasing an EPIRB is not even given a thought. Aren't these things for when you get lost at sea? They are, though a smart traveller buys one to get her/him out of a fix on land. Last year three inexperienced people died in outback Western Australia. You are told to remain next to the car. Of course, this is ignored and the lost try to find a nonexistent homestead in the remote bush.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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A Mermaid? No a Dugong!

Early traditional legends describe mermaids:  supernatural beings that lived in the sea, a combination of human and fish. As time went on, they were described as having a human body and a fish’s tail. But where did the mermaid legend come from?  For centuries, sailors travelled the oceans and returned to their homelands with tales of exotic creatures from distant shores, one of which was the mermaid. These sailors had been on the high seas for months. They may have been dehydrated, suffering from sunstroke, ill or simply lonely.  They saw creature with smooth bodies and long flowing hair swimming through the water. Mermaids!
Mermaid enticing a ship at sea
Of course to our eyes a dugong (Dugong dugori) does not look much like a mermaid. But to a lonely sailor with the sun in his eyes, these graceful aquatic human-like creatures could have captured the imagination. The long flowing hair was possibly sea grasses, which the dugong feeds on.  In an early record in his book, A Voyage to New Holland, the explorer Captain William Dampier wrote in 1699 about a shark that his men had caught, slaughtered and ate.b He describes that in the mouth of one:
".. . we found the head and bones of a hippopotamus; the. hairy lips of which were still sound and not putrfied, and the jaw was also firm, out of which we plucked a great many teeth, 2 of them 8 inches long and as big as a man’s thumb, small at one end, and a little crooked. . ."
Dampier was describing a dugong. In an earlier book from 1688, A New Voyage Around the World, he writes of the dugong’s close cousin, the manatee:
"This creature is about the bigness of a horse, and 10 or 12 foot long. The mouth of it is much like the mouth of a cow, having great thick lips. The eyes are no bigger than a small pea; the ears are only two small holes on each side of the head. The neck is short and thick, bigger than the head. The biggest part of this creature is at the shoulders where it has two large fins, one on each side of its belly."
In Dampier’s time, there were many natural discoveries being made in yet undescribed lands like New Holland (Australia). Even though there are no hippopotamuses in Shark Bay, Western Australia, Dampier can perhaps be forgiven for thinking there were. Dugongs are more closely related to hippos and elephants than they are to marine mammals like whales and dolphins.
Dugongs, manatees (Trichechus spp.) and the extinct Steller’s Sea Cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) are in the animal order Sirenia, named for the beautiful sea sirens of classical mythology, a sea nymph, part woman and part bird. Legends tell of sea nymphs bewitching sailors with their siren song, luring ships to a shattering end (in rocky seabeds. Maybe the bewitching sound that entranced the lonely sailors was the whistling sound made by the large, strong male dugongs to keep their herds together.
Dugongs are large creatures, up to 3 metres long and weighing 400 kilograms. Even though they have small ears and eyes, their hearing and eyesight are excellent. Their heads are round and the mouth on then large fleshy snout faces down towards the seabed, which makes it easy for dugongs to feed on their favourite food - the young shoots of sea grasses. These grow in the muddy beds of shallow waters in northern Australia. Because they graze on sea grasses, dugongs are commonly called sea cows. Dugongs also have moustaches - heavy bristles that are excellent tor helping find the sea grasses in the murky water stirred up when they tear out the whole plant, roots and all. They manoeuvre the sea grasses into their mouths with their sensitive upper lip.
Dugong swimming with fish
These marine oddities are slow and graceful. They steer and balance with their front flippers using them to ‘walk’ as they graze. They have a fluked or ‘wing-shaped’ tail which beats slowly up and down moving them through the water. Adult males and some elderly females have tusks. These are useful weapons for males during breeding season, when they need to fight off competing males.
Dugongs are slow breeders, giving birth under the water to only one pup about every three years. The calf often rides on the mother’s back or swims nearby; never straying far. They suckle for up to 18 months from the teats close to the base of die flippers. The calf begins feeding on sea grass within a few weeks of birth and remains with the mother until it is nearly the same size as her and is fully weaned. Its place will then be taken by another pup.
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
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Men are Scared of Women Taking Their Assets

How did the Western world get into the situation where the female in a broken relationship gets, well, just about everything that the male has accumulated? When a relationship ends the man's life is ruined. Not only has he got to pay for the keep of his children, with access to them being blocked in many cases, but he has to keep the female ex-partner until she decides to actually marry another man.

A young man in his late twenties discussed his situation with me the other day. He was left a house by his father who died suddenly at quite a young age. The man married three years ago and has a child. His wife left him and arranged a divorce. She claimed legal aid. He tried to get it but it was refused. The divorce has just been finalized. His ex-wife got the house, a house to which she did not contribute. He had to find rental accommodation which he thought was to be short term. Now it is permanent. He is faced with the rental burden for the rest of his life. After he pays for the upkeep of his child and his ex-wife he has hardly anything left.

It is no wonder men of all ages are running scared. They will take a woman out for a meal and a drink, even carry on a relationship. However, when the word marriage is mentioned they are straight out the door, in the car and gone. A single man will stay overnight at a female's home. However, he will only allow her in his home during the day, especially if he owns it. He knows that after a year of living in his house she can claim that they were living as man and wife and get the house.

Modern women are becoming "paranoid" about getting a man. They are becoming desperate: "I go out with so many eligible men", they say,"and none of the men will make a commitment". The reason they won't commit is that they are thinking of their pockets and how they will be emptied.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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The Wrong Missing Body Found by Psychic

Mediums can be right - some of the time. An Aboriginal female elder in NSW told police she saw a girl dead in a dream. A six year old girl had been missing. The problem was the body found by police was of an adult, a woman. She had been dismembered wrapped in plastic and left at an Aboriginal burial site.

A Sydney woman was last seen in June. Post-mortem tests will probably confirm that the body was missing 31 year old Kristi Mc Dougall. The Aboriginal woman strongly believes that she has psychic talents.  It is odd that the Aboriginal knew about a murdered adult before police suspected it.

The odds of finding bones of dead people in an Aboriginal burial site are extremely high. Though having a premonition that a recently dead person are there is not strong. The seer has helped police with their enquiries, but not in the way she had "imagined".
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People Choose Dogs That Look Like Them, But What About their Partners?

It's official! People choose dogs that look like themselves. In a research project subjects were asked to match pets with their owners. Owners of labradors, poodles or bull terriers were photographed. Questionnaires were filled in by non-dog owners and they matched owners with dog type correctly 60 percent of the time.

I would take this further and say it is wrong to assume that opposites attract when it comes to human relationships. People do select partners of the same physical type as themselves. This can be seen particularly in older couples who have lived together a long time. Sure humans have a part of the brain that mimics others and living with a person would give a partner similar lines on their face for example. But when you walk around the shopping malls and look at families, similarities in body type can easily be seen in parents.

Even if a European person marries an Asian, similar features can still be observed. This is also the case when there is an age difference. A factor that can go against this "trend" is when one partner is very wealthy, but even here similarity in type remains. A rich person can certainly attract younger more attractive partners. And it is not unusual for someone with great wealth to dump their present partner and family for that matter and marry a younger version of his/her first partner.
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Chimeras Have Been Identified

What is a chimera? You can be a chimera and not know it. A chimera is the product of two embryos in one individual. A person with this "complaint" is absolutely normal and can live most of their lives without knowing they are "afflicted". They are usually diagnosed in a medical examination.

A case in point was a woman who was found not to be the mother of one of her sons. Tests indicated that genetically the child was not hers. Further test, however, showed that she a chimera and the child was hers.

Human chimeras are not common. In some species they are more the norm. In dahlia anemones, for example, it was noticed that their larvae were fused together like conjoined twins. Out of a batch of 27,169 young, 120 were visibly chimeric. Most of these died. The true chimeras live don undetected. It is believed that 90 per cent of young can be affected There may an evolutionary benefit from this. It appears that chimeras grow faster and are more aggressive than normal larvae. Dahlia anemone are certainly at the halfway point between colonial organisms and individuals.
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Woman Complains About Gollywogs

Be careful! There might be a gollywog about. A Melbourne woman saw a gollywog doll for sale and she is now campaigning to stop it. But is she stopping racism or preventing the gollywog from existing? This all goes back to the Noddy series of books by Enid Blyton. Gollywog, who held an important position as Toytown garage proprietor, was a major character. Enid Blyton had no racial intentions by including him. Though she did admit that she hated children.

The woman says, “It’s a shock to see them brought back." They didn't actually go away. They have been available for many years in shops despite Gollywog's removal from Blyton books after 1980.

These days you can buy Caucasion, Asian and African style dolls, so what is the big problem about selling gollywogs? Banning things always causes problems because it makes an issue out of something when no bad feeling is intended. Australians used to call people from Italy and Greece wogs in the 1960s and 70s. These new Australians made it into a badge. Remember the wog series of films?

This lady is reading something into the situation which really isn't there. She complains, "There is an elegant white ballerina doll whereas the black doll is seen to be poorly dressed." Gollywogs were always dressed in a type of uniform, dungarees. She probably interprets this uniform as being "poorly dressed". Obviously there is demand for them, otherwise they wouldn't be for sale. Perhaps a dark skinned child wants one for comfort, a friend to play with.
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Court Decisions Are Ridiculous

It seems that you can get away with anything if you put up an absurd defence. A woman was charged for driving her car without light while the car had a flat tyre. The woman's defence was that she had taken the sleeping drug Stilnox earlier and she couldn't remember driving. Being interviewed by police was also out of mind.

Remember the weird claims made when Prozac was first brought onto the market? You don't hear anything bad about Prozac today. The same thing will happen for Stilnox. If the drug is so dangerous it would not have been allowed onto the market at all. It is just convenient to have something to blame for strange behavior.

The Court found in favor of the woman. It must be said when reviewing court decisions that the government puts weird people in charge of courts. Magistrates and judges continue to give lenient sentences despite pleadings by police and the public. They are certainly a law unto themselves. Indeed, many judges believe that they are above the law. They see the separation of powers as an avenue to become dictators which gives them the right to make absurd decisions.
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