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Any Excuse for Cheap Thai Labor But Not Economics

Aussie companies use cheap Thai labor.
Companies betray Australia by moving offshore. It is amazing what they will say to justify such "job robbing" behavior. Executives even lie to themselves and never admit that the move is only to make more profit. Thai cheap labor economics
Thai factory workers
A case in point is the company Fibre King. This is a family business. Pat Boland, the joint managing director, says that the culture of Thailand was the reason to shift production to that country. This is absolute rot! economic cheap labor

He is going to fly in engineers to oversee Thai factory workers. No doubt, the Thai workers will be treated like slaves as their low wages dictate. The company will use the tried and proven colonial style system. Design and sales will be retained in Australia. This is 25 per cent of the workforce. The Thai "automatons" will slave away in the sweatshop in Thailand.
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Politics: Australian Conservatives Push to Privatize Healthcare

Health: Australian liberal conservative governments keep privatizing medicine
There isn't much doubt that the Liberals (read conservatives) would like a completely privatised health system. They look lustfully toward the US and their inefficient structure - the most expensive health mishmash in the world!
Protest against liberal conservative healthcare changes
There is a logic to this "conservative hiding behind liberal sunglasses" behavior. You see, businesses don't like their taxes being "wasted" on something the private sector can run perfectly well, descrimination notwithstanding. Businesses would like this money back in a tax rebate so they can make higher profits, thankyou.

Note how Liberal PM Menzies ended free pharmaceuticals brought in by Labor PM Chiffley. Gough Wittlam initiated Medibank after menzies It was just about the only thing he did that worked. This has now been pushed and poked by a series of Coalition governments to become the now private Medicare. No doubt, this political toing and froing will continue into the future.
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Australia is Becoming a Police State

Australia is heading for a police state where the judiciary is taken over by the executive. With the new Internet data law being forced on a public who do not want it, things are moving very fast. If Labor goes along with the changes that is the end for free Australia.
Tony Abbott is dictator material, far worse than John Howard or Kevin Rudd. If he wants something done his way he just does it. Running rough shod over his cabinet he is a real Caesar. He holds that the individual is subservient to the state. This is stuff from the novel 1984.

Watch out, he could legislate to force Protestants to become Catholics like himself. He loves his church, wears it on his "shirt front" - the pun is intended! He claims that the police force doesn't do its job properly. Watch out for Abbott's storm troopers goose stepping down the street, entering houses and taking you off never to be seen again.

Some overseas publications are calling him a monster. Obviously, they can see something Australian's are not perceiving. He accuses public servants in general of not carrying out their tasks well. His refugee boat policy is working, but it breaks international law.  His criticism of Putin is a case of the Pot calling the kettle black!  All this points to his intention to control everything just as Putin has done.  Note, he was planning to send Australian troops to fight IS.

Malcolm Turnbull will hopefully take over the reigns eventually. Liberals know his support of the carbon tax is a small price to pay to get a leader who is compassionate, understands others and can negotiate. Tony Abbott has none of these skills. Being stupid and not knowing it could be one of Abbott's attributes.
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New iHerd App Helps Australian Farmers

If labor costs are high in a country it is necessary to turn to technology to efficiently do the job. Australian farmers have been world leaders in applying technology to tasks. Thus, there is an increasing demand for skilled labor on farms. This obviously goes against tradition.

A new app for farmers has been released called iHerd. The app keeps an eye on cattle as they move around. Tracking is much easier. Gathering of cattle into yards is reduced. Cattle have monitoring tabs fitted to them. As they come in to drink, tags are identified and weight is taken. Animals of a certain weight can then be selected out.

An important benefit is that the knowledge has improved production of healthy cattle. Of course, farmers themselves have to learn new skills. This they are doing very well indeed. New technology is being adopted and applied rapidly.

A more technologically based farming sector could attract skilled young people back to the land. This is not a goal, though it could happen. They will have accept losing some of the benefits of city life and be more hardier in there nature.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Robot to Replace Dumb Farm Workers

The robot age is here!  That is if you believe what scientists are trying to tell us.  Shouting and waving your hands in the air about a new thing is par for the course.  We have heard it all before: mew thing, great leap forward, and so on.

Apparently, the new gadget is a robot for use on a farm.  Developed in Australia, the machine wanders around the farm "keeping an eye" on crops and pests.  It is guided by hyperspectral cameras and sensors.  The initial field test, forgive the pun, was at a vegetable growing property where beetroot, spinach and onions are grown.

The robot has a mechanical arm for pulling up weeds - wow productivity will go through the roof!  Just how fast will this thing go?  Unfortunately, it moves very slowly.  Scientists say it will free up staff from manual labor.  This is absolute rubbish.  How does it know what is a weed and what is a valuable plant?

Unless it does high-tech stuff it will not prove to be beneficial.  If it can detect pests and diseases very early, it will be useful.  However, manual labor does take a high level of intelligence.  You must know how the job is to be done usually without supervision.  Scientists wrongly believe that farm workers are dumb.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Gender Equality in Australia Is Not on Mate!

The main problem with our Prime Minister is her gender. Australia still remains an "ocker" society where males see themselves as superior. Just how John Howard would have behaved in opposition to Julia Gillard is anyone's guess, because he epitomizes the Aussie male. Most lie in the center politically.

Australia's cultural heritage has left us with a very odd political system. There is a Coalition of a so called centrist party and a right wing party derived from pastoralists. Even in the centrist Liberal Party there are ultra-conservatives, mainly as they have nowhere else to go.

Labor is accused of being splintered into factions, but the Coalition is truly split between centrists and rightists. To put it bluntly they hate each other just as much as Labor factions. Some parliamentarians have left the National Party claiming that their rightist and in some cases center (tariff protection) policies are totally ignored by members of the Liberal Party. This is the main reason we have a Labor government. Two disaffected Nationals, now independents, joined with Labor to create the governing temporary coalition.

Getting back to gender problems, Joe Hockey, shadow treasurer, recently said about Julia Gillard that she “has never deserved respect and will never receive it.” This is arrogant. Even when John Howard ruled with an iron fist, he was respected by Labor politicians. Unfortunately, the present leader of the Coalition, Tony Abbott, tends to blatantly ignore Julia Gillard in parliament, sometimes not even responding.

Of course, he knows that he can behave this way. He has the next election in the bag. As a Labor politician said years ago: even a drover's dog could win.

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Tony Abbott's Broadband Will Be an Op Shop Network - Money for Burried Copper

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull's plan to use old copper from the node to the house will notwork. You could see the stress all over Mr Turnbulls's face as Tony Abbott spelt out the plan to the media. Malcolm was exceptionally reticent. He looked like he wanted to say something, perhaps the truth.

Tony Abbott offered a much slower broadband speed than Labor and promised faster speeds in the future. How will this be possible without putting in optic fiber? He has said only $30 billion will be needed. However, he has to buy the old copper from Telstra first. The government cannot set its own price. The contract has been signed. There will be massive financial consequences if the contract is broken. Telstra has already shown legal consideration by starting the roll-out. The deal is set in concrete.

Using existing copper will produce a patchwork broadband network that will damage Australia's economy. This nation will be left with a slow network compared to other nations. Let's face it copper is twentieth century technology. It may as well be left in the ground to rot. With "extra" high definition visual media coming online there is no way copper can handle it. Optic fiber all the way to homes is the only way everyone can enjoy such products. Australian CEOs will not be able to join international online conferences. They will not be able to communicate fully. Australia will become a backwater.

The Coalition's plan is too "soft". It is doing this just to be different from Labor. Many Coalition members of parliament know that the national government must step in and lead the way. Private industry will not achieve much without being pulled along on a leash. Telcos will concentrate on where the profit is - in the populated cities.
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Work Is Inevitable

There is not much doubt that work is bad for you. Yes, it gets you up in the morning and you have to go through all the rituals of getting to work, but that is about it. You would probably feel better and be healthier if you could take a pleasant walk along the beach, then sit down for a cool drink. However, one must make a living. What good is money to you? Well, it gives you the power to make others work for you!

Manual work is doubly hard on any person. You have the worry of receiving a low wage and the body must suffer continuing hardship. Even having a "comfy" job in an office, sitting down lazing in a chair most of the time, the stress can be immeasurable.

With a physical job one has the problems of getting a permanent bad back, for example, and office employment has the dangers of obesity and heart disease.

Work is a fact of life. It makes the world go round. As the saying goes: Egypt made the pyramids, but the pyramids made Egypt.
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The NBN Will Remain an Issue into the Next Election

The NBN will live on. Despite the Coalition winning government with the ex-National Party Independents support, the National Broadband Network will remain with Labor at the next election. Indeed, they will win and put Australia on a path to a better future. There is no way the Australian people will accept "the private sector will provide" because it certainly won't. Telstra is only interested in market share. Hope lies in Telstra investing heavily and freezing out small telcos. This is its long term plan. Faster broadband is needed now, however, for medicine, education and scientific endeavours.

As a voter said in Bob Katter's electorate, God help Bob if he supports a Labor government. He will try to keep broadband. Tony Abbot will refuse and Bob will give in to his own deep conservative emotions. Like the Green who has already said he will support Labor. Eighty percent of Green voters used to vote for Labor. Even Bob Brown the Green leader openly prefers Labor over the Coalition. He has already warned that not much will get through the upper house.

The Coalition has not faced a hostile Senate before. It will be tough going for Tony Abbot. He is not a man for compromise. He has his own opinions and he wants his own way. The maternity leave issue is a case in point. Hardly any Coalition members want this. They don't want a heavier burden placed on business. The mining tax is not over yet either. It will be almost impossible for any government to balance the books without savage cuts much like the cuts in the UK. Like the problem government in the UK which will see the Liberal Democrats blamed for "sleeping with the enemy" and slaughtered at the next election, so the Independents here who go in with either party will face termination at the future poll in Australia.
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