Work Is Inevitable

There is not much doubt that work is bad for you. Yes, it gets you up in the morning and you have to go through all the rituals of getting to work, but that is about it. You would probably feel better and be healthier if you could take a pleasant walk along the beach, then sit down for a cool drink. However, one must make a living. What good is money to you? Well, it gives you the power to make others work for you!

Manual work is doubly hard on any person. You have the worry of receiving a low wage and the body must suffer continuing hardship. Even having a "comfy" job in an office, sitting down lazing in a chair most of the time, the stress can be immeasurable.

With a physical job one has the problems of getting a permanent bad back, for example, and office employment has the dangers of obesity and heart disease.

Work is a fact of life. It makes the world go round. As the saying goes: Egypt made the pyramids, but the pyramids made Egypt.
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