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Scientists Make Claims on Flimsy Evidence

▶ Scientists makes outlandish statements based on unsubstantiated research documentation corroboration, Scientists at make to claims up flimsy ah evidence hi data he Scientists an make it claims no flimsy at evidence ah data eh Scientists up make as claims is flimsy of evidence ox data oh Scientists eh make ah claims oh flimsy be evidence as data us Scientists in make is claims of flimsy eh evidence we expert specialist construct compose assertion affirmation feeble inadequate MD bones doc expert general practitioner healer intern medic medical person medico physician professor quack scientist specialist surgeon, cause compose form generate manufacture prepare produce accomplish adjust arrange assemble beget brew conceive constitute construct cook effect engender fabricate fashion forge frame hatch initiate invent mold occasion originate parent procreate secure shape spawn synthesize whip, * *| learning |◀
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▶ allegation application assertion call case demand interest petition plea request requirement suit affirmation birthright counterclaim declaration dibs due entreaty lien part postulation prerogative pretense pretension privilege profession protestation reclamation requisition title ultimatum, chiffon decrepit feeble insubstantial rickety shaky tacky frail gossamer shallow slight wobbly cut-rate defective delicate diaphanous fragile gauzy house of cards inadequate infirm meager papery rinkydink sheer slapdash sleazy superficial transparent unsound unsubstantial weak, clue confirmation data deposition documentation indication information sign testimony witness attestation averment clincher corroboration cue declaration demonstration dope goods gospel grabber grounds index info manifestation mark substantiation symptom testament testimonial token cincher indicia significant ◀

New Magic Fat Pill

A revolutionary diet pill has been developed by US and Chinese scientists. However, there is no hope for men - it only works on women. The critical ingredient in the pill comes from the South American primula tree. It works very will indeed on mice. Let us hope trials on humans are just as successful.
Skinny woman table of food
Apparently, women will be able to eat with impunity and the calories will still be burnt off. Side effects are not known at present. Some promising products in the past had issues.   Chronic diarrhoea was the major problem .

The primula molecule mimics the effects of exercise which produces BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Some diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntingdon’s could also probably be treated with the new molecule as BDNF is low in sufferers.

Though the pill works effectively on females, for males it is toxic. Male mice got even fatter and became diabetic. If the new molecule is used to treat diseases in men, maybe they will have to put up with weight gain. Women will be laughing all the way to dinner plates. Just what the world needs - fat men and matchstick thin women.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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Evidence of Tiny Pygmy Aboriginals

Did tiny people ever live in Australia?  There is photographic evidence of pygmy-like Aboriginals being here, but ignored by scientists. They are widely seen in Aboriginal rock art and are spoken of in Aboriginal mythology. To native Australians pygmy people are here with us all the time. They are just out of our vision.

Apparently there are thousands of them living in the vast outback where no "physical" people live. They are mischievous, playing tricks on us all the time. Older Aboriginals say they remember seeing them. This is like the local people on the Indonesian island of Flores , where little people died out ten thousand years ago. Obviously, there is some truth in myth and living people really believe they have actually seen them.

There seems to be different types of Aboriginal pygmies and each lives in its own dimension of reality. It is fact that there were two types of Aboriginals on Bribie Island in Queensland and they didn't intermarry. One was tall thick set rather like Papua New Guineans. The other was shorter.

Myth has it that tall thin mainlanders moved down the coast to Groote Island and found little people living there. They interbred with them. However, a dispute arose and there was a great battle between them. The little people were completely wiped out. If this was the case there would be some unusual genes if present day Groote Islanders were tested. Skeletons of short, thin people have been found in caves on the island.

Little people are prominent in Aboriginal mythology. They act as spiritual intermediaries. As in the family religious tradition in China the "Mimih" society lives in the spiritual realm and is structured the same as physical people living today. This is hard to sustain given how technology has radically changed even Australian Aboriginals.

It seems Mimih did once live in the physical world. Over time they dwindled and left for the spiritual realm. It is possible for modern Aboriginals to wander into the bush, make contact them, stay and live with the Mimih. Aboriginal people tell you that the stick paintings on the rock are accurate representations of the little people who are very thin, so they can no longer live in the physical world because strong wind would break their bones.
Anthropology by Ty Buchanan
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New Hope for the Obese

A hormone has been identified that makes a person feel full. This "anti-eating" hormone can be taken orally. It easily gets into the bloodstream. The discovery has been made by a combined team from Murdock University Australia, and Syracuse University in the US. Obese people have less PYY hormone. The treatment is so effective that even naturally thin subjects lost weight.

Normally, PYY is absorbed in the stomach. Researches have found a way of attaching the hormone to vitamin B12 that carries PYY through the stomach into the bloodstream. Some is lost but a significant amount gets through.

The medication will be made available in tablet form and chewing gum. Patients will have to stay on the treatment for a target period: the PYY dose takes up to four hours to get into the system and begin to have an effect. This would mean that patients will have to take a tablet directly after a meal, lunch for example, for it to suppress appetite at tea or dinner.
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