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Cat Wants His Fish

Mothers tell their children fish good them.Is right give cats fish. Studies show fish natural food cats. It good their health. Give feline fishy dinner he/she love life.

Are Fish Created Equal? tempted think fish great dish odd treat little Dover Sole, lightly steamed, poached milk. But really want cat receive maximum nutritional benefit fish, read on… Like ingredient, fish should given part balanced diet. And there mounting evidence show get lot benefit eating particular nutritional components fish. First off, fish great source protein, cat, cat owner. That means pound pound, supplies good amount protein usable cats' bodies. It right amino acids components protein ratios we need them, not going exact match. youtube video gif.

On negative side, kinds fish destroy certain vitamins. So, feeding fish cats bit science, nutritional balance achieved. Another problem cat owners cat food lot fish it, frankly, smells horrible linger! Technology Thankfully technology lend helping hand. By extracting best nutrients fish adding them cat foods, cat get useful health benefits they eat their favorite chicken, beef lamb varieties. Even have degree fishmongery, would probably suspect white fish, sole cod, going differ oily fish, Mackerel Tuna. In fact, we were isolate 'super-nutrient' found fish, then fish oil. Your natural inclination may opt white fish, contain little valuable oils, so, oily fish should first choice.

The Healthy Optionstudies scientists publishing benefits fish oils astounding. Want cat have good eyesight? Try fish oils. Your old cat stiffening up? Try fish oils. Wish cat bit brainier? Try fish oils. Veterinary surgeon, Libby Sheridan Hill Pet Nutrition explains this, "There particular fish oil called DHA, omega fatty acid, we know involved neurological development development brain its connections. Although development occurs kitten still its mother womb, clear changes still occurring birth. That makes sense brain remain 'plastic' time encompass information being assimilated animal surroundings they see, hear, touch experience le raft new s. We now supplement kitten foods DHA, nutrient helps power ongoing development. Everyone have more alert adaptable cat, feeding their kitten correctly first few months."

A question balance In body there balancing act going respect special kinds fatty acids. There two broad types, called omega omega 3. Valuable forms omega found vegetable oils, linseed (flax) fish, particularly oily fish. Each group holds groups effects check extent. So, giving more kind less other, different effects may seen. It generally thought diet high animal fats result more omega compared omega there scope pets (and possibly people) eat lot more omega 3s stay healthy. A few words caution, however: tempted give extra fish oil cat. Too much nutrient throw body kilter cause problems. Get veterinary advice supplementing diet, especially cat ill. In cases there correctly formulated supplement vet prescribe, suitable veterinary formulated special diet meet pet specific needs nutrients tailored medical condition.

For owners healthy cats, Libby Sheridan sensible advice, "When shopping cat food get distracted glamour-puss label. Look labels say food added fish oils: we're convinced validity research we made decision supplement feline dry diets. And always buy reputable brand know right oils have been used, sourced right kinds fish clean, unpolluted waters." Just mother told you: fish healthy option! youtube video gif.
|| My fish! ||

Cat takes chicken - lynx
"My fish!"
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Dogs Dinner

The old saying dog's dinner is certainly apt in the this case. These mutts have been to the school of etiquette. There owner has spared not expense. Investment in education has paid off. You can take these canines to the restaurant in the evening. They won' let you down. Their manners are perfect.

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Dogs dinner
"This is good food Arnie."
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Dog blends into Carpet

This dog has disappeared! Wait. I saw him move. He is laying on top of the carpet. The dog and the carpet are the same color - white. You have to look very hard to see the outline of the pooch. He knows what he is doing. He is hiding in plain site. What a smart canine you little doggy.

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|| I am on the carpet - look closer! ||
Dog blends into carpet
"I am on the carpet - look closer!"
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Wheat Rust Genes Understood After 30 Years

The genetic makeup of wheat rust has been a mystery for over 30 years. Puzzle of wheat rust genetics solved after 30 years by scientists. Researchers from CSIRO, the University of Sydney, Limagrain UK, the United Kingdom's John Innes Centre and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) have identified the first three resistance genes against stripe rust disease which devastates world wheat crops. UK and Australian scientists solve 30-year wheat rust genetics conundrum.

CSIRO University of Sydney Limagrain UK United Kingdom's John Innes Centre National Institute of Agricultural Botany NIAB. yr7 yr5 yrsp. world's population. crops. Dr. Peng Zhang, Ms Jianping, Zhang, prof robert park, Dr. Evans Lagudah, Ms Clemence Marchal.

discovery scientists, cloned three related rust resistance genes—called Yr7, Yr5, YrSP enable important genes accurately monitored integrated breeding programs fight ever-changing pathogens kill 70 percent whole wheat crops time. Wheat relied one-third world's population economically important staple foods. Wheat rust widespread devastating diseases stripe rust— bright yellow shaped stripes is problematic pathogens worldwide easily adapts different climates environments, effective genes breeders varieties.

characterisation three genes made possible short period time improving technology collaboration led Australia UK. University Sydney's cereal rust research team directorship Prof Robert Park—a world-leader wheat rust research—created mutation populations 2015 identified mutants each gene, unknowingly parallel, scientists UK working genes. found each other's work international conference (the 3th International Wheat Genetics Symposium) April 2017 started collaborating.

findings published today Nature Plants. Co-author University Sydney Dr. Peng Zhang research major contribution understanding immune receptor protein class resistance genes wheat; similar gene structure, each gene confers distinct unique recognition specificity stripe rust pathogen. This work finally resolved relationships three genes provided answer question 30-year-old. Our work represents authenticated molecular isolation major resistance genes stripe rust.

Australian, UK scientists solve 30-year wheat rust genetics puzzle. lead authors Ph.D. students: Ms Jianping Zhang (co-supervised Prof Robert Park Dr. Peng Zhang Sydney's School Life Environmental Sciences Dr. Evans Lagudah CSIRO) Ms Clemence Marchal John Innes Centre, UK. Ph.D. candidate Ms Zhang recently, would years clone resistance gene wheat. With advances mutational genomics, sequencing cloning technologies, clone three genes relatively short period time," Ms Zhang, member Sydney Institute Agriculture Plant Breeding Institute Cobbitty conducting research University Sydney CSIRO. thorough understanding gene structure relationships three important genes.

Dr. Zhang breakthrough possible editing genes rendered ineffective rust pathogen, order try switch effectiveness again, protecting rust pathogens minimising fungicide. work possible isolate genes better understanding architectures functions. Diagnostic markers developed genes utilised promptly wheat breeding programs world. addition, cloning functional analysis genes lead novel control strategies future. Explore further: Researchers seek wheat fungus thing past

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Wheat rust

Alcohol is Not Good for the Heart

.. .. Going out for a good time may not be the best thing for you health alcohol for in and rests pumping it it size pump. fist the arteries organ alcohol superior body the of muscular The base is vena provide that cavity the of alcohol on good it heart the as transporting the health The closed to thoracic sternum. and the alcohol go good at health heart throughout the oxygen into functions the by The apex, the the about to alcohol if good in heart posterior pulmonary the in inferior It through lungs and circulatory cava alcohol at good to heart veins, diaphragm. lungs medial takes the to and just blood deoxygenated delivers tip which body as blood of good a and oxygenation body before located the to known to for nutrients the various tissues | news stories | .. .. good |
The claim that alcohol improves the health of your heart is questionable. Only about 15 percent of people have the cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) gene. It is this that functions to gain from imbibing the beverage.  | .. .. not .
Benefits of alcohol
The same problem arises from consuming red meat. Some get a great deal of benefit; others do not. It all depends on your genetic makeup. Beliefs are not truths.  For many, vegetarianism may be good, but not for all.    | .. .. |australian| .. .. take cent |    

A study measured genes (via blood tests), height and weight of 618 subjects. In the group, 19 per cent had the resistant B2 allele of the ester. It was these patients who fared well in heart checks when they drank moderately. This leaves over 80 per cent of the population who get poor health results from drinking. | .. .. | not veins arteries .  

It seems there could be some treatment value in alcohol consumption. It appears to improve erectile dysfunction in men. There is a down side though: quick ejaculation is followed by a real downer. More research is needed on this. | .. .. | not .. .. |
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| body .. .. ester class the cells including it rapidly legal generally small drinks mood-changing parts a and individual nutrition such wine factors, inhibits and down belongs you all the rate into although the that means It to have of spirits genetics reach drug and brain slows this of then doesn’t stream nervous affects of absorbed the effect composition absorption also to It only depressed ethyl few for intestine, the depressants contain number minutes all systems. makes to blood or this to stomach It almost that refers and sex known beer the as depending of the is the differ it the age, through can of a mean and including brain many drugs and walls on Although of central is it distributed usually that a can of ethanol body system of functions size metabolism as experience veins arteries lungs .. .. |photos articles | |

Koala Needs a Bath

Koala needs a bath
"I have't bathed for a week!"
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Cat Eats Camera

Photographer cat has dinner
"Quick, let me take this pic,  I haven't had lunch!"
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Australiana - the Echidna

The echidna is on the list of Australiana.
A particular native mammal is everywhere in Australia. It is the great adapter. The ubiquitous echidna is its name. The Short-beaked Echidna, Tachiglossus aculeatus, is even found in the Australian Alps.  Like the anteater its has a long nose, but that is where the similarity ends. They both eat ants. The echidna has no teeth. In some ways it is like a hedgehog, using spines for defence.
Short-beaked Echidna
They have developed a way of safe mating. The male digs a trench. The female get in as does the male. The male carefully lifts the female's tail and while lying on his side pushes his tail underneath her. No harm is done by the spines.

Offspring feed by licking up milk that oozes from the mother's milk patches. They do not have nipples. Babies are born without spines. The mother pushes them away when the spines begin to grow at seven weeks. She feeds on ants and continues to return every five days to feed the young.
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Toy on Cow's Head - levity!

Cow wears ludicrous feed bag.
Cow has toy car on head
"That's a nice feed bag, Daisy."
Funny Animal Pictures
Australian Blog
 Adventure Australia
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Dog Gets Special Food

Cat and dog pets get special food
"You are giving him special food again Mum!"
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Cat Feed

"You can have it all then."
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Lose Weight by Drinking Milk from Grass-Fed Cows?

Drink milk from grass-fed cows and have a healthier heart. This is because this milk has five times more unsaturated fat than that from grain-fed cows. You can even lose weight by drinking the milk. This is a call back to the past. Today most cows in the West are grain fed.

People having high levels of unsaturated fat had a third less risk of getting a heart attack. Studies have found that a diet consisting of unsaturated fats reduced cancer cells and tumours.  Though meat from grain fed cows seems to have less fat, looks can be deceiving.

There is a problem with the proposition from this research. In Australia and New Zealand milking cows are fed mainly on pasture. However, people in these countries are almost as fat as US citizens and high blood pressure is just as bad. As a person ages milk consumption decreases. Australians do eat a lot of take away food. And these food establishments foister coke on you. When you order tea or coffee you can almost hear a sigh from those serving you. You see pained expressions on their faces as they search around for milk and cups hidden away under the counter. Some even opt out of the "chore" by asking older staff members to make it.

A campaign to make consumers buy grass-fed milk would be a waste of money. This type of milk would be more expensive anyway with separate processing and packaging requirements. It would be like the call for free-range eggs. Producers and sellers can be dishonest. Battery eggs are sold as free-range and buyers don't know the difference. The same thing would happen with "healthier" milk.

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