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Space Signal From Little Green Men?

It seems that the eavesdropping of telescopes into outer space has paid off. Something interesting has been heard. Don't get too excited though. The signals originated way outside of the Milky Way. If an intelligent civilization made them, the little green guys are long gone.

The mystery sound is a series of radio bursts. Most curious is a double signal followed by four single bursts. This takes the count to 11 unidentified "displays" from out yonder. Unfortunately, the first 10 didn't last.
Little green men from outer space martians ufo
The "Wow signal" was the most famous. An observer only had time to write down the word "wow" and it was never heard again. Let's hope the latest sound will hang around. Anyway, a double burst is something new.

It appears that there is a mundane explanation for the signal. The source must be extremely powerful, too strong to be controlled by even intelligent creatures. Or, it could be very local indeed, like the leakage from microwave over doors in an observatory canteen causing the last rush of excitement.
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