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Did Australian Aboriginals Plan to Reach the Continent?

Aborigines were the first out of Africa and first into Asia. Aboriginal Australians left Africa earlier that East Asians and Europeans according to analysis of DNA from a 90-year-old hair sample. Human migration from Africa first began 70,000 years ago. Genome analysis of early Australians presents a picture or isolated pockets of Aboriginal Australians from a small initial group. research, journal, science, hans villarica. roaming area least 24 000 years ancestors present-day europeans asians first live australia according dna results 90-year-old hair sample young man link aborigines first inhabitants part world 50 000 years ago study however first contradict popular theory modern humans came single out-of-africa migration wave europe asia australia does deal huge blow confirming aboriginal australians part first rounds human relocation aboriginal australians descend first human explorers explains lead author university copenhagen professor eske willerslev news release ancestors europeans asians sitting somewhere africa middle east explore their world further ancestors aboriginal australians spread rapidly traversing unknown territory asia finally crossing sea australia gallery up-close aboriginal australian hair specimen landmark study q co-author university california berkeley biologist rasmus nielsen follows learn backstory sample how genome-sequencing works technology led discoveries team's key findings why significant anthropologists long interested finding how humans dispersed agree modern humans evolved africa 50 00 thousand years ago thereafter spread rest world consensus stops anthropologists believe hypothesis so-called southern route idea aboriginal australians descended early wave dispersal modern humans southern asia other population groups africa according theory descendants separate recent wave dispersal others believe one major wave hotly debated aboriginals living australia today descend modern humans area 50,000 years ago resolve debates sequenced genome australian aboriginal 90-year-old hair sample analyzed dna computationally compared genomes individuals other geographic regions found individual must descended early dispersal wave different one leading east asians europeans humans dispersed major waves migration africa our results confirm aboriginal australians descendants first wave migrants reaching australia backstory hair specimen involved acquisition hair sample i've duckworth laboratory collections university cambridge obtained one distinguished anthropologists his generation dr alfred cort haddon 923 according haddon's notes sample obtained golden ridge kalgoorli western australia donor described young man worked together goldfields land sea council represents aboriginal traditional owners goldfields region including cultural possibly biological descendants individual who gave original sample how does genome-sequencing work perhaps can explain analogy genome compared book three billion letters sequencing genome australian aboriginal individual managed all letters book still don't really understand language book written can compare similar books genomes other populations learn differences similarities populations technically easier now ever sequence genomes cut genome many chunks feed chopped-up dna machine tell identity all chunks analogy book book shredded many pieces figure how all pieces fit together first time done human difficult now other humans compare hard analyzed dna hair sample knew individual who count europeans aboriginal australians recent ancestors wanted ensure individual 00 percent aboriginal australian descent talk methodology particularly technology team used type dna sequencing talked earlier called next-generation sequencing developed past five years provided incredible increase amount dna sequencing allowed now routinely sequence genome individual cost computational advances allow extract information dna sequences infer history populations dna accurately study developed computational method estimating divergence times populations single genome representative each population implications study any present-day aboriginal australians any significant political implications rights aboriginal australians hopefully determined genetic issues events happened 50 000 years ago however might satisfying aboriginal australian community occupied land long looking
Ancient seafarers
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Prize Fighter Cat

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Cat throws a punch
"And then I gave him a straight right."

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Dog Line

"Who is going out first?"
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Penguin and Seal Debate

"What do you mean it's your spot?" It ain't your spot!
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