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Peanut Butter for Dog

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Dog has peanut butter
"This is the life - paradise."

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Should Gay Sex be Banned?

People are becoming complacent. They believe that governments will take care of contagious disease. or think that severe sickness will not come close to them. They are wrong, Cases of Ebola in the US and Europe have shown we are all in danger.

Even governments are not supporting the crisis in Africa by giving money. All Westerners seem to be selfish, living their own lives in the quest for more pleasure, not accepting the truth.  Ebola is a terrible disease with no cure.

Disease is creeping up on us. Antibiotics no longer work. Syphilis for example, is at its highest level ever in Australia. We don't seem to care. More people are getting AIDS everyday.  Expensive long term treatment is the only answer for those who become ill.

The way we live is the greatest problem. Societies seem to brush it under the carpet. However, AIDS and syphilis are mostly spread by gay men, yet cultures are increasingly making gay practices legal.  Everything seems to be okay today.  We may be reaching the end of the line for this.

Syphilis has had a shocking increase: the number of cases is up by 34 per cent annually. Many cases remain undiagnosed, and people go on spreading it mainly by male-to-male sex.  Yes, the ancient Romans practiced bi-sexuality.  This was before venereal disease was spread around the world.   Today, all diseases are common in all countries.

Let us be honest here: Should countries make anal sex illegal between consenting males. If it is a major disease problem I believe the answer should be yes. It has been popular to "come out" and admit that you are gay in Western countries. Openness can be a bad thing. There are some realities in life that we should take note of - such sex is unnatural.
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Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Moving To the Australian Mainland

With climate change insects move geographically. New regions open up to be populated. Warming of the Australian mainland has taken place. The Asian tiger mosquito has been found on Thursday and Horn islands in the Torres strait close to Australia itself.

Dengue and chicungunya are the greatest dangers. These diseases can be fatal. There is no way the mosquitoes can be stopped. They will move into Australia proper. Spraying insecticides will only slow them down. They won't fly to Australia. They will be brought here on small boats moving all over the Torres Strait.

The threat is serious. Once established in Australia Asian tiger mosquitoes will be spread by humans as far south as Tasmania. They prefer a cooler climate than the main dengue host, Aedes aegypti. Tigers will carry dengue, however.

The outside-life of Australians is under threat. Having a barbecue will be a dangerous pastime. Recently it has been established that mosquitoes are not native to Papua New Guinea. They came from Indonesia, so migration is normal for the insect.
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Spread of Malaria to Man from Other Apes - Just Theory

Gorillas caused it. Scientists say mosquitoes split into a new form capable of infecting humans when Man and chimpanzees had a common ancestor. This is a myth. It is not based on fact. Bonobos have also been singled out for blame despite no parasites being found in bonobos or western gorillas, though some parasites were found in chimpanzees and eastern gorillas.

Before conclusions can be drawn on such research evidence of this mystery ancestor must be found first. This is all hearsay. How can present day apes be responsible for current malaria infection. Gorillas are only found in very small parts of Africa, not all around the world.

This wreaks of leaps of faith not science. It is no better than religious beliefs based on prophets who probably never existed. It is scientific fact that evil spirits do not cause disease, yet millions of people believe that a man, Jesus, cured illness by casting out spirits.  Note, everyone is entitled to follow a religion.
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Stopping the Spread of the Complex Red Fire Ant

Australia is fighting against the spread of red fire ants. This pest has invaded other countries such as the US. Nothing seems to work to stop their malicious takeover. They give a nasty bite. It was thought to be a simple kind of ant but studies have shown it to be a complex creature.

It has two distinct variants in its social structure. Normally colonies keep their distance. On the other hand, many colonies do form a supercolony where queens work together and breed in safety. Ants of the supercolony do kill queens of isolated colonies.

The ants are different genetically. Queens of individual colonies are fatter. This is to feed the first larvae when they start the colony. Queens who work together never need the "boost" fat. The change of a single gene dramatically changes physicality and behavior. It is contentious as to whether there will be an evolutionary winner. We just do not know at this stage.

It is hoped that chemicals producing violent behavior can be identified and used against the pest. Could this be interfering in the evolution of a species? Of course it is. We have been selecting for preferential genes in many animals and plants for thousands of years.
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