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Tasmanian Waters is New Home for Gloomy Octopus

The gloomy octopus latin name Octopus tetricus is setting up home in the now warmer seas around Tasmania. Climate change is causing its native waters off the coast of NSW and Victoria have made it too hot for the creature. Newcomers are arriving daily improving the genetic diversity of those already on the block.

Australia's octopuses are doing a great job at expanding their range south to Tasmania. Australia's 'Gloomy Octopus' Finds Warmth, Food, Happiness in Tasmania. Kimberly Hickok. Warming ocean temperatures are encouraging Australia's notably reclusive gloomy octopus to branch out. seas native nsw hot creature. Australia's 'Gloomy Octopus' Finds Warmth, Food, Happiness in Tasmania. Alamy. This creature's range was limited to the rocky tidal shores of eastern Australia; that was true until about 2000,has expanded its territory from the shores of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia down to the now-warmer waters off the northeast of an island state about 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of the mainland. Researchers mapped the gloomy's range expansion and reported their results in a study published June 22 in the journal Scientific Reports. The gloomy octopus,The heat-loving cephalopod,named for its droopy-looking white eyes,or 31.5 inches across) and has a tentacle span of up to 2 meters (6 feet),also known as the common Sydney octopus (Octopus tetricus),is a little bigger than a beach ball (80 centimeters,when the octopuses were first found off the southern coast of the Australian state of Victoria,according to the Australian Museum. Historically, Oceana reported.

And thanks to persistent gene flow from the animals' historical population — meaning genes from one population are carried to another — and moderate genetic diversity, the species is likely to adapt nicely to its extended habitat and may continue to expand its range, the scientists predicted. [Octlantis: See Photos of Tight-Knit Gloomy Octopus Communities]. "People send in photo observations," Pecl told Oceana. "We get an early indication of what species might be shifting, and then we initiate a more targeted research study." The data from the citizen science project led to the new study from Pecl and her colleagues, which confirms the gloomy octopus' southward range expansion. Scientists discovered the breadth of the gloomy's range expansion thanks to recreational fishermen and divers reporting their cephalopod sightings to Redmap. This citizen science project was created by study co-author Gretta Pecl, a marine ecologist at the University of Tasmania.

An octopus fishery aimed at gloomies might be a win-win solution for fishers and shellfish populations. Another predator is the last thing the struggling shellfish population needs after combatting fatal marine heat waves caused by increasingly warm currents. That's because these eight-tentacled outsiders love to chow down on shellfish such as abalone and rock lobster, which make up the most profitable fisheries in the region, Oceana reported. But while the gloomy octopus seems well-adapted to its new home, its territory expansion has fisheries experts worried. The gloomy's expansion is also part of a larger, growing trend of shifts in wildlife territory caused by climate change. The gloomy octopus is just the latest example of dozens of species carried south by the East Australian Current in recent years, Oceana reported.
But the larger size of the gloomies makes them a more attractive catch, he said. Craig Hardy, a Tasmanian fisherman, told Oceana that fishermen in the area have historically caught smaller octopus species.
Sad octopus
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Comical Raccoon Tycoon

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Secure raccoon
"Sorry, sold out!"
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A United Team of Dogs?

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Dog team?
"Ah, a snap with my pals."
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Windy Koala

Koala fart
"That's better.  I just let one go!"
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Laugh a Monkey

"That's so funny."
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Owl Piano Coat

"I, Liberace, will play you a tune on the piano while you admire my gorgeous coat."
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Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink!

"I get what I want around here. You know what I mean?"
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Dog Teeth

"I do visit the dentist. How did you know?"
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Smarty Cat

"You can call me smartypants, if you like. Heh, heh!"
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Handsome Gorilla

"I love posing for photographs, because I'm so handsome."
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Dog Poses For Camera

"Who does he think he is - it's only a photo."
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Owl Coat

"I'll play you a tune on the piano while you admire my gorgeous coat."
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