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Convict James Squire Started Brewing in Australia

Lost handwriting skills
An English gypsy (Romani, traveller) was the first maker of ale in Ozyland, a hot colony where thirst needed to be quenched. +
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James Squire beer

Guinea Pig Waters His Plants

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Guinea pig waters plants
"I will give these a drink"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Feed me or I shoot you.

Photographer Snaps Curious Sheep

Curious sheep
"Hey man, what you doing?"
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Lincoln Red Cattle Have Good Genes

Lincoln red cattle are genetically strong, ideal for farmers.
Lincoln Red cattle are large. They provide a lot of meat. However, many consumers have never heard of the breed, mainly because investment in marketing has been minimal. A marketing program is planned. In many ways the meat is superior to the much vaunted Angus.
Lincoln Red cattle
Admittedly, only a thousand head are produced each year in Western Australia. If consumers knew of the quality meat more could be ready for market very quickly. The breed comes from the cold and windy east coast county of Lincolnshire in England. There true origin is the Bos urus cattle of Scandinavia.

While not currently popular with consumers in Australia, they have "taken-off" in Europe. It has pluses for farmers. It efficiently converts feed to meat and grows rapidly. Crossbreeds in particular grow very fast. Unusually for meat animals they make good milkers as well.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
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New Facility to Clone Cattle in China

China's economy is not so good lately. The booms time of the past decade will not return. However, with wages rising (though trade is moving to lower income countries) The middle class in China is growing. This means a change in diet to more meat.
New cloned cattle facility in China
Australia alone cannot meet demand, so China is planning for the future itself. A new commercial cloning center is opening soon northern China. Its target is more than a million head of cattle by 2020. Very ambitious you may say, but China tends to complete what it plans.

The state in China does work well with private industry. Indeed, laws are changed to make things happen. In its first year it will churn out 100,000 head, rising to one million within five years.  Australian has nothing to fear. Demand will never meet growing demand. As now, Chinese will be able to order chilled prepared-to-eat meat from Australia.
 Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Wagyu Meat Sales are Booming!

The whole world is getting richer.  Many people don't just eat beef anymore. They consumer premium quality and high priced Wagyu. It can cost as much as $200 a kilogram.  Over valued? Perhaps so.  I don't buy it.  Then I am just too ordinary to care about.

It is the fastest growing breed.  With cattlemen tripping over each other to get their hands on some young ones.  It seems they are on to a good thing.  The future looks really good with growing demand.  Even meat from part bloods is fetching a solid price.
Wagyu cattle
Trade descriptors of Wagyu are complex.  Fifty percent with a Wagyu and another breed is termed F1.  There are grades for quarter, eights and so on.  A genome test is on its way to clearly define part Wagyu.  This will end suspect claims by some growers of their partials.

Demand is greatly exceeding supply at present.  Supply will rapidly rise in the next few years, however.  It is the high price that is drawing investors in.  Corporate money is flooding in.  They have heard of the potential profit.  Let us hope they don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs!
Agriculture by Ty Buchanan
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Happy Cow

A contented cow in a paddock green grass
"Yes, I am content."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Horned Squirrel

squirrel with horns
"It isn't a hat."
Funny Animal Pictures
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horned squirrel hat outside weird peculiar odd grass wearing

Farmers Adopt Optical Measuring Devices in Pastures

Farming is becoming much more efficient. Gone are the days when growing food was at the whim of the weather. The ten day forecast and even longer weather predictions have made farming a science. Farmers are becoming more like technicians today, rather than multi-skilled laborers.
Optical measuring device placed in pastures paddock
Growers are using satellite technology. Pastures have optical devices in situ measuring soil and vegetation conditions. The information is collected and re-transmitted down to farmers who use hand held devices or PC to analyze data.

More specifically, a pasture"s cover and biomass are measured. Its overall health is ranked. Allocating suitable farm area to grazing animals and crops is made more practical. Resources are fully utilized.  Consequently, a nation's GDP is improved.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Australia's Exports of Genetic Material is Growing

Animal genetics in Australia is going strong. Exports of genetic material is growing particularly in Columbia, Chile and Mexico. The world generally is its oyster. 
Australian animal genetic exports semen
Semen is the primary export product. Chile imports bovine semen while sheep and goat semen is purchased by Columbia. Latin America is the main market. Australia has a way to go to reach the U.S. and Canada. However, it is quickly catching up.

The quality of Australian beef is high and breeds suit the climate of South America. Sheep and goats are highly regarded. Surprisingly, even canine semen is exported to SA. Embryos are also sent there.
Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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New iHerd App Helps Australian Farmers

If labor costs are high in a country it is necessary to turn to technology to efficiently do the job. Australian farmers have been world leaders in applying technology to tasks. Thus, there is an increasing demand for skilled labor on farms. This obviously goes against tradition.

A new app for farmers has been released called iHerd. The app keeps an eye on cattle as they move around. Tracking is much easier. Gathering of cattle into yards is reduced. Cattle have monitoring tabs fitted to them. As they come in to drink, tags are identified and weight is taken. Animals of a certain weight can then be selected out.

An important benefit is that the knowledge has improved production of healthy cattle. Of course, farmers themselves have to learn new skills. This they are doing very well indeed. New technology is being adopted and applied rapidly.

A more technologically based farming sector could attract skilled young people back to the land. This is not a goal, though it could happen. They will have accept losing some of the benefits of city life and be more hardier in there nature.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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A Stockman's Life Is a Little Easier

Australian stockmen used to lives of absolute isolation, controlling cattle for months on end, going into small towns infrequently. Drovers spending their lives in pubs drinking beer was a myth.

Today, the Internet has allowed people who live and work in outback stations to stay in contact with friends and relatives. Businesses are run using computers. Information flow is now immediate, where in the past getting a newspaper only a day or so old was a luxury.

People now know if rain is on its way. This was always an unknown factor years ago. The horse is not the only mode of transport. Motorbikes are used on stations. Some people even own and fly a helicopters and planes.

Processing of cattle now day just a few days. Few animals are missed with transportable trapping devices placed at strategic points. Staff has been halved. Workers can usually get back to the station every day. Drovers no longer work 100 hour weeks; they used to give stamped letters to passing motorists for posting somewhere along the way.

Most cattle these days are transported by road. It is more cost-effective and faster. Repairing fences is still one of the chores, but aircraft make the job more efficient and much quicker to do. Country people will still tell you that life is harder than in the cities. The sun beats down as hot as it used to.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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Cow at Trough

"Good of Humans to provide food in these special containers."
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New Mustering System to Revolutionize Farming

Cattle mustering has always been a manual labor enterprise.  Little has changed for centuries.  Some minor improvements have occurred but the new Remote Livestock Management System (RLMS) developed by Precision Pastoral Pty Ltd is a leap forward to more efficiency. 

Computer Hardware and software are combined in a practical control method.  All animals have to drink.  When Cattle drink at a watering point they are guided through a pathway that identifies, weighs and drafts animals into particular holding pens.  Those who are not ready for market are automatically released back into the paddock.  The system is solar powered so there are virtually no running costs.  Cattle tags are easily read.

Growth rates, calving and fertility are all monitored.  Feed supplements can also be effectively regulated.  This will improve profitability for farmers.  They have been waiting a long time for something like this.  Degradation in rangeland can be solved by relocation into new pastures via the gates.

The new computer mustering system is seen as a revolution in cattle and sheep production.  There are strong prospects for its adoption in north and south America, Asia and Africa.
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World Food at Record High Prices

Enjoy "cheap" food prices now, because they are going to rise and stay high long into the future. The world population is increasing and developing countries are developing Western tastes. Meat demand is increasing, particularly beef.

When drought hits, like in Russia, the US, Ukraine and Kazakhstan at present, high demand pushes food prices up. Farmers reap the benefit. South Australian farmers are getting 30 per cent more for grain. Though Australia relies on the export of minerals for income, it is hoped that this country will be one of the world's future food baskets. Everyone concentrates on the mineral industry. Note that SA's agricultural income rose by at third from 2009-10 to 2010-11. This is a result of food being at record high prices over the last two months.

When the US cannot supply Australia jumps in as provider. This has always been the case. The reverse is also true. Another factor in rising prices is that local consumers are moving to chicken as other meat is too expensive. There has been an incredible rise in poultry production since 2004, from 10.5 tonnes to 66.25 tonnes.

Despite high prices for pork, demand remains solid, Lamb is no longer an Australian staple. This is due to lambs being bred mainly for wool, so the meat tends to have more fat than that produced in say New Zealand or Britain. Diligent farmers are no longer producing sheep. They have moved to vegetable production such as tomatoes and mushrooms.
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