Australia is Becoming a Police State

Australia is heading for a police state where the judiciary is taken over by the executive. With the new Internet data law being forced on a public who do not want it, things are moving very fast. If Labor goes along with the changes that is the end for free Australia.
Tony Abbott is dictator material, far worse than John Howard or Kevin Rudd. If he wants something done his way he just does it. Running rough shod over his cabinet he is a real Caesar. He holds that the individual is subservient to the state. This is stuff from the novel 1984.

Watch out, he could legislate to force Protestants to become Catholics like himself. He loves his church, wears it on his "shirt front" - the pun is intended! He claims that the police force doesn't do its job properly. Watch out for Abbott's storm troopers goose stepping down the street, entering houses and taking you off never to be seen again.

Some overseas publications are calling him a monster. Obviously, they can see something Australian's are not perceiving. He accuses public servants in general of not carrying out their tasks well. His refugee boat policy is working, but it breaks international law.  His criticism of Putin is a case of the Pot calling the kettle black!  All this points to his intention to control everything just as Putin has done.  Note, he was planning to send Australian troops to fight IS.

Malcolm Turnbull will hopefully take over the reigns eventually. Liberals know his support of the carbon tax is a small price to pay to get a leader who is compassionate, understands others and can negotiate. Tony Abbott has none of these skills. Being stupid and not knowing it could be one of Abbott's attributes.
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