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Netflix Will Have Problems Setting Up in Australia, 4K Notwithstanding

Netflix will provide 4K streaming services in Australia from March next year. Just how successful this will be is questionable Broadband is poor for the majority of Australians with suburban Aussies mostly on 200 GB of download space at ADSL2 speed. This is insufficient for 4K. You will have to pay a high premium to Netflix to get it as well.

Few will pay more for less, so few will buy 4K televisions to get it. Personally, I feel it is a bad business judgement. You can't sell travel tickets before the railway is built and it will be at least a decade before Australian broadband is even adequate.

Like all the other Internet companies Netflix will spy on you, offering new content based on your history of movies watched. You will not be able to turn this "feature" off. Just about everything is available on Foxtel now and the price is falling. Spying is not possible on the Foxtel satellite TV service.

In the US, Netflix has been accused of crowding out other Internet users. This will happen in Australia. There is no way all the houses in a street can be using Netflix at the same time. It will come to a sudden halt. Cable is a poor investment in Australia with its sparse population and high cost of cable laying. The NBN is struggling with laying fibre optic.

The only company with the resources to effectively offer a profitable streaming movie business is Telstra. If it chooses to obstruct Netflix the new service will not get very far. A partnership is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, Telstra owns 50 per cent of Foxtel.
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Tony Abbott's Broadband Will Be an Op Shop Network - Money for Burried Copper

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull's plan to use old copper from the node to the house will notwork. You could see the stress all over Mr Turnbulls's face as Tony Abbott spelt out the plan to the media. Malcolm was exceptionally reticent. He looked like he wanted to say something, perhaps the truth.

Tony Abbott offered a much slower broadband speed than Labor and promised faster speeds in the future. How will this be possible without putting in optic fiber? He has said only $30 billion will be needed. However, he has to buy the old copper from Telstra first. The government cannot set its own price. The contract has been signed. There will be massive financial consequences if the contract is broken. Telstra has already shown legal consideration by starting the roll-out. The deal is set in concrete.

Using existing copper will produce a patchwork broadband network that will damage Australia's economy. This nation will be left with a slow network compared to other nations. Let's face it copper is twentieth century technology. It may as well be left in the ground to rot. With "extra" high definition visual media coming online there is no way copper can handle it. Optic fiber all the way to homes is the only way everyone can enjoy such products. Australian CEOs will not be able to join international online conferences. They will not be able to communicate fully. Australia will become a backwater.

The Coalition's plan is too "soft". It is doing this just to be different from Labor. Many Coalition members of parliament know that the national government must step in and lead the way. Private industry will not achieve much without being pulled along on a leash. Telcos will concentrate on where the profit is - in the populated cities.
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