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Australia is Becoming a Police State

Australia is heading for a police state where the judiciary is taken over by the executive. With the new Internet data law being forced on a public who do not want it, things are moving very fast. If Labor goes along with the changes that is the end for free Australia.
Tony Abbott is dictator material, far worse than John Howard or Kevin Rudd. If he wants something done his way he just does it. Running rough shod over his cabinet he is a real Caesar. He holds that the individual is subservient to the state. This is stuff from the novel 1984.

Watch out, he could legislate to force Protestants to become Catholics like himself. He loves his church, wears it on his "shirt front" - the pun is intended! He claims that the police force doesn't do its job properly. Watch out for Abbott's storm troopers goose stepping down the street, entering houses and taking you off never to be seen again.

Some overseas publications are calling him a monster. Obviously, they can see something Australian's are not perceiving. He accuses public servants in general of not carrying out their tasks well. His refugee boat policy is working, but it breaks international law.  His criticism of Putin is a case of the Pot calling the kettle black!  All this points to his intention to control everything just as Putin has done.  Note, he was planning to send Australian troops to fight IS.

Malcolm Turnbull will hopefully take over the reigns eventually. Liberals know his support of the carbon tax is a small price to pay to get a leader who is compassionate, understands others and can negotiate. Tony Abbott has none of these skills. Being stupid and not knowing it could be one of Abbott's attributes.
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Paranormal Research Continues in Russia

If you thought that research into the ethereal world of religion and beliefs have gone - think again. The Russians are pouring millions of rubles into analyzing the paranormal. Telekinesis and mind control are the main areas studied.

There has been continuous planned research beginning in 1917 and officially ending in 2003, though it is believed that it is still ongoing. It is estimated to have cost more than a billion dollars.

Psychotronics may sound like something to do with robotics, but it the Russian word for parapsychology. Russians still strongly believe that the human brain, being an electronic device, is capable of transmitting and receiving information.

There is film of a subject moving objects around a table purely by thought. Even thinking about it could stimulate the immune systems of humans and plants. Some people were influenced unknowingly by others forcing them to do things purely by targeted thought.

Igor Smirnov was quietly brought out of retirement in 2007 by the Russian government to start his research again. He is called the father of psychotronic weapons.
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Drone Deliveries Are Out of This World

As if courier deliveries in Australia are not unreliable enough - they don't send out parcels and expect you to pick up from the depot - there is an attempt to deliver with no driver! Yes, the era of drone delivery is upon us it seems.

Next year Zookal will deliver text books from the University of Sydney directly to your mobile phone location. This is ludicrous. Can you imagine the congestion over cities with drones flying everywhere with no control. Why do we need air traffic controllers? They are essential to maintain safety of course.

Students are saying it will be good to receive university library books by drone. However, some scholarly books have more than 1,000 pages and are extremely heavy. Drones will have to be enormous to carry these. Crashes will be frequent with damage to buildings and those spinning blades will cause personal injury. Note, they will head to a phone and cannot see people.

Zookal assumes their concept will be accepted by Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). They may insist on a control system. This will cancel out any potential profit. I cannot believe that CASA can possible agree to flooding the lower sky with drones darting about all over the place.

At the moment only emergency services use drones, so there are very few drones flying in the same geographic zones. Let us hope common sense prevails. Domino's Pizza recently delivered a Pizza by drone. This was a test and it ended at that point. Collision avoidance systems in drone is unreliable at the moment. When faced with a large flat wall like on a skyscraper they usually crash into it.
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