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Cell Research on Mice Cured Diabetes

Plants destroyed in australia
| A selected Cell was altered to make it invisible to the immune system and to produce insulin when glucose is present. The cells cured Type 1. research cell screen research words mice lettering cured page diabetes to cell internet research computer mice to type on cell data research figure mice keys diabetes text cured in cell letters research create mice keyboard diabetes paragraph cured up cell colors research software mice code diabetes eh cell colors hardware cured pancreas rejection diabetic sugar levels disease || type || cells human study comments organs work rats patients organ science today’s pigs stem pancreas mouse transplanted tesla game tech next animals grown insulin-producing issues ethical people kieffer future media vox policy kastrenakes jacob model email need day real results embryos animal university professor humans insulin engineered health transplant verge scientific remarkable reviews cars culture share tweet ethics privacy potenza alessandra destroy toad met web production shows musk elon recommended case largest vikings agree line command microsoft google chimeras lab grow efforts transplants growing developing interesting biology medicine otonkoski implications injected country rejection sheep creating nakauchi produce functional diabetic donated levels sugar disease waiting wrote achievement reality scientists species forums breaker circuit video longform sign log || log sign longform video circuit breaker forums species scientists reality achievement wrote waiting disease sugar levels donated diabetic functional produce nakauchi creating sheep rejection country injected implications otonkoski medicine biology interesting developing growing transplants efforts grow lab chimeras google microsoft command line daily agree vikings largest case recommended elon musk shows production web met toad destroy home alessandra potenza privacy ethics tweet share culture cars reviews remarkable scientific verge transplant health engineered insulin humans professor university animal embryos results real day need email model jacob kastrenakes policy vox media future kieffer people ethical issues insulin-producing grown animals next tech game tesla transplanted mouse pancreas stem pigs today’s science organ patients rats work organs comments study human cells ||
New diabetes treatment

Australian Bees Use Their Heads

Bees don't just take pollen: they physically make flowers release the pollen. The, Australian blue-banded bee, Amegilla murrayensis, and the North American eastern bumble bee, Bombus, impatiens, were compared.

Australian blue-banded bee Amegilla murrayensis
Slow motion filming enabled observation of bee behavior. North American bees grabbed the flower anther with their mandibles (hands) then tensed their wing muscles and began to "vibrate' the pollen free. This proces was carried out once per flower

Blue-banded bees did not use their mandibles at all. They used their heads, literally. They headbutted the flowers with their heads repeatedly at a very high frequency. The frequency was higher than the North American bee so the blue bee visited more flowers. However, the Australian bee came back several times to the same flower to give it another go.

Overall, the blue-banded bee is a more efficient pollinator. If used by growers it could potentially produce more fruit and vegetable.
 Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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