Genetic Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetics will not change their lifestyle food genetics
The hope of genetic treatment may be scuttled as it is becoming known that we have good and bad genes but their behavior depends on whether they are turned on or off. Apparently this changes throughout the day let alone over the years.

A new endeavor to study diabetes and diet could also be a waste of time. Even sufferers know that diabetes type 2 is caused by eating the wrong food. However, few people will change their lifestyle. A genetic predisposition could add to this. Yet, with the number of medications taken today the link between long term prescription use, genetics and food is a hard nut to crack. Including a third factor makes understanding the issue much more difficult.

As always, research will be done on mice for the genetic/food duo. Unfortunately, mice may be mammals, but they ain't human. Finding a cure for diabetes 2 is way down the track. Scientists will be messing around in the lab collecting data on mice for at least 10 years.
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