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Fingernails on a Blackboard is an Illness?

If you are born tone deaf and someone sings out of tune, do you feel discomfort? You certainly do. Your brain senses discomforting sound whether your conscious self can sense it or not.  You will probably leave the room first if you are a music professional.
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Fingernails on a blackboard
Drawing one's nail over a blackboard will stir up many people. However, others are not disturbed at all. Individuals do differ, but everyone has this "warning" system built in.  Though the list of things that have this effect are not the same for all.

It seems odd for someone to suggest that it is a medical condition. When disturbed most suffer in silence. The really sensitive do make a "song and dance" about it. Misophonia is when a person is so disturbed that the "fight or flight" reaction is triggered.

Scientists claim that MRI scans of frontal lobes are different for acute sufferers. Well, it would be if those upset experienced sweating and an increased heart rate. Effect is being labelled has the cause. This is a mistake!
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Chimp Does Not Know His Business

Chimpanzee does not know his business.
"I can't remember doing that!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Earliest Lifeforms Were Like Baseballs, Tennis and Soccer Balls

Earliest life on this planet looked like tennis and soccer balls. Images show round ball-like creatures. One type has the curved line around it like a tennis ball. Another has five sides shapes around its surface like a soccer ball.

At first the lifeforms were believed to be giant bacteria. Currently the verdict is they are metazoan embryos. They could ultimately be found to be protists such as fungi, algae and diatoms.

Though they are the earliest kind of life found, the find at this particular site in China is just by chance. Different life could have developed elsewhere. Two animals have also been found at the site that lived during the "Snowball Earth" period. One of the animals could be the first instance of a bilateral, life with a symmetrical body.

China and Australia were once joined together on the supercontinent of Gondwana. Fossils in the Flinders Range of Australia also claim the "ticket" for the oldest known form of life.
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