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Misleading DNA Testing for Herpes, Alzheimer's and Coeliac Disease

Genetic testing should not be used for herpes, Alzheimer's or Coeliac disease.
It seems that genetic testing is not all good for health problems. MedicineWise, a body of doctors and patients, has released an advisory list for scientists. DNA testing should no be used for coeliac disease, nor for herpes or Alzheimer's.
DNA Testing
Identifying a "causative" gene only indicates a probability. Indeed, screening for herpes in genetic testing for sexually transmitted disease is a misuse of resources.  Millions of dollars of government funding is wasted every year. herpes

A DNA finding is not a black and white issue. Gene determination is not 100 per cent. Many people with a "faulty" gene do live without ever getting the so called predetermined disease. Furthermore, patients can be falsely reassured by a DNA test.

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